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  1. In the opening sequence for SDF Macross, we see the SDF-1 flying out of a cloud formation on earth, with main guns firing. Of course, this isn't in the series, but does anyone know if there's a story behind it? Deleted scene? Animated just for the opening? It's a cool scene, and would have been awesome to see extended. It would be a cool thing to model
  2. About to start the new Regult, but wondering if anyone has suggestions on the build. I've heard it's got lots of seam lines. only videos i can find on youtube are japanese and don't show much of the build. I like building in sub assemblies, but like to be prepared ahead of time if there are easier ways people have figured out
  3. Hey all. I'm looking for an SDF-1 photo etch kit, and everywhere seems sold out, and the only one on Ebay won't ship to Canada. Anyone have one, they want to part with, or, willing to part with at least the 4 parts that go on the legs??
  4. yes, its too fuzzy, even at full size in Photoshop. I tried to sharpen, and clean it up, but it's not reliable.
  5. I am in need of a high resolution scan of the sticker placement map for the Takatoku version of the SDF-1. It came with extra stickers not found on the matchbox edition, and i can't make out the image on the Anymoon.com scan. please and thank you. :D
  6. Designed, no. they are reproductions of the Matchbox and Takatoku set, but i completely remade them in Photoshop with cleaner, crisper lines.
  7. Well, my eyes are all wonky now. Been working on a Reproduction set of Matchbox/Takatoku SDF-1 stickers. 2 12 hour marathon sessions, and now its ready for testing.
  8. its sad that 3d printers are so cheap now, and good options for home printing are still prohibitive.
  9. I wonder what TOYHAX uses to print their stickers. There must be other printers out there. If ALPS is so limited, there has to be options.
  10. i don't do it to make a fortune. I make sets that I want, how I want them. first and foremost. it just so happens that early on, people asked me to sell them sets of what i had done, so now, when i make myself a set, i make it available to other people. If i print a few sets and they sit on ebay for a few months, no skin off my back. I just want my own figures to look good.
  11. Oh, i just literally started. I've got my reference images from the various sticker sheets for the toys, and i just started placing the tape on the figure for the shape and size as the starting base.
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