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  1. Just had an excellent transaction with Vifam7
  2. Yup, thanks to Hikaru's VF-1S too for the transaction.
  3. Thanks to ujangkid and Totoro242 for smooth transactions.
  4. I think with the latest firmware, you don't need to rename the files. I think the most important part with the video is that it has to be in a specific resolution. Video 9 can do it automatically.
  5. Likewise for Miriya. Good communication and fast payment. Thanks!
  6. I've had that problem too. I have my bookmark as http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/_main_menu.htm and I go to the forum by clicking on the forum button.
  7. In the past, I've had problems staying logged in after every few days where I have to put the password again eventhough I've checked the "rememebr me" during log in. However, in the past few days, I have to log in for several times a day. I wonder if anyone else has this problem as well. To answer the questions: I've never been logged out in the middle of the session. I usually browse for several minutes in 1 session I'm not sure if I log in with 2 computers at the same time, although I do have 2 computers, one with XP, and the other with Vista Business. Both have this problem. I usually clear my cookies every week. I think everytime I've cleared it, I'll have to relog in. I use CCleaner to clear my cookies. I have IE set to clear temporary internet files everytime I close the browser. Could this be the problem? I use IE7 I use Charter for my ISP at home, and the school's network. The computer running XP is always connected through Charter, whereas the laptop running Vista switches between Charter or the school's network. Thanks
  8. Yes, I'm refering to the mid-wing hinge. The bars don't help much in my case. Oh, and the knee swivel is kinda loose, but not so much that they move around at the slightest tilt.
  9. I have the identical wing hinge problem as well, but I fixed it using the flip and trim method. The wings are a bit loose, and I put some super glue on them to tighten them. I don't think I notice any stress mark or cracks yet. However, There's one pylon on the wing where I can't attach the dark gray missile/fuel tank. It's hard to attach and there's no 'click' when it's attached. A little flick on it would make it fall off the pylon. I tried to trim the pylon, but so far it only help a little
  10. Just received the HLJ's shipping notification
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