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  1. Too bad you can’t remove the missles except for those on the outer leg armour, aside from this, as this is my 1st VF-1 GBP this thing looks great
  2. That puts a whole new meaning of having your head up your a$$ in fighter mode.
  3. Thanks guys for all the great answers, here is hoping they get it right one day.
  4. A question to all 1D owners, is the canopy elongated compared to a standard vf-1, and also, if it’s elongated, is it elongated enough?
  5. So, I guess that stand cost 2000yen.
  6. Just realized that the AX is the same price as the new YF-29 that came with super parts, I wonder if there is something extra in it that justifies the price.
  7. When I accidentally bought 2 extra sets of movie DX SSP for VF-1 and was selling it at cost here no one wanted to bite due to me residing in Singapore and that would make shipping cost too high to bear, in the end I sold them locally for a loss of $20 usd.
  8. While I know xigfrid has one on shapeways to sell, the problem is its unpainted and not everyone is as talented as some of the members here to be able to paint and finish it to make it look somewhat passable to display them
  9. Now I can’t unsee that… Maybe they should release a TWE pack of 5 for all 5 valks, that I will buy
  10. Easy pass for me, I wish I could somehow just get the mission pod though
  11. I just realised that p-bandai reopened their twe for the armoured packs for the VF-1J, when did this happened? Too bad My wife helped me source for one from Okinland which is a bit more than if I ordered thru a proxy to get this direct from p-bandai
  12. The wife helped me secure one on okinland as she saw how upset I was about not getting one in PO, thus I am asking de to refund mine. Its a bit more expensive but I guess at least I got it
  13. I used dejapan, I did have a correspondance with them and they are holding on to my payment in hopes that bandai will reopen the orders
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