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  1. I just realised that p-bandai reopened their twe for the armoured packs for the VF-1J, when did this happened? Too bad My wife helped me source for one from Okinland which is a bit more than if I ordered thru a proxy to get this direct from p-bandai
  2. The wife helped me secure one on okinland as she saw how upset I was about not getting one in PO, thus I am asking de to refund mine. Its a bit more expensive but I guess at least I got it
  3. I used dejapan, I did have a correspondance with them and they are holding on to my payment in hopes that bandai will reopen the orders
  4. My proxy just informed me that they did not order the twe parts in time, looks like I will either haveto join in the PO craziness for the bundle version or pay scalpers on release date, and to think this would be the last piece I wanted before slowing down collecting these high end toys. I wonder how likely is it that Bandai reopens another batch, I mean I thought the whole point of TWE is made to order, these days it seems that even TWEs can get sold out which is a joke, and defeats the purpose of it being TWE
  5. I guess that confirms the missles do not detach from the armour
  6. That is bad, although I made my order at my proxy before it was sold out, my proxy is still showing order in progress....there is a chance I might not have made it.
  7. Well, DX Roy is still available for a small mark up compared to the 1J, I think it might be worse as 1J is definitely more popular than Roy in Japan so, we’ll see. On another note, am excited as this will be my 1st VF-1 GBP I have in my collection, always wanted one but was late to the party, now if only there will be an effects release like the ones I have seen for the HMR, that would be sweet
  8. I used a new proxy for my TV supers and they came thru with only 500yen mark up, thus this time round am going to use them again
  9. I think they will fix the nose cone issue in the new bundle, as the other VF-1 releases fixes those issues, as for the pilot being loose, did they fix that issue with the VF-1A max?
  10. Thought the amour itself has a grey visor head for those whom have a VF-1J already, the only upside i can think of getting a new 1J is that they fixed the nose cone issue the 1st 1J have, which is the peg didnt hold it in place well enough, which they fixed in subsequent VF-1 releases
  11. Also if I am not wrong, TV version has red tipped missles while DYRL has yellow tipped missles.
  12. Tried to see if the visor is removable on mine, didnt find a way to remove mine
  13. Did anyone caught the battleships that were used in the sea fight scene, throughout the establishing shots you only see carriers and crusiers, then suddenly there is a battleship, I mean I though the US navy stopped using those already?
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