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  1. You can't always count on those inflation calculators to be accurate. They're based on the records of increasingly cooked inflation numbers.
  2. Fifty bucks for those! It seems dirt cheap but that was a lot of money back then. I didn't even know those existed as a kid. All we had was Jetfire.
  3. @Duymon Wow! You have 16 valks with no pilot? That's a lot! Those look great! Where can I download the file and is there a TV version pilot?
  4. @Mr March That's an awesome infographic! There is some great info there. Thanks for posting that @grogall.
  5. That's awesome! Does anyone know which publication that illustration is from?
  6. I thought it would be chrome throughout but now I see that some parts are clear. Hard pass.
  7. That looks awesome! What is it? I don't recognize it.
  8. I really want this too but when they did the TV sdf-1 they just gave us the DYRL version with the TV colors.
  9. Exemplary. These old kits look deceptively simple. They require a lot of work to make them look this good.
  10. http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/33/ The detail looks really good! Insta-buy for me.
  11. She looks good! I love seeing these older kits brought to life!
  12. I think you're right. I'm so used to the Hasegawa Battroid that this design gives off a chonk vibe. However, when I compare it to the line art @Big s posted, it looks almost perfectly proportioned. I have Battroid Dysmorphia. Go figure!
  13. Seems just a bit too chonky? I dunno. I guess if I saw it next to the line art it might look ok.
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