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  1. Featured alien characters wouldn't work with Andor's tone. Star Wars has problems when it comes to alien characters. Most of them either speak a language nobody understands, or they give them an accent of some racial stereotype. Then then will use them as comic relief.
  2. In Andor these crack assault troopers should have been cleaning house. I've only watched it once. Maybe half of them were taken out early and were spending most of the time protecting the Officers? One the first Death Star Stormtrooper were under orders to let the escape so they could be tracked to the Rebel base. I've got no defense against the Ewoks. By that time Star Wars was a juggernaut beloved by little kids. We just have to have Care Bears winning the day. Now there maybe one good explanation. The Empire's lack the resources. Storm Troopers above all else were created first to be absolutely loyal to the emperor. When the first Death Star was destroyed so were all the Empire's most promising leaders and soldiers. Among them were countless Stormtroopers. Those controlling the Death Star could have easily taken over the Empire. Unless the emperor filled it with enough loyal Stormtroopers to ensure nobody decided to betray him. By ESB you've got idiots like Admiral Ozzel in command and the legion of the emperor's best troops aren't really the best. Those guys died at Yavin. These guys at Endor are just blood thirsty zealots, with basic training and fancy armor. The Empire lost the entire war at Yavin. If every planet decided to rebel it wouldn't be able to stop them. They were just too fearful of wraith of Palpatine to rebel in mass. In Andor I do like how the named good guys die when blasters start firing. In all other Star Wars when someone tries to do something heroic, they succeed. Here when somebody decides to leave cover to run across the battlefield to aide a fallen comrade without covering fire - They die.
  3. That was just an old timer making an incoherent comment. Fans of the latest offerings from a franchise will think it is good simply because they already fans. Production values and all the visuals have improved. There are more incredible action-packed scenes that will leave you speechless. Take all flash away and there's rest is pretty weak. For many fans of the new that big action scene makes up for any flaws. As fan who are emotionally invested, they'll often aggressively defended it. Going back to the originals you've got a really good foundation, but everything looks bad. That was a one of the greatest classic movies all time but, you could see all the wires and some of the jokes wouldn't be allowed today. Old timers say that current version "blank" isn't good because all it is using a recognizable name brand with whatever is currently popular at the time. Franchises like DC, Marvel and Star Wars (Macross too) overall aren't that good. We'll think they are because of a few memorable scenes. A couple of them will actually have good story supporting it. Most don't but they all look great. The movies/shows that rises above the rest of these franchise tends to be the ones that are allowed to depart from the formula and do not follow whatever is currently popular right now. Now I'm going to back to yelling at clouds.
  4. Here's a comment about old and new Macross. Old Macross was made by young guys inspired by anime that they were fanboys of. New Macross is made by corporate suits that sees anime as part of marketing tool for music sales and other products. Same deal with the original Star Wars and every franchise that has a sequel. First one is usually the best one because the creators just want to tell a story that is good fun. Twenty years later its all business. Sometimes there's a gem found among the corporate made sequels but most of it is just a commercial.
  5. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    The repaints will get released. Maybe we'll get one of the new sculpts in 2023 or 2024 before the line goes on hiatus.
  6. Early am hours just after dawn but before the beach is open. Public parks near me are usually closed between dusk and dawn. They aren't closed off. You can enter them. Odds that a park services employee is going to find you is rare. If they do you'll just be told to leave. If the Empire in Andor catches you it's prison. The people at the resort know to follow the rules or else. The Imperials know that ruling by fear means there's no need for 24 hour beach surveillance.
  7. Next episode (last of the season?) seems to be drawing everyone to the same location. I hope that episode ends with Syril arriving comically late when everyone else has left.
  8. In the movies the rebels vs the empire is clear battle of good vs evil. It is a world of fantasy. In our actual reality even our so called good governments engage in questionable activities and have policies that are unjust. Andor presents a more realistic view of things. An Empire that isn't (at first) in your face evil. It is like many of our own totalitarian regimes accepted by their populace even when they all know their regimes are silently suppressing others. Rebels like Luthen and Saw aren't noble saints. Their actions is pretty much terrorism. Even if it is for a just cause. Empire and Rebels are all just shades of gray. The steps they take against eachother causes them to move up and down the shades. Luthen's heist causes the Empire to suppress even more people. Moving them to a darker shade. Mon Mothma represents the lightest gray that the Rebels will become by the time of Rogue One. In that movie Saw and the Rebels are at odds because he's still runs his group like a terrorist. While the Rebels act like the "good guys" even though Rebel intelligence is still giving assassination missions to agents like Andor. Luke's arrival creates a world of absolute good vs evil or Rebellion has gotten even better at hiding the shady things they do. Unlike the Empire who doesn't bother hiding it anymore. I like to think Andor as an alternative universe. I have a hard time accepting it is actually part of the same family friend fantasy universe of everything else.
  9. The events that happened in the prison during this episode had more of an impact because they gave us a couple mundane episodes of Andor learning the routine and working alongside his fellow inmates. In regular paced show Andor would instantly befriend the first prison he meets and start a prison escape 10 minutes later. Maybe the build-up to action in Andor is more than a little slow but so many shows have barely any build-up at all. This is a welcomed change.
  10. My review of the latest episode from just one scene. Maybe spoiler? Brought to you by the lyrics of White Snake: Is this love that I'm feeling? Is this the love that I've been searching for? Is this love or am I dreaming? This must be love Cause it's really got a hold on me A hold on me
  11. Season finale was kind of dumb. Bad guys were revealed. Leading to the start of a big dumb superhero fight. That's when the show broke the 4th wall again and told the audience that this show shouldn't end like this. I thought we were going to get a rewind and we'd get a redo of the last 20 minutes. Nope it just does a yada, yada, yada and jumps to bad guys get arrested and good guys celebrating.
  12. It was good. Predictable and slow like all the episodes. It's just refreshing to see them tell a Star Wars story for adults. Movies have to be big, mindless, action filled, nostalgia affairs to appeal to the widest audience. TV/Streaming is made for stuff like this. This is treatment they should have gave Obi-Wan.
  13. I think this trailer gives away every possible surprise you could see in the movie. Look this character is in it too and here's their cool costume. Only thing that could be kept secret is who the real enemy is. Trailer suggests it a conflict between Wakanda and Namor but you there's bound to be someone else pulling the strings.
  14. They could have trimmed the first 3 episodes to 2 but overall I'm enjoying the pace and world building. This is a more mature psychological thriller over an exciting adventure. I hope they bring back the private security goons.
  15. Deputy inspector Karn is going to take the same path as the villain in Bridal Mask. That's a K-drama from several years ago. In it the well meaning but over his head villain slowly becomes a vicious and ruthless psychopath.
  16. You know you don't have to share every little TV spot and every single pic for this or any other series. Anything news worthy will be in the main trailers. These spots are often just re-edited footage that's already been shown.
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