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  1. Now THIS isn't something you see everyday these days! Old-school custom resin parts for 1/55 Valks on ebay! (not mine). I can't remember who did the heads? Chris Barretta? Jung Chao? Fulcy hips? TAKATOYS nose cone! this is SO OLD SKOOL! I know these are listings, but posting here for nostalgia sakes. Prices are pretty high though. I actually still have most of these parts in my own stash: VF-1D head, shield, and 2-seater cockpit http://www.ebay.com/itm/Macross-1-55-Custom-VF-1D-Kit-Resin-Robotech-Bandia-Takatoku-/251772968092?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item3a9ed69c9c VF-1S Strike Cannon http://www.ebay.com/itm/Macross-1-55-Custom-VF-1S-Strike-Canon-Resin-Robotech-Bandai-Takatoku-/251772968825?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item3a9ed69f79 VF-1S head http://www.ebay.com/itm/Macross-1-55-Custom-VF-1S-Head-Resin-Roy-Fokker-Robotech-Bandai-Takatoku-/251772969500?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item3a9ed6a21c VF-1J head http://www.ebay.com/itm/Macross-1-55-Custom-VF-1J-Head-Resin-Rick-Hunter-Robotech-Bandai-Takatoku-/251772969930?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item3a9ed6a3ca Ball Joint Legs http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-55-Macross-Custom-Ball-Joint-Legs-Takatoku-Bandai-Robotech-Transformers-/251772970298?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item3a9ed6a53a Custom Nose Cone & Cockpit http://www.ebay.com/itm/Macross-1-55-Custom-Cockpit-Pilot-by-TAKATOYS-Resin-Robotech-Bandia-Takatoku-/251772968486?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item3a9ed69e26
  2. Someone broke my BP8 when they attempted to transform my valkyrie without permission. Is there any replacement BP8 parts these days? Original, recast, or shapeways perhaps?
  3. wasn't there a replacement parts junker thread somewhere here? or someone was recasting it (though not sure if a resin version would be strong enough)? I need that fixed on mine too.
  4. Sorry, still need to get pics of the mechs, guys, hopefully by tomorrow.
  5. For Sale or Trade: How it pains me to part with these at such goodwill prices, having paid full "vintage" prices on these on ebay back before Yamato stepped up the plate and made all these vintage valks obselete. But these gotta go. Sorry no pics yet, but here's the list: Shipping is $10 flat fee for each item. Will combine shipping for multiple items, but may be slightly more if ordering many since these are all HUGE BOXES. MACROSS: (individual prices, or $200 for the whole lot under this "macross" category) 1/55 BOXED Strike Valkryie $40 (no strike armor, replaced with Jetfire armor) Heavy shelf wear. 2-part Styrofoam included/intact. 1/55 BOXED Takatoku TV Max VF-1J $40 customized (painted white highlights) comes in an empty Vintage 1/55 Bandai VF-1A (Hikaru DYRL version) BOX/Styro to house it 1/55 BOXED Joons VF-1J TV Mirya $40 customized (painted white highlights) comes in rare korean packaging (not normal joons packaging) w/beautiful artwork on cover C9-10 condition box 1/55 BOXED Joons VF-1J Hikaru TV $30 (obo) (regular joons box). For some reason one of the hands is a darker color than the other. 1/72 BOXED Yamato VF-11B (no fastpacks) $30 repaired hip (used longer screw) 1/72 BOXED Yamato VF-11B (no fastpacks) $40 (obo) hip unbroken, but did replace w/longer screw to prevent breakage ROBOTECH Matchbox SUPER VERITECH VF-1S, boxed (The giant veritech with opening cockpit which fits 3 1/2" action figures inside. One of the landing gear is loose. Box has some shelf wear. Make an offer BEAST WARS: Supreme Beast Wars Cheetor. FREE GUNDAM: (individual prices, or $70 for the whole Gundam lot) 1/60 Bandai God Gundam TOY (boxed, w/styrofoam) $40 battery-operated light core. missing one sabre (it's somewhere around here) 1/60 Built Bandai God Gundam MODEL (boxed). $25 Also battery-operated light core. Hollow plastic legs, hips, and torso have been filled in solid with high temperature gun glue to give it heft and solid feel. Fully poseable. Comes with interchangeable GOD hands. 1/60 Built Wing Zero (T.V. series version, not Endless Waltz) $25 Battery-operated light core.
  6. http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_giant_skeleton.htm
  7. PM'ed you about BP8 and front landing gear. I see you read it, but did not reply? Lemme know, thanks.
  8. I would also do a straight trade for a 1/60 bandai armoured ozma (including shipping) or a 1/60 VF-25g plus shipping
  9. ******this kit is SOLD now. Thanks for looking***** 2-9-2010 ****ADDED: would also trade for a bandai 1/60 DX ARMOURED OZMA (straight trade including shipping) or trade for a VF-25G (plus shipping)**** Howdy folks, I posted before but didn't post a price (sorry). This is an original complete resin cast model set of Club M's 1/72 scale Queadluun-Rau with Milia kit from DYRL. Comes with all parts, sprues, and even extra flash (lol). Comes with two versions of pilot Milia (one that can be built into the cockpit with helmet on, and also a stand alone figure with helmet off.) Can be built with missile pods open or closed. Comes with instructions, paperwork, original box and even the original shrinkwrap (neatly opened but still covers the box). This is a very rare and collectible piece, but would be even better if you build it! I took pics of it next to a 1/55 valk for size comparison. SOLD
  10. I remember when these used to fetch 4 digit figures, even in this condition. This is still my favourite valk
  11. For sale: Original unbuilt 1/72 Resin kit of Milia and her Queadluun Rau, original resin kit (NOT RECAST) by Club M. Highly collectible, rare. Complete with two versions of Milia pilot (one that stands outside, or one that can be built into the cockpit housing. Missile pods can be built closed or open (revealing missile battery). Comes in original bagged groups, parts still on sprues. No broken parts. Extra sprue flash included (that's how it came). Also comes with instructions and paperwork in original C10 box with BIGWEST official licensing sticker and original shrink wrap around box (though it has been neatly cut at the bottom so the box can be opened and parts viewed.) pm with offer if interested. thanks
  12. you can have Kinokuniya order design works if you give them this info: Japanese name デザインワークス ISBN 4896015126 SKU 4896015126 JAN 9784896015126 Release date Dec 31, 2001 And also, if you still want the q-rau kit I finally took pics: pm me if you're still intersted
  13. bump. you still taking orders man? need a BP-8 and some armpits.
  14. I have that Q-rau kit. Complete and unbuilt. PM me with an offer.
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