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  1. The roy focker is obviously revised since the rick version. Some of the paints used inside the cockpit is not as nice. Rick edition has more of a gunmetal look than just flat black paint. And the weathering is nicer on the rick edition. Different shade of paint on the rick console as well. The cockpit hinge for roy has been remolded to be a little thicker in some areas. Very few lights differ in color as well.
  2. Just got my roy focker cockpit as well. This diorama is gorgeous!! However after owning all 3 cockpits the roy focker is my least favorite. The paint and quality control is probably the worst of the 3. And roy looks really funny cuz his body is so small. Also i dont know if it is the screen itself or the video file that was chose for roy but it looks to be a lower resolution or quality to it Surprisingly the max cockpit has the best quality control. Its flawless. Maybe because it was so limited they had more time to build it? Surprisingly the shade of blue is not as bright as in the proto pics. A darker shade with the mass release. Even the shade of paint and even some of the color of the lights varied from all 3 releases. Especially rick hunter being the most different from the max and roy cockpit. I could see the rick hunter being more sought after later on cuz he was the initial release with its own unique perks....
  3. Has anybody ordered any of their products before? If so have you recieved it? Why have they not released any updated info on the cockpit release? Its way long over due. Did anyone else here make a preorder for the cockpit?
  4. Hi does anybody know if kidslogic is a legit company? Im getting the feeling i got ripped off. My account on their website has been deleted. And there is no current update on the release of the cockpit. Anyone else ordered and having problems?
  5. this thread is useless without pics of the different modes.... how is this transformable??
  6. hey IS i sent you a message concerning the head....is it ready for purchase?
  7. i definetly doubt it. Macross fandom is slowly fading. Look at the huge price drops on the vintage taks versus say vintage transformers constantly rising in prices.
  8. Aside from the head being different is the color scheme and everything else the same? Anyone has a pic? drawing?
  9. Hey IS I sent you a PM did you get it? Can you put me on the list to purchase these 1/48 heads.... I really want these!!
  10. that is awesome!! wow!! and it will be in 1/48!! I want your 1/48 1D heads too!
  11. thanks! was looking for this also....hopefully i will win it!
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