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  1. yes, its too fuzzy, even at full size in Photoshop. I tried to sharpen, and clean it up, but it's not reliable.
  2. I am in need of a high resolution scan of the sticker placement map for the Takatoku version of the SDF-1. It came with extra stickers not found on the matchbox edition, and i can't make out the image on the Anymoon.com scan. please and thank you. :D
  3. Designed, no. they are reproductions of the Matchbox and Takatoku set, but i completely remade them in Photoshop with cleaner, crisper lines.
  4. Well, my eyes are all wonky now. Been working on a Reproduction set of Matchbox/Takatoku SDF-1 stickers. 2 12 hour marathon sessions, and now its ready for testing.
  5. its sad that 3d printers are so cheap now, and good options for home printing are still prohibitive.
  6. I wonder what TOYHAX uses to print their stickers. There must be other printers out there. If ALPS is so limited, there has to be options.
  7. i don't do it to make a fortune. I make sets that I want, how I want them. first and foremost. it just so happens that early on, people asked me to sell them sets of what i had done, so now, when i make myself a set, i make it available to other people. If i print a few sets and they sit on ebay for a few months, no skin off my back. I just want my own figures to look good.
  8. Oh, i just literally started. I've got my reference images from the various sticker sheets for the toys, and i just started placing the tape on the figure for the shape and size as the starting base.
  9. I'm in the process of designing my own 1/55 conversion sticker set for Transformer Jetfire into Roys VF-1S, and it occured to me that this is a good opportunity to design not only a toy accurate reproduction set, but to enhance the toy with hyper details such as from the Hasegawa 1/72 waterslide sheets. Would there be a market for such an upgrade, or, just keep it to what was original to the toy?
  10. i just bought this set from Toyhax, and realised it doesn't have the factory details. What I need is a set to convert a junker Jetfire back into Roys VF-1S
  11. max would need glasses, or if you do the space version, with the full helmet, that would work for both as well. Milia always gets a repaint of the male figures. It would just be nice to get a more feminine body frame. she's also been known to let her hair down under her helmet. here is a full shot. 1:72
  12. best i could do with my re-casting skills, but they look fine under the canopy glass. Its just tacked on with white glue so if better options come along, i can replace them.
  13. i usually test the copyright info.
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