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Found 4 results

  1. Yamato webshop exclusive Will be fully assembled and painted. Discuss here. Graham
  2. Was cleaning up my portfolio and decided to actually render out some images of my head-unit sculpts I made for the 1/60 line - other than have crappy screen caps. So enjoy, Wow, gotta love the way the images compress... Here's a link to them in better resolution; https://cdn.artstation.rocks/p/assets/images/images/000/421/271/large/chris-vera-vf-0c-head-sculpts.jpg?1421837295 https://cdn.artstation.rocks/p/assets/images/images/000/421/272/large/chris-vera-vf-1j-head-sculpts.jpg?1421837329 https://cdn.artstation.rocks/p/assets/images/images/000/421/273/large/chris-vera-vf-4k-head-sculpts.jpg?1421837362 https://cdn.artstation.rocks/p/assets/images/images/000/421/270/large/chris-vera-vf-head-sculpts-exploded.jpg?1421836646
  3. I have no experience in making part designs to send off for shapways and really want to have my VF-4 complete. My VF-4G came missing one of the rear leg cover slides. I need a set (left and right) of these leg slid covers also with the small screw cover plug ( one had to be taken out in pieces just to get to the screw). I have taken the other one out and would gladly send it off to someone if they could make shapeway them up. I'm not looking to have the shapeway design only to be-able to order the parts. I'm hoping someone state side can help me with this. I will gladly ship the pieces to you and pay the return shipping for the piece to come back when your done. Please if someone can help, it's killing me to have this $400 toy incomplete and now with Yamato in the state of transition they are in, I doubt I'll ever see the parts from them. You can PM me or post here. Thanks and again please help if you can.
  4. Now that you know that the Flashback 2012 version won't be coming anytime soon, how many VF-4G Lightning II would you buy at this time of release?
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