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  1. There are compromises to the anime magic gods present on the figure that I can't imagine we'd be seeing if this were a battroid-only figure, like a longer-than-the-lineart nosecone, narrower forearms/shins, and a suspiciously complicated looking thigh joint.
  2. Anyway, bought myself a copy and looking forward to reading.
  3. Wait... I remember this. You were producing renders of the various ships a few years back.
  4. Knight, can I get a link? I'd love to check it your work.
  5. Hi MWers, Not sure how many of you remember me... I used to haunt the Fan Works sub board pretty regularly, where I got a ton of great feedback on the cg vf-1s I was working on at time (I'm currently working on a 3D print of that, btw - I really need to start up a thread there to show off my results!) Anyway, a primary reason for my absence is... I've been working on a book! It's a fantasy novel. I’m crowdfunding its publication through the Nerdist contest on Inkshares.com and am campaigning for social shares and especially for pre-orders to make my dream of becoming a published author come true! (Well, one of my two dreams -- valkyrie pilot is one that I'm a little less close to immediately achieving.) I'd be honored and forever appreciative if you'd check it out at https://www.inkshares.com/projects/feyside
  6. Finally another chance to own one of these...
  7. That was my first impression as well. This thing wound up arriving at the same time as a used SV-51 I'd ordered (missed it when it was released, finally found one for cheap). Despite being the considerably smaller VF, the Lightning III is MUCH heavier.
  8. My EMS-delivered VF-4 finally arrived at my door in NYC just before I had to leave for work this morning -- counting the hours until I get to go home and unbox it! I'd had the same LA Customs delay as everybody else...
  9. Thanks Sandman, that makes me feel better about my preorder!
  10. Gaaah, wish I'd gotten my hands on one of these while they were available...
  11. Where's the Like button when you really need it?
  12. Maybe. The wife recently made me pick my top 20 or so toys for a single modest display cabinet. The rest went into storage, and the other display cabs were repurposed for "adult stuff". The future is grim, my friends.
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