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  1. On the plus side they kept kid Luke's lines to a minimum. Kid Leia was very precocious and we all remember kid Anakin. Kid Luke seemed like a real kid cause they didn't give him much.
  2. But in Empire he thought Luke was a threat and should never be allowed to become a Jedi. It was Vader who suggested turning Luke to their side. Then it became the Emperor's idea. This series ends with Obi-Wan in a position of strength. As far as Palpatine and Vader knows he could be taking steps against and if they followed up on Reva's activities they'd learn about the kids too. While I'm at it. You'd think the final cameo would greet Obi-Wan with an apology for guessing wrong abour Anakin being the chosen one. You were only a Padawan and I asked you to teach this troubled kid to become a Jedi? My bad.
  3. Exactly it makes no sense character wise for both of them to ignore it. Obi-Wan is alive, he has video game level forces powers, he has access to a network that smuggles Jedi and force sensitives to safety = Threat.
  4. Okay I was half right. Overall, this series was unneeded and pointless. It was nice to see him as Obi-Wan again. If they're going to do that it should have been Obi-Wan on a quest that is unrelated to the Skywalkers and the Jedi. Hint that he and Vader almost saw each other again but never let it happen. Their final clash means more when the last they fought was almost 20 years ago. Now the stupid. You'd think there would be some investigation into all of Reva's activities. She had a child kidnapped to lure Obi-Wan and later brought this child to an Imperial base? Who was this child? Let's go pay a visit to Alderaan. There's always going to be some continuity issues when you revisit things, but these issues shouldn't break entire movies. When faced with grand continuity errors your solution should be to have all these characters just decided to deal with it later and it slipped their mind. Especially when some characters are obsessed with destroying all traces of the Jedi. Now that they know Obi-Wan is still active they aren't going to let it go. They could have had Obi-Wan fake his death and that would make more sense. I found Obi-Wan goodbye to Leia to be both touching and funny. She's going to grow up to become a hero that defeats the Empire only to mother a monster that's as worst as her own father.
  5. It must have first happened during the production of the Last Jedi. There are some interesting ideas in that movie. It also starts with humor more in the spirit of a Marvel movie. The first version of Justice League that came out was heavily influenced by the tone of the MCU. These others project suffer when they try to make them feel like a Marvel movie and trade making a good story for a chance to promote the next spinoff series. Sometimes they can make a winner like the 1st season of the Mandalorian. Even then they'll screw it up by later focusing too much on a few elements that the public enjoyed.
  6. Prediction ‐ Last episode will feature Reva trying to kill Luke. Expect dialog such as: "He's an innocent child!" "I was innocent too! He took everything from me. Now I will take everything from him too!" Kid Luke will witness a Light saber fight and will even meet Leia. Somehow none of this will mess with continuity.
  7. Episode 5 was predictable and still didn't look cinematic. If only they took another year for writing, cut the running time and give it a bigger budget. Make it a 90- minute movie instead of a multi-episode season. A short story that lets you revisit this character without causing continuity issues or look to cheap. I think I just described Solo a Star Wars Story. Even that movie could have been good. Not sure if that part of episode 5 was a flashback or a Jedi mental fight between Anakin and Obi. Seemed to take place around Attack of the Clones because Obi referred to Anakin as a Padawan. They didn't de-age Hayden so he looked about 40 and Obi had a cheap looking wig.
  8. Episode 4 was pretty much the rescue and escape from Episode IV a New Hope. Leia is able to defend against Vader's interrogation because she already experienced the Imperial treatment in this episode. Vader learned be crafty because of what he learned here. After this series Leia should be on the Empire's version of the FBI watch list. Her role in the Rebellion prior to the movie would be impossible as the Empire knows she has a history with rebel movements since she was 10 years old. They would be watching her every move.
  9. I still have to finish this game. Died on a boring level twice and haven't picked it up since. Multiplayer mode was fun.
  10. Similarities/Differences between Kenobi and Book of Boba Fett. Both feature a fan favorite character. Both were written as smart in the movies but dumb in their TV series. Luckly other characters are just as stupid. At least Kenobi does stuff. Which is nice. The writing is bad but I'm fine as long I get to see him acting as Kenobi and doing Jedi stuff. Boba didn't do much in his show and it was hijacked by Mando. What are the chances they pull a Mando and Ahsoka or Andor shows up in the last episode of Kenobi as a way for Disney to promote their shows?
  11. Fan Service. Good fan service. Still, it was fan service and when you look past the cool stuff it doesn't make sense. Didn't these characters say these words in Episode whatever of the original trilogy? This doesn't match what's happening here. Are we doing a retcon or is this series going to end with everybody hitting their heads and selectively forgetting things?
  12. Short Spoiler free review. Montage of the prequels almost made me forgot how bad they were. In my head canon the prequels don't exists but a young Obi-Wan looks and acts like he did in the prequels. Same goes with Palps. Highlight of the show is Obi-Wan. Everything else as statement in the above post - Looks cheap. That Tatooine town set was featured so heavily in Book of Boba it just doesn't look good enough. Nothing feels or looks cinematic. Villains have zero personality and lack that evil presence. This might have to do with cheapness of the production. Cheap works for The Mandalorian because that's what it started off as. He wasn't out saving the Galaxy. That show introduced him as struggling bounty hunter of backwater planet. Obi-Wan is a character that has always been in big budget movies. Remember the Young Indiana Jones TV show? Harrison Ford made a cameo in one episode. Single episodes of that show didn't have the same budget as a movie. Imagine if Ford's appearance wasn't just a cameo but he was in the entire episode. Some characters deserve more. I do like the in-universe reason for Obi-Wan's adventure for the series, but these two episodes do raise some questions. Of the did they retcon that? Sorta things.
  13. I don't know if I feel a connection for any of the characters but I'm liking format. I did miss the problem and solution of the week episodes.
  14. Looks like they wanted to make a young adult Dungeon and Dragons movie. Realized they don't own it and but then remembered they do own the rights to Willow. Could be fun.
  15. I got a question about the 1st Top Gun Movie. Maverick got his name for being a maverick. His Superiors sees him acting like a maverick. Iceman thinks he's dangerous. Why wasn't he dismissed from the Navy years before the 1st movie took place? Don't they have regulations and rules on behavior? "Iron-Eagle" was heroic fantasy movie. "Top Gun" was somewhat realistic.
  16. I want to see a fictional movie about the making of a UHF Sequel. Staring Weird Al as himself and Daniel Radcliffe as Daniel Radcliffe the actor who has been hired to play him in the UHF Sequel.
  17. It looks "cheap." Like the Inquisitors look like cosplayers. Characters designed for cartoons first don't always translate well in real life. You don't want to show them in scenes where there's too much light. The cinematographer either didn't have enough time or the budget. It looks like it was meant for TV. I guess that's because it was. I see this trailer and think if only they invested more money.
  18. Unboxed it last night. Her face doesn't look that bad to me. The pink color isn't noticeable in my dark display cabinet. Place it under a light bulb and yep hot pink.
  19. Mine is being delivered today and I'm currently out.
  20. Payment request from Ami Ami. Total with DHL is about $176.
  21. I agree with everything in this article. The show is garbage. Fun to watch only because it so bad. That dark present that they are trying to reverse isn't that much different from the dark present they presented in the 1st season. Edgy stories can be interesting but Star Trek is an optimistic dream of the future. This show isn't that. https://www.thegamer.com/star-trek-picard-is-garbage/amp/
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