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    YF-21 WIP

    Thank you so much for the high resolution shots. Your work is a real treasure. I always save every piece. I love the update you did, but you should save both versions, lighter and dark. You can then stage them in different scenes, depending upon the mood/atmosphere of what your going for in an individual composition. Bravo!
  2. ANother hit short film by Blizzard. These guys always know how to deliver the action, the beauty and the feels. I adore these shorts. I hope they release them some day in a collected format, either digitally or blu-ray/4K.
  3. I don't think DC and Warner Bros can ever get into a position where they can never recover. However, the poor quality of each of these films can lead to a situation in which a significant minority of the audience will avoid future films by default, based on numerous bad experiences to date. All it really takes is for DC and WB to produce one good film and the audience will get on board. I realize that some people are genuinely hating on the DC movies and want them to fail. DC AND WB are never going to sway those kinds of opinions no matter what they do. But the vast majority of the audience doesn't care about petty rivalries and brand battles. We WANT to like these characters. Half the job is already done for DC and WB. All they have to do is deliver and they've got us hooked. Perhaps Wonder Woman will be our saviour, both fictionally and critically in the world of film appreciation
  4. Saw Suicide Squad last week and did not like it. It's not a terrible movie, but it is very disappointing. I REALLY wanted this film to be good, to be a real dark take on super hero films. To be it's own thing on its own terms. But it was just dumb, an absolute tonal mess, and had no real guts. Felt patched together, like all the people involved in the production on an executive level had a really big ideological war waged over what kind of film everyone wanted to make. There are times you can feel where Ayers wanted to go and then it was edited away. They just didn't have enough guts to stick to a single vision. It could have been the first great nihilist super hero film. Like "Escape From New York" if it were a super hero film. They had the perfect setup and social commentary. The Viola Davis character was the perfect villain...she even straight up murders four people in cold blood near the end. We could have had the suicide squad kill her in a great act of defiance or rebellion against the incompetent government, personified by Viola's character herself. Like a commentary on the FBI and their horribly incompetent handling of terrorism investigations. The audience can cheer for these villains then, cause they fought an even worse villain, an incompetent government security agency whose global policies create bigger problems than they solve. Could have been a perfect piece of anti-hero fiction, both fun, disturbing and as irreverent as Deadpool, but with much more to say and a darker more nihilistic tone. A perfect cure to the status quo of current sugar diet of super hero banality. I think another big problem is each of the characters stories felt incomplete. We were supposed to see A to B to C to D to E, but what we got was A, C, and E. By the time we get to the end, a lot of the character's big dramatic finales did NOT feel earned. And even worse, some characters made decisions for no reason other than the plot needed them to act that way. Very poor character motivations, which I think were a victim of the reshoots and fight that was fought over the tone of this film. What a waste. It's a damned shame.
  5. Denis Villeneuve feels like our national treasure and I have no shame in admitting how much of a fan I am, ever since "Polytechnique". His last film, "Sicario", was an absolute masterpiece and I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to see him take on sci-fi. This looks great so far!
  6. Welcome back! Great to see more of the work.
  7. This is an incredible project! I'm very excited to see you complete this. I admire your effort and ambition. The amount of work you're doing here is staggering and worth the utmost praise. Bravo!
  8. Trailer looks great. The creators are definitely going for their own tone and style with Luke Cage, but also seems to be to the level of quality we've come to expect from the Marvel Netflix shows. Really liking it so far.
  9. Astounding work. It always amazes me how many Macross fans are out there, in all kinds of games across all kinds of genres.
  10. I didn't know that, but it makes sense. Just looking at the catalog they have on the Goodsmile website, I'm not seeing a lot of parts repetition in the figures I was interested in. But I'm most certainly satisfied with this purchase and would definitely buy more Figmas. I agree, I must be careful not to go overboard I think what's impressed me the most about the Motoko Figma in comparison to something like say - my recent Boba Fett Revoltech figure from Star Wars - is the different design compromises both companies choose. Even though their modern designs are much more refined and streamlined compared to their old designs, the Revoltechs are much more willing to sacrifice appearance for articulation. In contrast, the Figmas want more attractive appearances and will sacrifice some articulation to get it. I appreciate both schools of thought, but I think in the case of Motoko Kusanagi in her tight body suit from Arise, Figma's approach looks better for this kind of unforgiving character design. Boba Fett's character design is more forgiving of an action figure with more exposed joints
  11. True, but I just feel like we should have more. Perhaps it's splitting hairs, but Roid feels a little better written than Grace so far. He feels much more human and less supernatural than Grace ever did. So I'd like it if we had more about him and his motives. Makes for a much more interesting villain.
  12. I'm actually curious about this as well. However, i do fear this part of the story is being under-written at this point, so I'm hoping for more sooner rather than later. it would be nice if they avoided the problem Macross Frontier faced, which was not sufficiently providing enough detail and scope about the Macross Galaxy and Grace's own affiliations to give context to how the whole economic-political climate of the Vajra/Galaxy conflict came about.
  13. Oh, interesting. I didn't know that. I'll have to make a note. I think yo'u're right that there may be some connection just based on the similar sounding words. But perhaps it's nothing more than a small pronunciation hommage.
  14. Yes, there are some few statistics so far. It's 17.54 meters long overall, comapred to the VF-31's 19.31 meter length. So they are both pretty close in size and on the bigger side of the variable fighters overall. More statistics can be found on the Macross Compendium entry http://macross.anime.net/wiki/Sv-262_Draken_III It's interesting stuff.
  15. I suppose it's a shame that this movie didn't turn out good, but honestly it never sounded or looked good to me from concept all the way to trailer. Sure, all the entitled male hate that this film attracted online (beyond any hate most male-cast films would ever recieve) continues to be disgusting, but this film appears to have big problems far beyond it's target demographic. Like the Slashfilm podcast recently said, not even the original cast could make their own sequel a success back in the 80's, so any remake - female-lead or otherwise - was always going to be an uphill battle. Like they said, I think the worst part of the failure of this film is that it's fed ammunition to the really hateful and vocal misogynsts who hated the film because of the female cast rather than because it's a bad movie. It's enough to start believing in Trump Most of these kinds of 80s re-imagined films are problematic at best and this one sounds like it didn't do nearly enough to blaze it's own trail. Another victim of remake culture. I don't think I'll bother watching this one.
  16. I finally received my Motoko Kusanagi Max Factory Figma from Ghost in the Shell Arise. As my first Figma ever purchased, this is one helluva an introduction. This figure is incredible. You can just feel the quality in this product, from the design, to the joints and articulation to the colors and painting. I have other figures of similar size from different manufacturers, but Figma has got to be one of the best. The quality control is amazing, especially for the painted portions, like the face. And the detail is extraordinariy for such a tiny figure. I mean, Motoko's eyes even have lashes, which look great. I like the way the whole figure is put together and the design/articulation choices they made. This Figma is not the most articulated action figure I've ever purchased, but it's certainly one of the best quality toys of any high-articulation action figure I've ever seen. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. Maybe I'm a bit biased because finally I have a Motoko Kusanagi figure. But honestly, this has been an excellent purchase aside from the IP.
  17. Amazing work! If I can be of any help with reference, let me know. I can get you some larger and better versions of most of the line art I have on my site, if need be.
  18. Nicely done. You got the Walkure hand gesture down
  19. Perhaps this is incorrect, but is there not a legality about jeopardizing your IP rights by not actively protecting them. Like, if you don't engage in some kind of protest to the illegal use of your IP, you can set a prescedent that can be used against you should a more serious future dispute arise? Perhaps this is all wrong, but maybe that might be why CBS and Paramount are bouncing around this topic so much. Perhaps they really don't have that much of a problem with fan films at all, but they just have to plant their flag, so to speak, to protect their IP in any future litigation.
  20. I understand the instinct to be flippant, but honestly my post is a call to reason, not to call anyone out. The goal is not to be someone that hates everything or someone who can't think critically to save their life, but precisely to avoid labelling the critics as such just because you disagree. I think that vast majority of us all wanted Duncan Jones and the Warcraft movie to succeed. But just because some are happy with what they got, we don't have to crap all over everyone who was disappointed...and vice versa. There's never going to be an EASY explanation for why one likes or hates Warcraft. Not "you just like everything crap" or "you're a snob who hates it all". The point is to discuss it, on this "discussion board" rather than marginalizing each other. Perhaps that's fantasy, but there it is
  21. It's really nice to see this one. So many of the major craft still lack complete schematics. It's intersting to see the Konig in profile like this.
  22. It would be my pleasure! Such fine work, dude! Truly a real treat for us big fans.
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