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  1. yes, its too fuzzy, even at full size in Photoshop. I tried to sharpen, and clean it up, but it's not reliable.
  2. I am in need of a high resolution scan of the sticker placement map for the Takatoku version of the SDF-1. It came with extra stickers not found on the matchbox edition, and i can't make out the image on the Anymoon.com scan. please and thank you. :D
  3. Designed, no. they are reproductions of the Matchbox and Takatoku set, but i completely remade them in Photoshop with cleaner, crisper lines.
  4. Well, my eyes are all wonky now. Been working on a Reproduction set of Matchbox/Takatoku SDF-1 stickers. 2 12 hour marathon sessions, and now its ready for testing.
  5. its sad that 3d printers are so cheap now, and good options for home printing are still prohibitive.
  6. I wonder what TOYHAX uses to print their stickers. There must be other printers out there. If ALPS is so limited, there has to be options.
  7. i don't do it to make a fortune. I make sets that I want, how I want them. first and foremost. it just so happens that early on, people asked me to sell them sets of what i had done, so now, when i make myself a set, i make it available to other people. If i print a few sets and they sit on ebay for a few months, no skin off my back. I just want my own figures to look good.
  8. Oh, i just literally started. I've got my reference images from the various sticker sheets for the toys, and i just started placing the tape on the figure for the shape and size as the starting base.
  9. I'm in the process of designing my own 1/55 conversion sticker set for Transformer Jetfire into Roys VF-1S, and it occured to me that this is a good opportunity to design not only a toy accurate reproduction set, but to enhance the toy with hyper details such as from the Hasegawa 1/72 waterslide sheets. Would there be a market for such an upgrade, or, just keep it to what was original to the toy?
  10. i just bought this set from Toyhax, and realised it doesn't have the factory details. What I need is a set to convert a junker Jetfire back into Roys VF-1S
  11. max would need glasses, or if you do the space version, with the full helmet, that would work for both as well. Milia always gets a repaint of the male figures. It would just be nice to get a more feminine body frame. she's also been known to let her hair down under her helmet. here is a full shot. 1:72
  12. best i could do with my re-casting skills, but they look fine under the canopy glass. Its just tacked on with white glue so if better options come along, i can replace them.
  13. i usually test the copyright info.
  14. pleased to find this replacement decal sheet in my mail today. Its not a perfect substitute for the Virgin Road sheet, but it has enough i can use to put the kit into my "Done" list. Birthday thursday, so i know what i'll be doing.
  15. wish they would reissue the TV editions of the SDF-1 prices on those have shot up so high in the last year.
  16. GAWDAMIT!! i glued the head in place, had glue on my knuckle, touched the wing, and now there is super glue over the top of the wing. going to strip it down when the new decals arrive and paint the wing from scratch later. Going to try recasting some pilots now.
  17. yes. its molded in blue. and the even if the decals were not damaged, the nose, and "Legs" need to be white, so, yes, lots of masking, and thin layers to retain the panel lines. so everything had to be primed in grey, then white, then masked, then repainted blue.
  18. progress update. some lines need to be cleaned up, but for the most part, its worked out. Made some learning points for the next build. managed to get 3 out of 4 pilot names on the canopy. 4th one disintegrated, so i'll pretend thats battle scuffing. going to go for it tomorrow with the rest of the decals, and see what i can get on from the damaged sheet. the UN.Spacy you see on the gun is from a Battloid kit sheet. worst case scenario i need to wait a few weeks for a 3rd party detail sheet to arrive in the mail. I can't wait to woooooosh it around the apartment with the soundtrack playing. Other people do that right....??
  19. i'm no longer worried about the white details. I tried some more decals, and even with clear coat to keep them together, its hit or miss. big or small.
  20. Ya, but i decided that since later in the episode, max is in his flight suit, and Milia is in hers, with a yellow helmet, that i can just recast the pilot that came with the Gerwalk kit, and just have the plane from after the wedding, LOL. I;ve decide to modify the kit with gear up, so that its in flight mode, and that takes some careful alignment and sanding.
  21. Since the Virgin Road kit was an afterthought, the kit was molded first as a VF-1A/J/S. The special D parts were on an added sprue, so, had they included two canopy glass and head options, this could have been made as any model, so there was a nose cone, and main fuselage spare. Thats what i built up here as practice, to see how white would go over the blue, and if i could mask off to make the white stripes since the decals were toast. I am happy with results, and will now get on to the kit proper.
  22. HAAAA!! i tried the light coating of clear last night, and let the decals soak in near boiling water for a while, but they still fell apart. I tried again today but only just dipped them in for a minute, and got this result. the UN. Spacy decals were OK, but the warning decals were still a bit iffy. but they went on. There is a balance i have to find. if you look at the decal sheet in the right light, its not an even level of "damage" so some decls may be salvageable, and some not. I'm already out 6 or 7 important decals on failed tries. Also, the seller on ebay i bought the spare decl sheet from canceled my order because HongKOng post won't ship to Canada due to Covid. FFFffffffffff.
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