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  1. I'd say something happened after the first 2 (episode IV & V) movies that has carried on ever since. The badguys became comical. In those movies they were a threat. From episode VI they all start making more stupid mistakes.
  2. I recommend you watch Peacemaker. They uploaded the first 3 episodes, and they are much better than the first 3 episodes of Fett. Both shows have a villain turned good or on the path. Peacemaker's journey to that goal seems much more believable than Boba's. What's is hurting Boba's story in my opinion is that Disney wants to keep Star Wars fun for the entire family. Boba Fett is a killer, trying to be an honorable Tony Montana but Disney won't let him. He doesn't have to go full Scarface but he's still in the business of crime. Boba is running a protection racket. Boba's new swoop gang could have easily refused his offer. Boba would then have no choice but to beat up or even kill these poor little rich kids over water. He could have also intimidated them to give back the water without physically hurting them. Disney wouldn't allow any of those to happen because all those options is something a bad guy would do.
  3. Pokemon is related to anime, but Jake Paul doesn't need any more attention. Wouldn't surprise me if this turns out to be a big hoax. Topic Closed.
  4. Minor spoilers They introduce a cyborg swoop gang. That have turned to stealing because of a lack of work. This gang also appears to have become cyborgs by choice. One even admits that he paid a lot for his eye. Does mean they all got laid off and decided to blow all their savings on expensive cyborg modifications? If they have enough money for cyborg limbs with built in weapons and design swoop bikes why not buy a ticket of world where there's work? Did Boba Fett become a moron? This was the guy that Vader had to tell not to disintegrate the bounty. Okay after being swallowed and living among the sand people he's a changed man but he was once clever enough to figure out to find the Falcon. Now he's nearly letting people get away and making careless moves. He's also engaging in MCU banter. Leave the witty dialog to Fennec and have Boba be the straight man.
  5. I think most this season is going to be in flashbacks. Going to predict the conclusion right now. Boba has been totally reformed and his attempt to take over Jabba's empire is to draw out all the criminal element so he can defeat them all at once bringing peace to the moisture farmers and sand people. If it is a one season and done series the last episode will have Fett giving it all up to live among the sand people for the rest of his life. I wish his change from villain to hero was more convincing. His change so far seems more like a case of Stockholm syndrome. Why are Luke's friends still breathing? Think about it Luke destroyed the Deathstar. The Empire would have done everything they could to learn about him. Including discovering all of his associates and activities on Tatooine.
  6. No college will take those kids. They don't study. All their free time is spent practicing Karate. Their school records are filled comments about getting in fights. 1st Season started with Johnny as a Craigslist Handy Man living in a cheap apartment. Same fate awaits all those kids. Daniel got lucky. Look at Ali she dated Karate kids but did none of that Karate herself and became a doctor.
  7. Guess it depends if N-Y sold their stock to them or the entire business. If N-N is advertising that N-Y is no more and they are N-N now that suggests they bought the business. It depends on terms of the purchase of what they bought. If they just bought the physical stock that still presents an issue. What if some of the product in hand was already bought by customers. N-N is now in possession of stolen goods.
  8. If that's the case. Like N-N bought N‐Y business for let's pretend $50,000 then doesn't N-N inherit all of the $5,000 000 debt? Start asking N-N for your money back.
  9. It was already a crime when they couldn't get the goods and refused to give cash refunds. Guess store credit is lost for good.
  10. Fun but lacks logic. Hate not talking about spoilers so I'll talk in terms of what we can guess from the trailers. Villains are pulled before they died/defeated from other movie universes into the MCU. Events that happen in this movie would have an effect when they return to their universes/movies. Each of those movies would end differently and that would lead to different sequels. One big time paradox.
  11. The show was bad but most of the cast was good and I felt it still had potential. Hoping they were taking notes from the critics and would have done a better job on season 2.
  12. Might be worth it with all the unlocks. Then again when I collect vintage items I want actual vintage not revamp repros. When I buy new I want things like a classified scale Hiss or Vamp.
  13. Finished it last night. I see it like a fan film. Some performances were good and other weren't. When you have no budget you cast whoever you can get and shoot in whatever locations are the cheapest. There was parts that I was pleasantly surprised by but overall I'd have to give it a 5 out of 10. I would have preferred they cut the episode count for 10 to 6 and use the extra money on CGI and production design.
  14. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    I had a loose leg on a Regult straight out of the box.
  15. Wow their heights! According to Google 5'5, 5'8 and 5'10. Even if she's wearing 3 inch heels the difference of heights for all of them is way off. My guess is Ned 5'2, Peter 5'5 and MJ 5'10 (without heels).
  16. Starting on the 3rd episode. It's not bad but it feels cheap. Guess after the Mandalorian I thought it was possible to have sci-fi on a TV budget. They've got some good performances and some not so good performances. The action just seem very basic. This gives me the impression of a really well made fan film. It would be the talk of Internet and fans would say give this guy a budget to make this a series.
  17. I wonder if the movie will start with the Robotech soundtrack and graphic saying presented by Harmony Gold.
  18. Ordered one this morning. Nice to have a complete set.
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