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  1. Agreed, show was really great, The Birdman is putting on a great performance for sure.
  2. Caught this Friday night on HBO Max, I just grabbed a new TV too so it looked real good. Movie was interesting enough, my only exposure to Dune was the Sci-Fi/SyFy series, so I wasn't exactly hyped for this. My main problem is just getting lost in names, names of people, groups, chosen ones, I guess? They throw around really crazy names a bit too often and a bit too quickly. The house names are weird, the witch ladies names are weird, the Fremen chosen one's name is weird, I admit I got a bit lost in the names, it was a bit distracting. I enjoyed it overall but I really didn't think it was that good, entertaining enough, but nothing too special.
  3. Yes, Bronx comes with the folded wings for Goliath. Works for me, when these pics dropped some people were worried they were a two-pack and you'd have to buy another Goliath just for the folded wings, Bronx just coming with them as an accessory for Goliath works for me as well. Now I'm wondering about Demona, will the release after her come with her folded up wings?
  4. Metroid Dread is frakking fantastic, that's all I really need/want to post about it. If you have a Switch, get it, it's phenomenal.
  5. Jill is in the movie, she was in the trailer. She's covering the "mansion incident" from RE1 with Chris, she's played by the woman that played Ghost or whatever from Ant-Man 2.
  6. I really liked the finale, and am quite bummed the tenth episode, about Thanos-killer Gamora, got bumped to next season. Since Gamora's episode got cut does that mean we'll get 11 episodes next season? Ten brand new. and the eleventh is the Gamora episode we didn't get this season?
  7. Squid Game was really good overall, like others have said, I feel they didn't stick the landing, the ending was just so-so.
  8. I mean, it looks better then the previous film series, but that wasn't exactly a high bar to clear, those movies were utter crap, even for just turn your brain off action films. This still looks bad though, cheap, like a fan-film. Also, trying to cover the mansion incident from RE1 and the Raccoon City outbreak from RE2 and RE3 seems like a bad idea, that's a lot of ground to cover in what I'm assuming will be 1.5-2 hours. The CG is bad, the costumes look like cosplay, I love the song but it's a bad choice for this trailer, this seems like a movie made to die quickly. Wasn't this a Netflix thing? I thought this was supposed to be part of their big Capcom Resident Evil deal? CG movies, this live action movie, and the other upcoming alternate-continuity live action movie. I wouldn't pay to see this in a theater, let alone risk Delta to go see it, if this were streaming day one I'd check it out but other then that it's an easy pass.
  9. Caught this last night, fun enough, if you didn't like the first you probably won't like this one and vice-versa. Woody was fun as Cledus, lots of crazy CG fights and set pieces, Carnage was awesome. As far as spoilers go, pretty big one at the end after the credits, seriously, read at your own risk Fun enough movie, I'm honestly far more interested in Mobius, he's always been a favorite of mine.
  10. Yup this is exactly what I'm expecting too, these What If stories weren't as random and one-off as we thought, I imagine several heroes from several previous episodes will be making a Multi-Versal Avengers team. I also think that Agreed though, that last episode was fantastic overall, and for me personally, did the Age of Ultron right, he got done pretty dirty in his own movie. Ultron is a massive, important, big time Avengers threat, I was bummed he got wrapped up in a single movie, I know it was all building towards Thanos, but Ultron is no slouch. Watched Venom 2 last night so
  11. I have the Figma DX too but that isn't movie Deadpool so I absolutely need this too, he'll go in the Endgame display somewhere, he'll be in the MCU eventually. I'm a but bummed by the lack of guns, his hip pads look so sad blatantly not having his big Desert Eagles on them. Swords are cool, but not guns? I read DC was trying to move their figures away from including guns but I didn't know Marvel was getting in on that too, even Figuarts John Walker Captain America comes with his side-arm, why no guns for DP?
  12. I'm gutted, Norm was beyond hilarious, easily one of my top five comedians ever, he was brilliant. RIP good sir, you kept the laughs coming, he's had so many fantastic bits over the years it's too difficult to pick a favorite, he was a legend for sure.
  13. I wore out three copies of this on VHS growing up, it's just so good, it revolutionized the film industry, this film set a new standard for special effects in film period.
  14. Lego UCS Tumbler pre-ordered, now the wait. I'm also in for that scaled down Disney Castle, my girlfriend has always been interested in the big expensive one but isn't a fan of the price or size, this one works, I'll grab it for her when orders go up, early Christmas shopping for the win.
  15. What If Zombies was fun enough, I was a big fan of the comic run so I was interested to see what Disney would do with a more toned down version set in the MCU, not bad. Overall I've really been enjoying this series, the animation and voice work is a bit hit and miss, but at least, for the most part, it's the real actors reprising their MCU rolls so that really helps add authenticity.
  16. I skipped the first UCS Tumbler, won't be making that mistake again, this is absolutely bought.
  17. I'm really, really conflicted, I have Beskar Mando, but this new one has quite a few improvements, wired cape, better head proportions and neck length, improved weapon storage, I also broke the stupid little holster on my Beskar Mando the very first time I tried to swap the holstered blaster for the empty blaster holster piece. Boba is an instant buy though, he looks brilliant, unmasked head is a huge bonus, I didn't know if Bandai would bother with that or not. I may scalp accessories from my Beskar Mando and grab this one, as long as the flamethrower piece is compatible I'll keep that and sell the regular Beskar release for cheap on Ebay.
  18. Agreed, I mean I get it, he's a main character now but it seems a bit silly, it's just a word, there's never been any kind of implication or ill intent. I guess overall it's not a great word to think of as cool when it comes to a main character's ship, someone we'll probably end up seeing as a bit of a hero by the end of the season. Yeah I'm thinking there will be a story reason, he'll shift from blatant bad guy that had questionable allegiances on Mandalorian to grey area anti-hero. Unfortunately then I'll feel he'll just kind of be Din without the code, we'll have to see, Disney canon hasn't done much with Boba compared to all the old EU "legends" stuff out there.
  19. Is this for real? I had read a smaller Slave I LEGO set was recently labeled as "Boba Fett's Ship", I figured that was just because it's a kid's toy line, but this seems like an actual name change is coming. https://www.ign.com/articles/boba-fett-slave-1-firespray-ship-new-name Not that I care all that much but this seems pretty unnecessary, is this because of the upcoming Book of Boba series? Is he fully transitioning to anti-hero so Disney wants to make him less, I don't know, vulgar or villainous? The Firespray is an odd title, it's like calling the Millennium Falcon The Corellian Light Freighter.
  20. Seconded, Mandrake always does a fantastic job with packing and shipping, they pack every item like it's made of glass, I love it. Speaking of which, I grabbed a 1D at 28,000 plus shipping from Mandrake, it'll be here tomorrow, I'm excited.
  21. Seems so, Vicious and Spike didn't sell too well and they didn't receive super positive reviews. I think Bandai messed up releasing Vicious after Spike, should've been Faye after Spike, then more crew members.
  22. Oh frakk yes! I'm in! I loved this take on Jet Jaguar, Singular Point as a whole was mostly okay, but I really dug the designs! I'm guessing this is big boy JJ from the final episode, Singular Point Godzilla already comes with little static, non-poaseable JJ in it's first two forms.
  23. Easy pass on MP Cliffy, being based on 2.0 Bee nails that for me, I really thoroughly dislike the chibi alt mode, and honestly bot mode too, I like my alt modes as realistic as possible. I'm once again glad I was buying in on third party back when a lot of those options were available, I got the X-Transbots and haven't looked back, the bot mode isn't perfect, but the alt mode is aces, and looks great next to the original MP Bee. Cool for those interested though, Takara needs to get off their asses and make more bots that they haven't done yet, chill out on the 2.0 and 3.0 figures. Especially mini-bots, everyone needs more mini-bots.
  24. It's not the best but it's better then nothing. The original One:12 Supes doesn't have any kind of smiling or smirking face, this is at least a step up from that.
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