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  1. Just suddenly remembered that this was coming, bank account ready for a savaging.
  2. Is the vf-11 still available at all?
  3. Phew, thanks for that, I was afraid I'd missed it. Already threw down an order at HLJ just to be on the safe side as well, will have to make sure I cancel that one now.
  4. Cheers fellas. I'm in for less then two hundred quid pre shipping. Should I get it EMS or FedEx from NY?
  5. The price isn't too bad, I've been wanting a yf-19 for years so £207 pre postage is doable. I just need to find somewhere to order from that won't mind marking it down a bit so poxy customs doesn't bum me into the next year.
  6. I haven't posted here in some time but when I saw there was a new YF-19 in the works I had to come back to the font of all Macross knowledge! Very excited for this, I've never been a big enough Macross fan to buy them all but Macross Plus has always stuck in my memories from my early days of watching anime and this design in particular has always been conspicuous in it's absence from my mecha collection. I was out of work when the last version was released but this time I'll be waiting. I only pray that I can accept the price!
  7. Yamato seem to be getting more ambitious, I look forward to seeing the end result.
  8. Very cool, was hoping for a more affordable mass produced toy version.
  9. I spy my first Hi-Metal. The monster seems to be a material's breakdown shot, i.e. highlighting what's metal and what's plastic.
  10. They're going to be tamashi exclusives, aren't they...
  11. Really, really digging this now, those extra little features just make it all the cooler. I was just made redundant though, I shouldn't really be buying toys but I am getting a good few grand in redundancy payouts. It's £100 on ami ami for the standard version and I want it, I really do at this point but I'm going to have to think about it. It's Bandai so it's not going to dissapear after a month and never be seen again. I think it'll depend on how much it costs to ship it too, lots of diecast doesn't sound so great in that respect!
  12. What a load of tat (excluding the base), if I get one it'll be the regular version.
  13. For a 4k price difference the special verison had better be very special indeed.
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