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  1. Can you please post some shots of that Macross Quarter? I'm going to attempt modeling the Quarter or a ship based off of it.
  2. Touch something else until the end of the year or next year because maybe they're actually putting effort into the thing. Go get yourself another model of the SDF-1 with a reasonable price (Good luck lol)
  3. Aaaah! I'm so exited! I only wish it was under SDF Macross' name and not ROBOTECH's... This toy would be a wish come true for me. I've always loved the TV SDF-1.
  4. It's already 2022... I'm still waiting for a better paint job and a redo of the main gun. (looks like they imitated Hasegawa's kit)
  5. This model is really nice! And... I smell a transformation sequence. If you look closely, the main gun is tilting downwards. The shoulder the Assault Carrier Daedalus is docked at is also crooked. I also see a joint between them.
  6. I honestly don't really like this model. Sure, it has a cool system inside but the exterior looks too extra for me. I don't really like the texturing on it and it doesn't look smooth. If it was smoother and there was less panel lining on it, I'm sure it would be cheaper to produce and cheaper for us.
  7. GalaxyExpress2199

    ROBLOX Macross

    Photos of my creations that I've made using ROBLOX Studio.
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