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  1. damn Alex, I should have called you to have lunch with me today. I ate in Cerritos.
  2. This guy showed me this and he was so proud of it. Said that he got it from some guy in Brazil who used to work for Takatoku.
  3. I'm also a pre-yammy MW guy that's about to go the way of the dodo. As for Rolo.... that guy still has my missile cluster and won't give it back! Shame on you!
  4. k26, me neither. but without going into details about what her age is or isn't, I'd say she is aging quite well. nuff said.
  5. You're not allowed to discuss her age on this board. I got in trouble one year for doing so. HAHAHA no joke!
  6. BTW, xstoys, That poster is no longer my favorite Transformers Poster. It got trumped by this one...
  7. I want to make a costume for Halloween, but I need help to make it. I have no idea how to do this stuff, and I'm sure there are a lot of guys here who have the knowledge to do something like this. So I am enlisting help. I haven't figured out which one I want to make yet, but I want to make something like this... And if you guys can help me make this and it looks cool, I'll even wear it to the next con! hahahaha I shouldn't make promises I have no intention on fulfilling. hahaha.. anyways...
  8. xstoys, if you bring it next year, I might show up. just for that. I thought it was a macross convention. Not transformers. Had I known that there would be TF stuff, I would have been there for sure..... ...... ......NOT Haha BK24, you aren't the only one. Son Riku has my garland, and NB4M has some of my tanmen models. Oh and Exo has my money.
  9. oh man, I just realized I need to update my profile
  10. Dang, it looks like I missed this con. Looks like you all had fun. I'll try to miss next year's too.
  11. I won't even tell you guys how much i forked up when I bought mine. I basically took it up the arse. Makes me want to cry...
  12. Call it what it is... phatslappy's 1/48 Valk Fund.
  13. Thanks! incredible? Not really. I guess the only really notable play was from Bruinvalk. Bruinvalk showed up late. I'm not even sure if he had a single blind put in. But he sat down, and 1 hand later he stood up. I had A 4 in my hand. He had 5 2. He limped in on the big blind. Flop comes out 4 4 3. I think we checked it all around. Then A comes on the turn. Bruinvalk bets 250. I say, "I can't get away from this hand..." and I call. He goes all in with the wheel. I call. Of course Valkyrie312 did the same thing to me a little while later and took about 1000 chips away from me. The difference being I had pocket Aces when he got trip Jacks on the flop. I could sense it too, but I couldn't get away from the hand either. And I got the nut flush by the river, only to have the card that made my nut flush make him a boat. I could have pulled a Josh Arieh, but I didn't have it in me. When it got down to heads up, Snip312 was trying to play me without even looking at his cards. For a while, I kept having to fold too. He kept taking pot after pot. But once I started catching some cards I could play with, the tide changed for good. Evil was defeated, and MW Con crowned its inaugural poker champ! During the post champion's dinner interview, I posed the question to Exo: "So what do I get to win next year?" MUWAHAHAHAHA. Probably the best part of the poker tourney was that Kiririth's gf dressed up like minmei and served us drinks and cake. Oh... that's the other thing.... Eternal D is leaving us for a few years, so we had a cake with a picture of him...well it's the picture of my avatar, on the cake courtesy of NightmareB4Macross.
  14. It was uneventful. There was supposed to be a "Rip on Shawn" session, but that never really materialized. And the con eventually turned into a poker game anyways. Only two people did customs. And some people showed up who we didn't know cuz they didn't provide their names/handles or really talk to anyone. But all in all, it was fun. And XSToys wouldn't let me put on the helmet, but other than that... it was ok.
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