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  1. thief, takes money from people and doesnt send the product out or email to let buyer know whats going on

    wont trust him again thats fir sure

  2. yes it will be, probably a book and the confirmed "wings of light" parts to hook on the wings, it may also have a spacial stand for it. chris
  3. wow these are new??? GFF Full Armor Gundam - November, 4,725 yen GFF Perfect Gundam - November, 4,725 yen these are the first two figures released for trh GFF sereis are they releasing upgraded versions using the RX-78 Version Ka Fix body? or are they simply renewing the older armor are reconfiguring it for the Ver ka body? i would not mind seeing new ones the first two figures were the weakest in the set
  4. now does anyone have a picture of classic starscream along side a gundam fix or MSIA or something? i have never seen the classic before so i am not sure of the size. but thanks for all of your help guys chris
  5. does anyone have any pics of the MP3 player soundwave? i believe it is out i think it looks pretty cool and would look great along side the THS-02 Prime, but i wanted to see the scale first as it does look around the same size. chris
  6. anyone here have the orguss palm action i want to get it but i am alittle hesitate, any reveiw or personal pics from your collection would be nice, the pics on the sites just do not do it for me because they have been glammed up, if anyone has a picture maybe near some other toys like a Gundam MG, Fix or macross toy that would be nice so i can see the real size of it thanks chris
  7. yup dracula x and ghost n goblins are awesome i cannot wait to play these on my tv. i just bought a 50 inch lcd so it is going to rock chris
  8. i saw this pic on hobbyfanatics, i noticed the white parts on the front of the turn A chests, it seems that way in a few pics and blue in others , i wonder if this is a unfinished kit or they decided to change the color or maybe a optional part
  9. zeo-mare

    Macross PS2

    i am thinking about picking this up is it a 3-d arcade style action shooter or a full blown flight sim style game chris
  10. i to would like to see the pictures. chris
  11. it would seeem the next zeonography have been confirmed as the high mobilty Zaku http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN949998
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