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  1. Sorry to resurrect this from the dead just wondering if any of the macross plus were done by any chance had an urge to watch macross plus but when I loaded up my old manga DVD's the quality was just unbearable to watch and couldn't find any to purchase with the original manga dub for episode 4
  2. Thinking about letting go some of my 1/48 valks Price check on bnib Vf-1j stealth with fast packs Vf-1j max and milia with fast packs Yf-19 Yamato gullet version?
  3. IIymij

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Does anyone know what time the 2nd pre-order wave will be? I missed out on the first one
  4. IIymij

    Bandai DX VF-31

    the vf-31F fitment as you guys said chest piece kind of meh
  5. IIymij

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Thanks~ I'll go check out HLJ, they seem like the best for me
  6. IIymij

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Is this like the Tameshi one? Or do I just buy straight from the website? Sorry newbie at bandai purchases
  7. IIymij

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    What time would it be in PST?
  8. IIymij

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I know everyone's a little frustrated given the situation but is there any benefit in Nippon Yisan not fulfilling their orders? If they did indeed purposely hold back orders to resell at a later time it creates a bad reputation but is that worth it? I think we should stay positive for everyone's order and if you can't wait start your refund process.
  9. Thanks! Got the VF-31F off Nippon Yasan, first time ordering through them
  10. Thanks for the leads I'll check them out
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