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  1. Well, I saw no reference to any characters from Picard, but... who's complaining? πŸ˜‰
  2. I know, those are just promotional pics that have undoubtedly been Photoshopped up the wazoo, but it's still damned impressive model work.
  3. Nah, everything points to an awkwardly incompatible 1:67 or so... πŸ€•
  4. Seeing as the Phalanx and the Defender share the same lower half as the Tomahawk, much of the work is already done: As I'm sure you've already noticed, the only details unique to each have been molded as separate parts... Clearly, our reliable Cap'n has been thinking ahead. If another Destroid were to be produced by Moscato, my money would be on a Phalanx. It was ignored by Yamato, Arcadia AND Bandai, meaning there's likely to be greater demand for it than a Defender (whether at 1:48 or 1:60). πŸ€”
  5. The ultimate Back to the Future collectible has been delivered.
  6. Is to too harsh to call The Last Jedi a big-budget fan-fiction vanity project? Or any of the sequel trilogy, for that matter? Between Rian Johnson, JJ Abrams, and Kathleen Kennedy, almost every Disney Star Wars production could be painted with the same brush... πŸ€”
  7. It's a shame we never got an exposed-helmet Vader figure from Rebels... so I suppose the live-action rip-off will have to suffice. πŸ˜’
  8. Spock's Vulcan heritage did not prepare him to understand humour, and his attempts at comedy are shockingly unfunny as a result. Logic dictates the writers of Very Short Treks must also be Vulcans. 🀨
  9. The fans have spoken... and Hasbro is listening. 😲
  10. I'd been expecting M.A.S.K. vehicles with proper robot modes ever since Hasbro acquired Kenner back in the day... I'm still not sure why that hasn't come to pass. πŸ€”
  11. That reminds me of the "Missing Link" Optimus Prime toy: Adding articulation does nothing to improve the awkward proportions of the original toy, nor does it make it any more accurate to the animation model. It's not the "desecration of a classic toy" some bemoan it to be, but it's hardly a significant improvement, either... 😐
  12. Well, not so much now. πŸ˜… I feel sorry for whoever paid $2000 for a 3D-printed prototype that anyone can make an exact duplicate of now. 😳
  13. Dyson MAX made this a couple of years ago using Blender. It's a fully 3D model that's perfectly anime-accurate... Dyson MAX.mp4 ...but I'm not sure it transforms. πŸ€”
  14. I hate to burst your bubble, but that figure's a prototype that will never see the light of day. Instead, we're getting this: BBTS just never bothered to update their listing. 😐
  15. I decided not to make any structural changes, 'cause once you start modifying the bikes, you end up going down a rabbit hole... and eventually, you might as well just scratchbuild something more accurate (and easier to paint)! Nonetheless, those headlights are such an iconic element that it wouldn't be the Bartley without them... and while Sentinel's redesign still incorporated them at 1:12th, they were notably absent from the 1:48 scale bike. So I broke my own rule and added kitbashed headlights. πŸ˜… They're nobody's favorite Mospeada toys, but at least they can stand unassisted without hunching over. Even my beloved Beagles can't manage that. 😐 Not really. Knight26's clearly not rich, or he'd have a proper 3D printer. 😝
  16. The CM's are superior in every way to B2Five's offerings (except durability, of course). πŸ€• Despite what @jenius says, however, the MegaHouse ride armors are also superior in certain respects: Excellent reviews and pictures (as always), but I don't see how he can claim B2Five made a more accurate (or attractive) ride-armor than MegaHouse did. 🀨
  17. Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen. While painting Sentinel's tiny Borough Superior, I also painted EXO's 3D-printed ride armour figures to match: Which is considerably more time-consuming, in fact, considering all the tiny support marks that need to be sanded off the backs of each figure... ...and the necessity of scratchbuilding replacement parts for damaged components (like those tiny fins around the verniers). Of course you'd mess it up! Anything requiring the use of paint brushes is an exercise in damage control, and the smaller the figure, the more mistakes you make. The secret to a decent paint job at this scale is perseverance. You'll have to paint the same areas four or five times, each pass correcting mistakes you made on a previous pass. You've just got to keep at it until it finally looks good. That's why it takes so damn long. πŸ€•
  18. Hang on... His auction listing shows the Massimo Tonielli prototype, which is clearly NOT the toy he posted about earlier: Anyone bidding on the auction should be aware that there's a second (arguably superior) prototype he's ALSO likely to sell. Certainly. If we assume a height of 6.2 meters in battloid (awkwardly undersized, but official stats frequently are), a 1:48 toy would stand 13cm tall. That's about a head shorter than an HMR Valkyrie. 🀨
  19. "Finally," he said, five months ago... πŸ˜… Well, SS-101 was just released in Japan last Saturday, so now I can join the party. The film's already available online (following its lackluster theatrical performance), so we now know exactly how poorly Scourge matches his onscreen counterpart... at least, in robot mode. Still, there are minor ways to improve him: Forcing the shoulders up as far as they can go prevents them from sticking out so far, and ruining the silhouette... Similarly, folding the sides of the cab outward reduces that massive block of kibble that forms his backpack. Most importantly, that ridiculously long neck has to go. I cut the top and bottom ball sockets off the neck piece, and just glued them together to make a much shorter neck. I also trimmed the rubber cowl around it to fit. Finally, some drybrushed silver detailing brought out the various faction symbols visible behind his grill, and a little red paint in his eye sockets results in a much more menacing appearance. ☺️
  20. Anyone familiar with sound design will recognize most "classic mecha SFX" as repurposed sound effects from Hollywood sci-fi movies. Hundreds of anime titles feature sounds taken from Star Wars and Aliens, for example.
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