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  1. i don't think it's worth getting the blu ray if the movie has been edited. it is way expensive for any movie.
  2. i guess i will have to just be happy with the animeigo dvd released. paying 500+ bucks for the hd version is so expensive i rather use that money on something else
  3. no, i prefer if yamato finish up the 1/48 with ostrich and elintseeker that would be awesome
  4. two thumbs up for valkyrie312. bought a jm custom hikaru vf 1-s. good toy, great price and great seller. kyatsu
  5. is your tru mp rodimus prime still available? i am interested purchasing it and also, what is your locaiton? i am in los angeles, ca. kyatsu
  6. would it be cool if i meet up with you this coming saturday and pay you there? let me know if that's cool. kyatsu
  7. just want to make sure. do you still have the macross card that comes with the boxset? if you do, i want to get the set. kyatsu
  8. can you also take pics for: End of Evangelion + Death and Rebirth, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust memory the movie, andMobile Suit GUNDAM The 08th MS Team dvd? if i am also interested in these as well
  9. cool. i just want to make sure i pay it on time.
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