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  1. All evidence I could find indicates a height of 2.4m for ED-209, which certainly seems consistent with his onscreen depiction...
  2. Sure looks like it to me. Walking around without his helmet on (and taking it off whenever he wants to chat), failing to keep even his bedroom safe, and expecting his beloved Tuskens to stand up to technologically superior foes...? They wore ridiculously clean and fancy clothes, rode ridiculously clean and shiny bikes, and sported ridiculously clean and shiny cybernetics... like a bunch of rich kids from Canto Bight got lost on their way to Coruscant.
  3. It's actually supposed to be four: Or three fingers and a thumb, if you prefer. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: When in doubt, go to the source. The line-art is the basis for all the depictions that followed, and all those inconsistencies in the animation are a result of Ammonite's inadequate reference material. The anime isn't as inconsistent as first appears, however... Early appearances were usually depicted with three fingers, as the previous Bioroids had been. Later episodes featured four fingers instead... ...and it was only in the final episode that they were consistently drawn with five fingers. And, given that the same episode also depicted Zor's Bioroid with five fingers... ...I'd consider it questionable reference at best. I say split the difference, stick with the line art, and make it three fingers and a thumb.
  4. U.C. or GTFO! The Feddies may have been slow out of the gate, but they've definitely got the best Mobile Suits! Just not the best pilots. Unfortunately, I only build 1:100 scale or larger, and Master Grade GM kits are mostly P-Bandai exclusives. Damned expensive to acquire on the secondary market. Worse still is the dearth of Guncannon variants; neither the RCX-76 Guncannon (Origin), the RX-77D Mass Production Guncannon (0080), nor the GM Cannon II (0083) have ever been produced as MG kits.
  5. While I disagree with your assessment of the first episode, I certainly enjoyed the second more... ...if only because I already have some of the action figures. Anyone familiar with Tosche Station will appreciate the deep cut, I'm sure.
  6. You can say that again! With all the accessories and options for customization and display, I'd have bought twice as many if they were half the price.
  7. I was already working full-time (and online whenever I wasn't), and I can tell you the dumb kids were the only ones reacting positively to The Phantom Menace. Jar Jar Binks. That is the general consensus nowadays, yes. If anything, Resurrections hasn't disappointed fans nearly as much as Phantom Menace did... probably because Reloaded and Revolutions had already lowered expectations. The trailers and posters didn't do much to help, either. By comparison, Phantom Menace had a much larger and more effective marketing strategy, back when pandering to fan nostalgia was a relatively new phenomenon. The film was a huge hit -- just as Reloaded was -- but most fans were equally dismayed. Personally, though, I thought The Matrix was a derivative, nonsensical mess, and I much prefer the complexity and sophisticated worldbuilding of the sequels. I also prefer The Phantom Menace to any Star Wars film released since (with the exception of Rogue One, of course), so I'm often out of sync with the fandom writ large.
  8. At least we have the model sheets to work from, rather than just poor animation reference... 😬
  9. Correct. As to Resurrections, the parallels with Star Wars continue as we judge reactions from the fandom. The first film was universally acclaimed, and -- while audiences were initially unsure of how to respond to the sequels -- the original trilogy is golden in comparison to the mess than the fourth film turned out to be, 22 years later. If this trend continues, Disney will have acquired the rights and produced a new (and even more reviled) Matrix trilogy by 2040...
  10. Well, that explains why Slug's slug got shafted so hard. Talk about phoning it in!
  11. Those elbows! I assume more rubber parts will be required for that bicep armour.
  12. The big reveal of Grogu at the end of the premiere episode was one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood history. In the first episode, we are kept deliberately in the dark, learning only what we need to know about Mando... and hell, we don't even learn Grogu's name until well into the second season! Hindsight is great and all -- especially when it rewards repeat viewings -- and there's certainly a redemption arc that plays into Din Djarin's character, but I'm more curious about what's to come in the third season. How are Grogu and Mando to be reunited? Will Ahsoka play a more prominent role in the upcoming storyline? Will a subsequent appearance by Luke Skywalker look better than the digital zombie from the last episode?
  13. Given that Macross and Yamato are both epic space opera, I heartily recommend Legend of Galactic Heroes. I don't know if it's available on Crunchyroll or not, but it's the best story (which is to say, the most intelligent) you'll find in anime, if not all of science-fiction.
  14. Certainly! XTB has been around for ages, and while their output is nowhere near as consistent in quality as FansToys, MMC or Maketoys, they've produced some excellent, even definitive 3P Transformers: I feel no brand loyalty to any specific manufacturer, so I buy from all sorts of third-parties. I look at online pics and reviews and choose whatever toy most represents the character as I envision them, regardless of price. All the above XTB figures were chosen because of their cartoon-accuracy, scale consistency, and compatibility with the rest of the characters in my Masterpiece displays, so each represents what I consider to be the best option available.
  15. I'm not even sure what "ultimate" means in this context. Final? Definitive? Quintessential? Clearly, NECA thinks it means "packaged in a box, not on a blister." But hey, kudos to them for continuing to milk every licensed property, mold, and tooling they have to absurdity!
  16. What!? You didn't want the "Ultimate Back to School" Gremlin, based on some obscure print advertising from back in the day? And you call yourself an action figure collector?
  17. See, this is why we're so lucky to have Captain America on our side. The proportions on this thing remind me of an Inorganic...
  18. Oh man, I've been after one of these for years! It photographs beautifully.
  19. We've seen your Bioroid, @Boobytrap. Show us more pictures of that custom display base! Absolutely. With digital photography, more light means sharper focus, and there's no substitute for the sun! There's no substitute for a real sky, either.
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