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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone I have a lot of question and I know a lot of people have talk about it before. I look through this forum and on the internet and so on trying to figure it out. I just finished watching the original super Super Dimension Fortress Macross. I havent watch this thing like in 9 years or less. So I really never realize it until I started to watch it again. The question is about Who or What the hell are the Supervision Army that the Zedtradi been fighting for the past 500,000 years ? My number 1 question is, where the hell is the Supervision Army in the Macross Universe ? When I was watching the original macros tv series it seem every zedtradi had seen or fought against supervision, from Vrlitwhai, Exsedol, Golg Boddole Zer fleet. So I was thinking to myself maybe they havent seen supervision army in a few years, 5 or 10 years, because thats why we havent seen them yet. Then something caught my attention when Millia said no one have every beat me in a battle before, when I was fighting against supervision army. Is the episode when she decides to be a miclone. So it cant been that long that the zendtradi have seen the supervision army. Another episode is viva maria , when they seen that ship wreck and was supervision army and it seem golg boddole zer fleet had destroy it. Exsedol said we gave all the data information about supervision army to earth when Misa Hayase wanted to check it out but they thought it was another booby trap. Just like the macross was. I mean was that strange or what is like they were going back there in another episode or something but never did. Now that got me thinking maybe thats what happen to Megaroad 01 I mean we never seen it again and we never seen supervision army either and they got mix up somehow. Just saying wow I,m getting deep here. So my question are: What are the supervision army are they humanoid or are alien like zedtradi they must been giant too . Where the hell are they it seem they disappear in 2009 or so, did the zedtradi fleet had wipe them all out. Maybe I just answer my own question I know I know Macross 7. Protodeviln brainwashing captured humanoids into a massive fighting force, the Supervision Army. So basely Supervision Army was just humanoid had been brainwash into fighting machine like the people of macross 5 . Then if that true where are the original Supervision army before 2009 the one the zentradi fighting over 500,000 years. Are they giant like the zentradi. maybe if ever studio nue ever answer this question the macross franshise will end ??? The mystery will finally be over with ??? sorry for error,misspelled and grammar in this post .
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