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  1. Thanks for all the opinions guys, I'm glad you all enjoyed it, thought no one like it after being impatient with the posts. Also I did use the remastered version of the show which would explain the picture quality. I wish I've taken the time to fix the lip syncing in some parts, and god dammit there's a typo in the credit's if anyone noticed it. But oh well, you guys like it and I'm guessing that's enough. Basically the idea came like this. Awful Song + Awful Anime = Awesome Combination Two minuses equals a negative. I'll be tossing this video around several AMV contests. Hopefully this ca
  2. Bumping this. Seriously no one likes it?
  3. Hello guys, I'm here again from last year and I hope you all enjoyed my Frontier video. But rest assured I did make another Macross related video, I hope it's full of awesome because I put a lot of effort into this one. You can all check it out here. I'll edit the post once I get a direct upload ready for those that don't have a membership to the site, but a preview is available. And oh this did not make it into the AMV Contest for AX this year, hence why I'm posting. It had some technical flaws when I sent it in. But the video right now is clear of them. Chances are it will hit make the p
  4. Why? You doubting Basara-san? I know Mari is great and all but May'n and Megumi are on a completely different levels in terms of musical performance.
  5. This is probably going to the best event going on for AX. Many people are rambling over it and many of my friends went from maybe to a guaranteed yes when going. I'll be lining up hours ahead of time, or I dunno. Do those purchased tickets give us priority seating or no? Funny thing is, I don't really have any Frontier memorabilia for them to sign for the autograph sessions. Maybe I'll just buy the CD and grab a nice picture..
  6. Sorry that I couldn't attend to show my AMV guys, things really caught up with me. I'm glad that everyone is having fun. Wish I was there.
  7. Kirik I'm curious if you know the time slot in which you would show my video? Sadly I can't stay for too long at the con and I don't even know if I'm able to come. I'd like to at least hang around several macross fans if I can.
  8. If your going to use Frontier try to get the regular DVD rips, not that I'm endorsing it or anything but the quality is generally a lot better than that of the TV show. I had to use the TV show itself since Frontier was not fully released by the time I finished my project. It's pretty amazing where you can find your ideas. If your planning on editing in HD, don't use WMM, try to find a handy editor like Premiere or Vegas. WMM is good if your getting into the zone with basic editing, but nothing on the level of doing HD work. Make sure to also have a nice PC to handle the
  9. Thank you, I'm definitely looking forward to your tribute AMV, don't forget to post it here when your done. And remember take your time with your AMV, you'll get the best results that way. Thanks, I'm really glad that you liked it! Thank you! Yeah I'm surprised at the Youtube quality since I assumed the video itself would be butchered with artifacts, I guessed wrong. The HD version on Youtube however is comparable to the HD version that I have for upload on the org. But I'd like to see more progress, if you can as a tip refrain from using subtitles in your AMV, it puts you
  10. I've been hard at work on this AMV for sometime and I felt I couldn't do justice with your ol'regular edited style AMV for Frontier. If any of you went to AX AMV Contest this year it premiered there, well it premiered first at Fanime technially lol. Finally Macross Frontier gets the respect that it deserves! Anyways you all can check it out here as it's also available in HD, also you can check it out on if your too lazy to download. Feel free to post others here if you know any.
  11. Son of a bitch if only this wasn't across the country.
  12. I got a real nice picture with Sheryl Nome and Klan Klan at AX this past weekend. Will post them when I get the chance.
  13. Never seen this posted anywhere (I think), but hot damn these are the clearest shots of Battle Frontier and Galaxy that I have ever seen.
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