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  1. For everyone interested in the series I'd also recommend the actual original comic series, it's been finished for a good while now, and the show isn't a 1:1 copy of the source, so you wouldn't be spoiling much if anything. It's still an insane read, not for the faint of heart, not for the squeemish, and not for the easily offended, it was one of the most over-the-top superhero properties I've ever read.
  2. MP Trailbreaker looks pretty good, but I'm definitely in the camp of Terraegis being plenty fine. Trailbreaker isn't a favorite character of mine, he was always meh, so I have zero interest spending any amount of money on another MP of him when I like what I've got. As others have said it seems the totally toon accurate crowd will be happy, seems Skids was a fluke, I liked that thing more then any of the past half dozen official G1 MP releases, he looks like an MP from the good ol days.
  3. Damn, that pyramid is really, really, really cool. I didn't see any leaks or hints at this thing so this is a surprise, I think I need it.
  4. Moon Knight was easily the best of the Disney+ MCU shows, head and shoulders above the rest IMO. It's absolutely not your standard-fair superhero show, and it shouldn't be, Moon Knight isn't straight forward, and I'm very glad it was allowed to do it's own thing instead of shoe-horning in an appearance from one of The Eternals like I read they were planning. It's just not necessary, it's in the MCU, and that's good enough for me, Moon Knight is weird, let it be weird. Too many people read he's basically Marvel's Batman, and figured they'd just get MCU Bruce Wayne and Batman, luckily it was much more true to the character then that, and we got an honestly quite faithful Moon Knight adaptation, I'm happy, I just want another season.
  5. Saw it Sunday and absolutely loved it! Best film in the newest MCU phase by far! Sam Raimi still has that horror touch, I really liked this film quite a bit, it was a fun ride beginning to end. Definitely interested in seeing where things will go given the ending, pretty crazy stuff. I enjoyed the hell out of it, I'll definitely be grabbing it on 4K when available, it was a fun film.
  6. The first one was fun enough, and a great test for if you get a new TV or sound system. I'll definitely check this out, that upcoming Avatar game sounds pretty interesting too.
  7. Looks awesome! I'm excited, the Inquisitors look fantastic! Another excellent transition to live-action, like with Ahsoka and Cad Bane, they look great IMO, better then expected. The thing I'm worried about is a possible Vader v Obi-wan duel. I know a lot of people want and expect it, I don't. I've seen a lot of discussion in the last few weeks about Vader's line to Obi-Wan in Episode IV on the Death Star I, how there's possibly more grey area then most people expected, that there could, technically, be a confrontation after Episode III and before Episode IV if you squint hard enough, but to me it would just be a bit too retconny. I'll be happy if Obi-Wan and Vader just briefly sense each other, probably when Obi-Wan has to draw his lightsaber to deal with Inquisitors, a full blown duel seems too forced even in this modern Disney age of Star Wars retcons.
  8. The B plot/story is killing this series, I think it's universally disliked, even by people like me that still like the show overall. Everything comes to a halt with Kwan and the Madrigal stuff, it's just not interesting and I don't care about anyone or anything going on, it's killing the pacing of this season.
  9. I've got two episodes left and I'm at the end of Ozark, it's been a helluva ride, great show.
  10. Spoilers and leaks are popping up like crazy right now, be wary folks. I just had a major, major cameo spoiled by some idiot trolling in a totally unrelated article on another site, some people just want to watch the world burn I guess.
  11. Really good episode today, easy 8/10 for me. Pretty tense episode, solid pacing, and best of all, no B plot at all. I hope the rest of the season keeps up with this trend and pacing, this was a solid episode.
  12. Ew Mafex. Their comic stuff looks good but I'm not really into any of that and I'm not a fan of any of their live action stuff, it never looks better then Figuarts IMO, just different. I've gotten way too many garbage-tier figures from them over the years, I fired them long ago.
  13. I'd love to see an official Thunderjaw set, a Frostclaw or Fireclaw would be really cool to see as well.
  14. Daaaaaamn, that Doom is, dare I say, fantastic! Easily pre-ordered, he looks great, will look good with the FF whenever they drop, I read they got delayed, but that's just standard operating procedure for Mezco these days.
  15. Yeah I'm definitely in for the Forbidden West set, that Tallneck looks great.
  16. Wow that ship looks pretty cool too! In scale Buzz and Zerg, Zurg? Are nice bonuses. I'm in for Figuarts Buzz for sure, will have to see about his ship.
  17. Aaaaaaand bought. That thing looks pretty good. That Buzz looks great, I'm in for that too. Easy pass on NWH Iron Spider, the only difference from the Final Battle Version appears to be the lenses.
  18. I'd be in for at least two, maybe three or four. Mandalorian Luke drops at HLJ on April 28th, he looks pretty good in these pics, I'm excited to get him in hand.
  19. I really liked this movie, checked it out again over the weekend on HBO Max and it's definitely a solid Bat-Man film. I'd put it above Batman Begins and Dark Knight Rises, not as good as Dark Knight, but still a really good Batman film. Taking inspiration from Long Halloween was a good call, we'll see about yet another cinematic Joker, he came off as a bit been-there-done-that, but we'll see.
  20. I signed up for the basic Peacock with ads plan, $5, watched Wolf Like Me in a single day. Not bad, entertaining enough, very short though, six twenty minute episodes blow by quick. I also started Resident Alien, I've heard good things about this show but dropped cable, hence SyFy, long ago so I never had any way to check it out. I'm on season 2 now and it's pretty damn funny! I'll probably start Yellowstone at some point, and it's really nice having The Office back, I've missed it.
  21. Good lord can't agree enough, the B Story with Kwan has been painful, it's dragging the entire show down. Everything else has been pretty great IMO, Chief is more fleshed out in 5 episodes then he was across 6 games.
  22. I went to Disneyland in February and loved my visit, didn't get Genie+ or anything, just waited old-fashion style and got to do everything I wanted. I even had time to go back and do Incredicoaster, Toy Story Shooting Gallery or whatever, and Guardians Drop multiple times. Love pre-paying for food too, much easier, less hassle, most lines are packed if you go to order on the spot, especially in California Adventure where every adult wants a michelada or some kind of alcohol, I found pre-ordering way easier. No real gripes from me, I loved it, I'm looking to go again in October. Maybe Disneyworld is worse, but everything at Disneyland was perfectly fine, I had no gripes and I didn't pay for any kinds of extras or Lightning Lane stuff.
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