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  1. I can take one
  2. izzyfcuk


  3. Anyone putting this up for sale? I want one!
  4. Does anyone know in the video @ 2:04, there was a huge stash of takatoku, are any of those for sale or who I can get in contact with? Regards
  5. Yeah I know, I bought that from him. also looking for the 1D from member "greenspitz"
  6. Would anyone be able to get in touch with anyone who owns this piece? I really want it.....
  7. Max and Millia was done by AL11 http://www.macrossworld.com/cgi-bin/mwfarchive/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=11;t=12272;top Just can't find the vermillion one.
  8. Ii IS a custom. Wish the old boards still have something lying around. i combed through it and can't find it. These are the only ones i have found Jung's
  9. Wasn't the ones who made them called "team alpha" or something like dat? think i still have some pics lying around
  10. Sorry to burst your bubble. that is definitely fake...or shall I say custom... This came up before when the old boards were still online and apart from this there were two variations of max and millia marriage set and at least two versions of 1D trainers. Used to fetch crazy money during the time yammies 1/60 just came out and takatokus were still much priced
  11. "Does that mean i need another set of the armor or the armor for the CF is different color?
  12. I've been out of touch, i would like to ask if the head lasers of the new version is plastic or still rubber?
  13. Supply and demand, back then too many LE TV Max and Kaki at a short notice......... Been some time i checked in here and there were a couple PMs asking me about it
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