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  1. What I did was sand down the gun handle so it was thin enough to fit into the slot in the underbelly of the vf-4. Works perfectly.
  2. just got mine in the mail. Very nice, everything fits perfectly. It way be a bit before i get it all painted, but when it's done I'll post pics. Thanks Maiden Japan
  3. One more time. Here's to hoping someone can help me out. Bump
  4. Sweet PM sent, I've been waiting for you to openly take orders.
  5. As title states I'm looking for a Daedalus for the Matchbox 1/3000 SDF-1 but I would also take a Prometheus. P Lease let me know if you have one and how much you would like for it. I know it's a long shot but I'm hoping someone has one sitting around. Thank you.
  6. Here you go Looks like it might work well.
  7. Yeah but it was the easiest and cheapest move. Not a lot to remold. But I agree, if they would have done Rook then Lancer they would have kept high interest in the line and could have milked it in the end with the Rand for the completest.
  8. I would have much rather had that than my Scott.
  9. I'll dig the old gakken out tonight and give it a look see. I'll let you know on Monday.
  10. Here is one I made a long time ago as a mix of Scott ant Yellow. One maybe this will help. I used the shield from the 1/12 model with the Gakken Scott. Seamed close enough at the time.
  11. I'll Take the Bandai DX Chogokin VF-27 Lucifer Brera version 1
  12. I bought mine from Hobby Link Japan and after I did my inventory I contacted them with a list of what I was missing. I had my screws in a couple of weeks. So unless you got it from the bay I would contact the place you bought it from.
  13. Yep, a few times and I enjoyed District 9. I wouldn't compare it to District 9 except in the fact it was a SyFy movie. I can't really say bad acting or bad plot or bad anything, I just found my self bored. Maybe I was so hyped I expected more.
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