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  1. Well, the lower-right caption still identifies Seifried as the pilot, but otherwise it's just the usual copyrights. The original "SOL" packaging had a sentence under Seifried's picture that said "this kit does not include a pilot figure." Kinda miss that.
  2. Feel free to copy-paste this instead, if you like:
  3. Cap's got real Photoshop skills, too! You know that katakana in red says "Seifried Weiss," right?
  4. Oh, I have figures at that scale... Bandai, naturally. In order to paint them, I'll be borrowing an electron microscope from the university science laboratory.
  5. Awesome. I especially like the detailing behind those secondary engine bells. Well, they weren't deployed that way... and it wouldn't make a lot of sense, would it?
  6. Yes, but is it Arcadia's prototype? T-Rex's mock-up? A fan-made resin kit? That tweet is nothing but goddamn hashtags. #twittersucksbigtime
  7. tekering


    Thanks for sharing, but I think discussions of this nature belong here instead. 🔒
  8. Hollywood has had remarkable success adapting comic book properties into live-action films over the last couple decades, but anime adaptations are always terrible... ...save Alita: Battle Angel, the exception that proves the rule.
  9. What If... I took out a second mortgage on my house, in order to afford Captain Carter figure with Steve Rodgers and "Hydra Stomper?"
  10. Interesting example! That bizarre move not only completely failed to incapacitate his opponent... ...but it left him in a vulnerable position on the floor, leading directly to a nasty stab wound in the back. 😬 Looks like a very silly book to me. 😄
  11. Your enthusiastic responses are much appreciated, everyone! 🥰 Here are a few shots that didn't make it into the video: Well, it's taken me three months to get this far, and I can't devote nearly as much free time over the next three months... and as much as I'd like to incorporate all three, they never appeared together onscreen anyway. I'm not sure how I'd justify it. I'm sure Podtastic would like to see me go completely off-script, and throw in a bunch of Invid models I've yet to complete... 😅 Well, they don't scale at all, of course... ...but you already knew that. Moscato's Macross kits are all 1:72 scale.
  12. It was the Star Wars of its generation, groundbreaking for its technical achievements, highly influential in its production design, and widely praised for its originality among those unaware of what had "inspired" it. Incidentally, Episode I was released in 1999, 22 years after the original Star Wars. The Matrix was released the same year... 22 years before The Matrix Resurrections.
  13. Oh, they definitely will. They competed mercilessly over MP-scale offerings, until the combiners were the only Sunbow characters that remained; they're competing mercilessly over Legends-scale offerings, until the combiners are the only Sunbow characters that remain; they'll have to focus next on figures that complement our WFC/SS86 collections, 'cause that's where the biggest demand is now. That's why I've held off on weaker Hasbro offerings like Siege Astrotrain, Earthrise Arcee or Kingdom Galvatron; better 3P offerings at that scale are imminent, I'm sure.
  14. We laughed, we cringed, we ridiculed. https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/44966-robotech-and-remix-by-titan-comics/page/26/
  15. And I have a weak spot for those Diaclone homage color schemes...
  16. I'm calling these done. It's consistently solid in the anime. I used a layer of PVA glue. It has a flat surface with some elasticity, but not enough to damage the paint. 👌 The mechanical approach I'd come up with for repositioning the biover blasters failed to provide the necessary clearance, and thus scratched up the paintwork. I scrapped that mechanism, and instead went with a much simpler solution.
  17. Fabulous work, as always, but I'm particularly impressed by this interior detailing.
  18. If only there was a dedicated source for 3.75" news that ignored the deluge of other merchandise... Thanks for the summary!
  19. Congratulations on launching your inaugural contest! 🥳 Just a few questions for clarification, Cap'n: Would a subject (or diorama) photographed against a real sky background be acceptable? Could said diorama include models (or toys) that weren't Moscato products? I imagine something like this is out of the question, then...? How about, say, a pose that required the support of a stand? Could the stand be edited out of the photograph(s)? How about extortion, kidnapping, or blackmail...? 😄
  20. I tend to approach these "desert island" questions practically. Only one movie? Shoah. It's not only considered "the greatest documentary about contemporary history ever made," it's also 9 and-a-half hours long. 😅
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