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  1. Got mine and it seems that the tolerance issues with the wing tabs are still there, just that they are slightly better than those on hayate’s version. They can hold fighter mode, but will still pop off from time to time.
  2. After your comments I went to test fit some other stuff, It seems that the lik drakens and the missles mountings from the VF-19 will not fit on the mountings where the boosters go but they fit on the hardpoints under the wing of the AX, weird, then I tried the 3rd party 3 missle mount and single missle mount that were made from the molds of the EX-171 missles and those have no problems fitting while the others from the same set like the huge MDE, reaction missle and missle pods could not fit. But from what I see, the booster might fit the underside hardpoints abeit loose as the hardpoints on the wing fold seem too small for those I mentioned that could not fit.
  3. Seeing how the AX super boosters attach to the wing, I think I can put them on the underside hardpoints of a regular VF-31 with supers on and make a 4 booster version, I ‘ll call it a VF-31 super super, haha
  4. Hi Guy s, thanks for all the info on shaving/filing the wing pegs. I have one question before I do the same for mine, which side of the pegs are you guys shaving/filing? (In fighter mode, the side facing up or down?) We will need to fix those wing pegs when the super parts come out for these toys, I read how they were attaching to the wings and can confirm there is a hard point holes where the wing folds. If the wings are not secured at the pegs it will cause all sort of problems with the added weight at the extremities of those wings. On a better note, I do love the new cockpit, I didnt realised that they changed the design of it and the pilot now sits not so close to the front of the cockpit. Also the design has changed to a one piece ‘glass’ instead of a 2 piece one. Did they also removed the 2nd seat on it or maybe I missed something and can’t access it.
  5. Just got mine, my thoughts is that for some reason, my copy feels less solid when in fighter mode compared to the VF-31A, the stubs on the wings don’t seem to fit well into the holes in the legs that its supposed to peg into, maybe it was not transformed properly from thr factoy. Now onto what I like, I never noticed that they changed the cockpit to one piece in the promo shots, and I really like that, also they moved the pilot seat back now and it looks like it is the correct position compared to the VF-31A to S.
  6. I totally missed PO date, thank goodness its a world wide release and my local shop claims to have stock to preorder, though in the past they have taken my deposit but could get me a YF-29 back in the day when the 2nd batch was released, they did refund my deposit in full though.
  7. Too bad you can’t remove the missles except for those on the outer leg armour, aside from this, as this is my 1st VF-1 GBP this thing looks great
  8. Mine from okinland arrived today…..man is she a beauty
  9. That puts a whole new meaning of having your head up your a$$ in fighter mode.
  10. Thanks guys for all the great answers, here is hoping they get it right one day.
  11. A question to all 1D owners, is the canopy elongated compared to a standard vf-1, and also, if it’s elongated, is it elongated enough?
  12. So, I guess that stand cost 2000yen.
  13. Just realized that the AX is the same price as the new YF-29 that came with super parts, I wonder if there is something extra in it that justifies the price.
  14. When I accidentally bought 2 extra sets of movie DX SSP for VF-1 and was selling it at cost here no one wanted to bite due to me residing in Singapore and that would make shipping cost too high to bear, in the end I sold them locally for a loss of $20 usd.
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