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  1. What I did was sand down the gun handle so it was thin enough to fit into the slot in the underbelly of the vf-4. Works perfectly.
  2. Here you go Looks like it might work well.
  3. Yeah but it was the easiest and cheapest move. Not a lot to remold. But I agree, if they would have done Rook then Lancer they would have kept high interest in the line and could have milked it in the end with the Rand for the completest.
  4. I would have much rather had that than my Scott.
  5. I'll dig the old gakken out tonight and give it a look see. I'll let you know on Monday.
  6. Here is one I made a long time ago as a mix of Scott ant Yellow. One maybe this will help. I used the shield from the 1/12 model with the Gakken Scott. Seamed close enough at the time.
  7. Yep, a few times and I enjoyed District 9. I wouldn't compare it to District 9 except in the fact it was a SyFy movie. I can't really say bad acting or bad plot or bad anything, I just found my self bored. Maybe I was so hyped I expected more.
  8. Here is what's left of my collection. I sold the rest. I'm done unless they a VF-0 reactive armor set for my 1/60 and the other piece I would like to have is a good hover-tank. Other than that I can't think of anything else I really want.
  9. Yeah I saw it this weekend too. I went in knowing it was going to be campy which it was. I grew up as a kid watching the Lone Ranger on TV (reruns of course) and I knew not to expect what I knew the Lone Ranger was. The boy and I had some good laughs through out the movie, agreed the last 20 minutes were the best. I would agree the movie was to long, Less time should have been spent on character development. I think they could of done this story in a series and put more action in it it would have been better. Three 1:30 movies like this: 1st movie, introduce Lone Ranger, some back story on him showing how he became, introduce bad guy hints of series plot and lots of action and campy comedy. 2nd movie, Some back story on Tonto, tie the two (Lone Ranger and Tonto) together with some back story (before he became the Lone Ranger) Continue series plot with lots of action and more campy comedy and big reveal at the end to set you up for final installment. 3rd movie, plot in full swing, Lone Ranger and Tonto in great peril then fully excepting of who and what they have become and what must be done (true hero stuff). Kill the bad guys, save the day and ride off into the sunset. Lots of action, comedy and and true blue hero stuff. If done right it could of made a great series. but as-is it was fun but to long. I will say the end credit scene was the worst I have ever seen. They should have just stayed with a black screen.
  10. Yeah I see your point. I have never seen a movie or done anything that was widely regarded to be flat out bad and actually enjoyed it my-self. I like to enjoy coming to my own conclusion, call me a maverick if you will. LOL
  11. This thread reminds me of when I was at the theater to see "Night at the museum" and as I was enjoying the movie and having a good laugh I herd probably the smartest guy in the room point out, "That's not even a gas RC truck! There wouldn't be a fire ball!!" He was totally fine with action figures driving a RC truck, it was the fire ball that made it sooooooooooo unbelievable. LOL I went to school to get facts, I go to the movie to have fun. I'm going to see this one, and like all the other campy movies I've seen I'll take my 35 IQ and have a blast. Even if that electric RC truck blows up with a big fire ball.
  12. Yep I can see this in the new Top Gun movie. What are you doing? You're slowing down, you're slowing down! I'm bringing him in closer, Merlin. You're gonna do what? I'm going to pull up and spin around 360, he'll fly right by and crap his pants at what an awesome pilot I am.
  13. My 1/60 VF-0S would look sooooooo good with a Reactive Armor set. Just saying
  14. Ok so it's all fixed now with help from tundrayeti. The left leg now looks like the right leg from the back. Edit to add pics
  15. "The only thing we have to fear is fear it-self" not religion but something I have always used to calm me down when I do something "scary". I liked the move. I didn't even know M Night directed it until I read it above, here. I wouldn't call it a Big Willy block buster, but better than most of the other crap I've seen. It kept my GF, my 11 year old daughter and my-self interested through most all of the film. even my 8 year old son who sleeps through most movies only slept through about 15 minuets of this movie.
  16. who needs radar when they paint it bright red? I hope they painted a bulls-eye on the bottom of that radar dish. Those missiles look more like hand held rocket launchers.
  17. Hummmmmm no matter how I squint my eyes I just can't see how that is Reactive armor for my VF-0.
  18. I was robbed years ago and they cleaned out my collection. Fortunately I had replacement value through my homeowners insurance. I kept records which included ebay and paypal printouts as well as pictures of my collection. So after proving what I had and lost with all my documentation all I had to do was show current coast of items to be replaced and they cut me a check. It took some time to do, but then again I was robbed and got everything replaced so I was happy. Long story to say just check and see what your homeowners or renters insurance covers.
  19. Im ready to pull the triger on that one when ever you are.
  20. Ok i came here for help but had what i thought was the easier fix in mind. I concied and humbily throw out my preconceptions. What is my best option? The side missing the cover, that screw cover came right out. The side that still had the cove, that screw cover is in pieces. It's not glued either, just that tight of a fit. Tundrayeti, i think ABS would be fine. Let me know your address and i'll send the pieces to you so you can modle them. Kurisama, i love all your shapway parts and thank you for your offer, i just hate sending things out of the states. I lose a few years of life everytime i do, to stress. My luck has been 50/50. Lol Thanks guys
  21. There really is no abuse this part takes. It sldes up and down with little effort and offers no structual suport to the toy at all.in stead of more pics im offering to send the pieces to someone so they can be madeand pay for the parts to be shipped back to me. Plus i would buy the new parts too.
  22. I have no experience in making part designs to send off for shapways and really want to have my VF-4 complete. My VF-4G came missing one of the rear leg cover slides. I need a set (left and right) of these leg slid covers also with the small screw cover plug ( one had to be taken out in pieces just to get to the screw). I have taken the other one out and would gladly send it off to someone if they could make shapeway them up. I'm not looking to have the shapeway design only to be-able to order the parts. I'm hoping someone state side can help me with this. I will gladly ship the pieces to you and pay the return shipping for the piece to come back when your done. Please if someone can help, it's killing me to have this $400 toy incomplete and now with Yamato in the state of transition they are in, I doubt I'll ever see the parts from them. You can PM me or post here. Thanks and again please help if you can.
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