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  1. Absolutely amazing!!!! Hats off
  2. Not the best choice of words for a title hahaha, still regretting it because even I picture a YF-19 inside a blender, every single time
  3. Dude you're awesome, great work!! Very inspiring!! I can share some of the references I've been collecting about New Edwards and the YF-19 (I can make a couple of orthographic views for you to get references) my work is not as polished as yours but it might help you, congrats on finishing this amazing VF!
  4. Heeey it's been ages! But I'm still working on this, it's just that my laptop sucks a little bit at rendering.... I've been working out the compositing in Blender to build up a turntable animation. Just finished it so here are some gifs: here's how it works: I render the camera point of view from the lower cockpit screens (Virtual Environment Cockpit or VEC for shorts) Then I render the rear view mirror camera... And then the cockpit from the pilot's point of view, so it's 3 different renders to get the thing completed. I then add the HUD information. Did the same thing again but with landing and navigation lights, compositing on an HDRI background so I had to extract the shadows information, and I re-composited the HUD so it looked better: Previous test. I changed my approach after finding it impossible to match the texture HUD with the over-the-comp HUD: So once again: VEC... Rear view mirror: Background from the pilot's perspective (so I can edit and comp the cockpit better: Ta-da!
  5. Updates, I've been learning how to make a heat effect for the thrusters (and for the turntable animation I'm planning): First I learned how to make particles in Blender, then I started learning how to make them behave like a fast moving smoke that would follow the turbines. Then after I got the particles working correctly, I used a composite mode in Blender with different render layers to get the smoke as a separate entity, then a distort filter on the finished render with the plane and the background, and the smoke's alpha as the parameter. The effect looks pretty cool and weird from certain angles: The smoke was not following the engine close enough so the heat effect looks delayed. I did some fixes to the particle speed and also added the smoke as an entity so it receives light and can be perceived as a hot system. The final render got some issues with camera clipping and the fact that I wasn't baking the particles so they began producing the smoke every time I restarted the render (this animation took almost a week of leaving the computer rendering at night) So that choppy feel of the engine going on and off is because I didn't bake it Looks pretty cool tho!! Here's a wallpaper for you guys, with what I've learned so far:
  6. Amazing model , not so good camera work great job!!!! Inspired by this!!
  7. I'm a super big fan of FSX I haven't played x-Plane, I'd looove to see this plane in FSX with some sort of glass view from the cockpit, maybe someday I can convert this model into a simpler lower poly archive that can be loaded... but it's not my goal right now. The goal is to make a shortfilm with this.
  8. Updates!! Closeups and fixes to the Battroid mode, adding some more bolts and nuts and interesting stuff to the mechanical hidden parts. Some mirroring needed... Fixing the visor shader so you can see more of the insides... More detail needed inside the shoulders and that thermal exhaust on the laser is too big...
  9. Agree on Bryan Cranston because he's awesome and he's the perfect match to our memories of Isamu speaking in English. I would totally cast him to be Capt. Gloval with a fantastic moustache if there was ever a Macross movie, and I know for sure he'd be delighted since we all know how much he loves the series. But in the meantime and for this project's intention, I'm sticking with the character description of Isamu being half Japanese/half European in race.
  10. Apologies for the delay, I had been rendering these past weeks but I wanted to put everything up on my blog first. Here are the things I've fixed: Fixes to the feet hinges and mechanisms, here's the before: And here's the after: Some closeups I made for the GERWALK mode while I fixed things like the normal map orientation and the little texture issues.
  11. Pro tip: Google for Asian-European male models at home, in private, and not in your spare minutes while exporting shots where other animators can see you staring at pics of sexy almost naked male models and start asking questions. "I'm looking for references" apparently is no good enough of an answer, even in this industry Leon D, half Japanese American model Football player Sakai Gotoku I think I'll run a shortlist now, otherwise this is never going to end (and Isamu is not too visible in the film as I'm planning it, but I thought I'd keep it realistic anyway) Looks only, this is for an animated shortfilm with a realistic looking Isamu, based on the character data (half Japanese, half European, 24 y/o, slim and with angled features), not on the Anime drawing. The dickhead attitude is just a bonus.
  12. Thanks! I'm doing a steady rate of 1 hour per day, every day. Give or take half an hour for rendering things. Sometimes I leave it on all night rendering.
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