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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! After spending some time roving through the Fan Works section, I once again had cause to appreciate the talents in art that many MWers possess. I thought it would be a grand idea to share some of our non-Macross artwork, too. And so I have created this thread as a place to showcase any and all non-Macross artwork. I am sure that, like me, many others tend to stick the realm of sci-fi, anime, and manga with their artwork. But this thread is for all genres and styles of visual art, including sculpture and photography (of course, don't just start posting any and all photos, please be sure that they are "artistic" in nature). Without any further ado, I will kick this off with a recent drawing I did of the EX-s Gundam. I began working with markers in August and have really begun to enjoy them. A lot of my new art is very clumsy in this respect because I am still learning to use them. Of course, in hindsight, it doesn't help that I made some grievous design errors with the EX-S, as well! Follow this link to read more about the image, as well as a quick explanation of the subject matter for the uninitiated. So let's see what everyone else has got!
  2. I was checking out my newly-acquired Artmic Bible and damn there is some cool mecha in there. I especially like the stuff from Megazone and Gall Force, but I have never seen any kits for those shows for sale anywhere. So I thought, why not ask the guys on Macross World? If you have pics of your non-Macross mecha, I'd love to see them. Toys, models, whatever. I'm dying to see what you got.
  3. Been looking around a bit trying to find some recent info on Sentinel's Detonator Orgun figure, which got me thinking about other, obscure shows and what I'd want in a perfect world if I could convince one toy company to make my "dream" figure(s). And I almost instantly came up with this..... The mechs of Kishin Heidan/Kishin Corps. For anyone unfamiliar with the series it was one of the early Pioneer shows that threw Nazis, Aliens, and Giant Robots into the mix in a very retro-themed action series. Personally I really enjoyed the brief series and every now and then I see some Chogokin or another with similar styling that makes me wish someone would tackle the series. My first choice would be Max Factory simply because their Big O is beyond stunning and built like a brick. As a fall-back I'd ask Bandai to put any/all of the show's mechs into the Soul of Chogokin line. So just for fun, in a perfect world what non-Macross Mech(s) or Anime figure(s) would you command and from whom?
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