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  1. Hmm, been years since I've been to an MWCON... Or, for that matter, since I was active around here, but what the hell, I think I'll try to make it down. Maybe I'll wear my SMS uniform... looks pretty much like normal clothes anyway.
  2. Keep an eye out for me over the weekend, I'll be Michel from Frontier. There's a gathering somewhere or other of Frontier cosplayers at 5 on Friday, by the way...
  3. Hey, long time no see, everybody. Does anybody, by chance, have a vector or anything of the patches on the SMS jackets? I'm working on some Frontier costumes, and my plan is to do the patches in illustrator and print them as fabric transfers, then put those on white fabric and use those as patches. I have the left chest patch taken care of, and I'm working on the left shoulder patch from the somewhat poor reference images I have. However, they're not great, and I can't find any good references at all for the right shoulder. Is there even a patch there? I'm thinking it's a skull/crossbones patch, but I can't find a shot where it's visible anywhere.
  4. Been years since I made it to an MWcon... how's the new venue? Hopefully I'll make it out this year. I'm working on a Basara costume for AX (Using Dynamite7's 10th as an excuse...), maybe I'll show up with it and annoy you guys with Totsugeki Love Heart...
  5. I guess mine is more atypical than I thought it was. Found out about MW at Anime Expo... I want to say '01, at the Macross/Kawamori panel. Pretty sure somebody told me about it while we were all lined up. I have the vaguest recollection of telling somebody at that panel that I already knew about MW, though... so maybe I found it some other way. I got into Macross through the early anime club/fansub community, not through RT, so I know it wasn't any of those forums... maybe I found a link somehow.
  6. I'm in agreement that we can't base our opinions on previous Bandai releases. Remember, since M7, all we've had were relatively small OVA series, which were mostly marketed to enthusiasts. Frontier is a full-blown, mainstream TV series, and, if Bandai gets the license, we can bet that they'll be putting a much larger effort behind their toys. Look how far the Gundam line has come in the past decade, it's proven that Bandai can certainly do Macross justice. I'm personally really hoping that Bandai does pick it up, and puts their resources into making good stuff. They've really shown that they can make nice stuff at an affordable price point. While I like Yamato's products, they're not within a range for me to own more than one or two of any given series, as the $200+ that they're asking hits the point where the money would be better spent on my real hobby. (My cars) If Bandai can produce MG-quality kits of the Macross stuff, I'll be elated. HCM-Pro style products would be great, too, allowing a good number of toys to be displayed in limited space.
  7. Haha, hadn't even realized that the close-ups weren't press/advertising photos. (Which I figured would've been prepro samples.) Disappointing, then. I don't recall the paint being that amateur-seeming on any previous Yamato I've owned, even the 1/72s...
  8. You misunderstand. I wasn't asking for more action, I just think that the action we DID see was a little underwhelming, compared to how amazing the VF-0's entrance was. The episode was better than I expected, to be sure... but there was just something lacking in what we saw of the VFs, there wasn't that "jaw-dropping" factor. As I say, though, I'm sure they're saving that for later episodes, I just think that, with a full TV series, an amazing mecha sequence in the first episode would've done wonders in terms of "hooking" the general audience. As for issues... I don't necessarily disagree with the messages shown in recent Kawamori works, I just think that he and his writing staff have ended up putting a little too much emphasis on the "message", rather than on the entertainment/storytelling value of the series. It's not just the real-world messages, either, I just find that, especially with Zero, he threw a little too much at the viewers. It's great for fans like us, who enjoy rewatching series to decipher the complex stuff, but off-putting to the casual audience, which is especially important with Frontier, considering it's a broadcast TV series, in an age when few of the target generation have had much exposure to Macross.
  9. Well, I couldn't use the term I really wanted to... Pretty much, I find that Kawamori's recent work sacrifices having a good story and likable characters, ending up instead with a work that just ends up being far too preachy, convoluted, and, well, just screws with the viewer's mind. What I'm saying is that I hope he/they'll concentrate more on making something that is enjoyable to watch and concludes well, rather than degenerating into a bunch of incoherent ecobabble.
  10. It's not the amount of action. I mean more that the movements of the Valkyries, and the way they fight and transform, doesn't seem as absolutely stunning as the VF-0's first appearance in MZero, for example, was. I suspect that they're trying to de-emphasize the VFs in this series, though, and make it more character-focused, which IMO isn't a bad thing at all. I really hope it doesn't go too deep into the philosophical stuff, and they just concentrate on a good, solid, story.
  11. Troll, maybe? I voted for pants, but I'll admit that there was an ever-so-small amount of disappointment in this episode. While the Valk designs were awesome, they way they seem in action isn't particularly impressive. I'm sure they're saving that for later, though.
  12. I'm currently celebrating, because I just got my insurance bill. Sounds odd, but my WRX's insurance just went from almost 400 a month, to 188 a month. Finally avoided tickets for long enough to get the discount, and my birthday being in august helped. Maybe my car clicking over five model years old helped, too. Long time no see, everybody, by the way...
  13. I'm liking the classic "John Player Special" F1 vibe these give off. I'm not liking the horrendous paint quality, and I really hope the pics aren't indicative of the final product.
  14. BUST THE KEYHOLE, BRO!!! You run VegasDrift events? Do you know Matt with the "Panda" blacktop 86, or Case, who had an FC and a Mazdaspeed Miata?
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