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  1. To BEN SO (AKA FORTRESS MAXIMUS) and all the other HATERS: Its so funny how quickly people hear one side of the story and blindly jump to conclusions, even when many facts are obviously not so black and white as they really want it to be. That’s the internet for you. People can allow their darker side to come out. And why not? It’s easy to do behind your screen and be halfway across the world. Better yet, you can hide behind a silly screen name and be completely anonymous. It is with great reluctance that I write this. Why be reluctant? Cause, to be honest, no one wants to hear the other side of the story. And I do not have to defend myself to anyone. Not even to BEN SO (AKA FORTRESS MAXIMUS). I would like to point out very important facts BEN SO (AKA FORTRESS MAXIMUS) left out. Of course he left them out. Had he left them in, people would not relate to his sad tale of absurdity. FACT: Pay Pal froze Ben So’s transaction initially as a routine “check.†Let’s be clear on this. Once Money Bully, I mean, Pay Pal freezes your account, good luck. None of the people answering phones even know how to tie their own shoes, much less honestly answer questions for you. In fact, Pay Pal’s policies and bully tactics are so random, less than 1 percent of their own employees know what is going on. You call Pay Pal 10 times with a question of policy, and you will get 10 different answers. What does this mean? It means Pay Pal has a terrible way of conduction business. Their “guilty until proven innocent†attitude is this: randomly pick out a transaction (s) for a customer. Freeze monies (or entire accounts) until customer can provide Pay Pal with a list of typically annoying compliances. Ben So’s money I sent to him was an example of this. Initially it was frozen as a routine check by Pay Pal. Ultimately, Pay Pal asked Ben So to fax over PROOF OF SHIPPING documentation for out transaction. He was unable to do so (because he did not comply with Pay Pal’s hidden mandatory demands. These policies are usually stupid, and hidden in a mound of legal BS that no one reads). Because he did not fax over this documentation, he was told that the funds were going to be held until he was able to provide them to Pay Pal. FACT: Ben So would call me. Often. I was kind enough to provide him with my contact information. Something I still openly provide to everyone. He told me the funds were being held. (Originally, when he called me, he did not do his research to find out WHY they were being held, only that they were. I had to contact Pay Pal for him, which I did to be nice. I spend dozens of hours out of my own time to do this for Ben. Another fact he probably left out). FACT: After a while with dealing with Pay Pal (I would call them just as much if not more than he did), Ben So said it wasn’t fair. I agreed. I had been harassed myself in the past with Pay Pal. He demanded that I send him ANOTHER PAYMENT and he would release the funds to me when they became available in 6 months. Let me reiterate. Ben wanted me to pay for this item twice. In his eyes, it was the only way “to be fair.†The money was in his account. I could not touch it, and neither could he. But it was IN HIS ACCOUNT. It would be available to him once BEN SO PROVIDED PAY PAL WITH THE TRACKING NUMBERS THEY DEMMANDED, or in six month, which ever came first. Which, obviously, Ben So could NOT provide the information Pay Pal wanted. So it had become my fault, and not his. Come on, Ben So. Whatever. FACT: Ben So’s reign of threats and demands continued to come in. I do mean threats. No matter what I told him, he never wanted to hear it. Ben So was told, numerous times, that I was not going to pay TWICE for an item. Again, the money was in his account. FACT: I sent Ben So numerous emails. He would only read the ones with information he would want to hear. Otherwise, he NEVER GOT THEM AT ALL. So, there is no way to communicate with Ben So. NONE. I eventually stopped. I got tired of repeating myself to a deaf crybaby who was too spoiled to realize that you don’t always get your way in life. Especially when you demand that someone pays you twice for an item. FACT: I am a small business owner. And when I say that, I don’t mean someone who lives out of my parent’s house selling illegal VCD’s through a PO box front. And being legit, Ben So had also been informed from the beginning that I am barely scraping by. And as such, PAYING TWICE for an item is stupid, and NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. FACT: I had told Ben So from the get go that I gave up on Pay Pal. I told him that they had harassed several other customers of mine at that time, and he jumped the gun and pointed fingers at me. When, reality is, it was BEN SO’s lack of following Pay Pal’s protocol that got his money frozen. Ironic. But Ben’s not following Pay Pal’s rules is not his fault. As I said myself, they had really slammed by business, in fact, stopped my business ENTIRELY by time this had all gone down. I had sent Pay Pal over 190 pages of faxed documents to revive my account, and they are still giving me gruff to this day (3.5 to 4 months later). That’s another story I won’t tell. Moral is, Ben So knew from the beginning that my Pay Pal account was frozen until, by the soonest, the end of OCTOBER. In other words, I could not touch my own money. Pay Pal had not only destroyed any means I had at that point of making money, but had denied me access to ANY OF MY OWN MONEY for up to 1 year. Ben So knew this. I told him, literally, 40 times or more. Which means, once my money is available to me (in October), if Ben still wants his money, it will still be his. But because of his immature and childish behavior, there will now be some stipulations attached. Those stipulations can be found at the bottom of this letter. FACT: Nothing has changed since you originally started making your feeble threats against me Ben So. I have told you hundreds of times that I do not have the liquid assets to simply cut you a check to pay you AGAIN for an item I already paid for. Just because your parents never taught you manners or how to listen, is not my fault. Again, nothing has changed. Just because you refund me the money some 3 and a half months later does not mean I am just going to cut you a check. I have told you this many times. You NEVER wanted to hear. Life does not abide by your rules Ben So. FACT: I had told Ben So that I am busy and will not be able to attend Macross World for some time. He has tried to use this against me knowing this. Its easy to throw punches when you think the other person isn’t looking. FACT: My reputation was and still is flawless. Take a look at the Macross World forums. THE SSL, I am all over it. Until Ben So, I had NEVER had any negative remarks made against me. Ever. As far as Ben So goes, let’s take a look at him. Look as his eBay feedback. His eBay name is viviere. 181 feedback with 97 percent positive, and that is not counting the feedback Ben So had reversed (there were several other negative feedback marks left against him that “do not count†cause he had paid ebay to have them taken off his account). That gives him a total of 201 feedback. Look at mine: bigtoyelectronics_snap which has about 500 feedback, 100 percent positive. Over 661 total. Uh, yea. I have a lot more, what do you call it, honesty? Clout? Integrity? I have over 3 times the feedback, but zero NEGATIVE. Do the math. If viviere were to reach 655 feedback, on Ben So’s current track, he’d have about a dozen unhappy customers-and that’s not including his reversed negative feedback. ALL MY CUSTOMERS ARE HAPPY. FACT: I am not hiding behind a silly screen name. BEN SO (AKA FORTRESS MAXIMUS) has cried to me on numerous occasions when I let his name slip during a post. Oh, no! People will know who you really are? You can’t hide anymore? That’s terrible BEN SO. Really sad. Buy some tissues. Notice that I am using my real name? Not only that, but affiliating my own personal business, the very lifeblood that keeps food on my table with it? I am not, and have never been hiding. To think otherwise is just absurd. FACT: Ben So caused his own money to be frozen by Pay Pal. In addition, had he not been a baby, his money would have been available by the end of August. Now, if he abides by the guidelines below, he won’t be getting a penny until October. FACT: I am done here. I will not return to Macross World, ever again. I use to like Ben So. But, I am done with him, just like I am done with this place. Ben, I do not bow to threats. In fact, do you know what defamation of character is? Look it up. Here is how Ben So will get his money. Strike any and all negative comments about me off this and other forums you hide in. I want a written letter of apology not only from you, but from anyone else who has read and contributed to this yellow journalistic propaganda. It must be dated and signed. In that letter Ben So, you are to beg me for forgiveness. That’s right. Beg me. Pending you do this, I will cut you a MO once Pay Pal sends me a check for my money in October. (MO is short for money order for those who need things spelled out for them). Pending this request is not done, you aren’t getting a dime from me, and you NEVER EVER WILL. That’s right. Defamation of Character. That said, I am utterly disgusted at the response this propaganda has gotten. I am ashamed of Ben So and his juvenile behavior regarding this entire ordeal. I have bent over backwards for him, on numerous occasions. It was his breaking of Pay Pal’s rules that started this entire mess, not mine. Although I was honest enough to tell him of my Pay Pal woes, he was juvenile enough to try to use that against me. He leaves out facts, only gets the emails he wants to get, and loves to make demands and threats. Ben, like I said, it sucks Pay Pal (aka MONEY BULLY) came between us. I did like you. But I am not the enemy. Just because Pay Pal never listens to any of their customers does not give you a green light to try and sucker punch the only person who did care. I am out of here. No need to respond to me, cause I am never coming back here. Have fun discussing this amongst yourselves.
  2. I would like to nominate kanata67 for a propitious transaction. He's always on the ball, easy going, and just fun to talk to. Thanks for helping make Macross World my home away from home. Hold the fort for me while I am on my hiatus from Macross World. I shall return in a few weeks. Thanks again kanata67!
  3. To start this off, I wanted to display my VF-19a (game edition). I love that blue color. And it is a major improvement over the previous versions of the Yamato 19. Such as, no more metal on metal hinges (chipped paint), stronger hips (which plaged the first and second edition), stronger and better joints in the arms, and knees. Just look at it. Damn. Why hasn't yamato come out with a FP version? I bet they will. This is going to be a HUGE year for Yamato. Probably the biggest release year of Macross they ever had. Almost every variation of the 1/48 is or will be reissued, the 0 release, and the LV2 and Stealth valks...and that's just what we know about!!! Anyway, I'd love to see what you guys have to display.
  4. I will check a few places around town for you.
  5. My paypal account only I hope! I better check the linked account, HOLY SHI! 387210[/snapback] If they pull money out of your checking account, you can report it as a fraud with your bank. There will be an investigation, but the bank will decide in your favor. The thing that suchs is, the bank will freeze those funds during the investigation. If they pull money off a linked credit card, do the same thing. Report the transaction as a fraud. I have more to message! Back soon! More to write later. Fortress Maximus and I are going a few rounds against Pay Pal. Update in a few hours when I get back from work. -Bryan Davis
  6. I own three of these. The first one did this to me, too. I didn't take a chance with the other 2! I took them apart, added the missiles, and put it back together. Superglue didn't hold with mine. I had to use a Compound Proxy. Worked like a charm. I think its stronger now than when I first got it. SometimeS, Yamato, don't be afraid to use something called METAL. Although this didn't happen to me (thank God), my buddy's back pack broke when applying the Strike parts. If you look at that tiny plastic piece that attaches the back to the valk, it's an accident begging to happen. Another instance when metal should have been used. Ah, well. I love my 1/48's. In all honesty, if you are careful, they should be okay. They are one million times better than the floppy legged, poorly painted, crappy detail, poorly articulated, cheap part, no QC, Piece of Crap Toynami Masterpiece. My god, those are the one of the poorest toys ever made. The Alpha fighters were a better, but a far cry from a Masterpiece. And I have turned into a negative ball of energy. I am leaving now.
  7. Now THAT is what I am talking about. Although, transforming a small child could be fun. An updated SDF-1 would be a very popular toy. I have one of the US released MATCHBOX large scale ones...and although, you cannot deny it is an amazing toy, it lacks the detail of Yamato Macross. Not only that, but how amazing would a DYRL version be? (Although, I am a bit partial to the TV version. But, the DYRL is sweet, and it's never been done). Not that we can afford any new Yamato releases. Sheesh!
  8. And thanks to you I will now have my Max! Thanks FM! 386586[/snapback] Fortress is the shiznet.
  9. Back when this toy was 1/100 scale with removeable parts to "transform", I had serious doubts. But FORTRESS_MAXIMUS is dead on. Each pic of this new release keeps getting better and better. This is going to be one serious toy. I cannot wait for the D version to be released. I'm gonna need some new Macross toys to pick on the MPC Starscream.
  10. Me too! Still a great topic. EXO has a great idea for customizing the cockpit figures. But, it shouldn't be too much longer before we see a series 4. I just want a Gloval. And Klog. Actually, I know I will dig them all. I have all 3 sets, including the chase figures, and they are sweet! I do agree, however, that it is a bit annoying that the figures that rock the most are the chase. Guess there is a marketing purpose to that.
  11. Let me see if I can keep this post alive... I know one of you out there have a lead...
  12. I have the entire set. Was planning on keeping them. Do you have anything to trade? PM me and let me know.
  13. They do have them in stock. If you cannot find them here, it is an alternative. Plus you get a free "CELL" of Jack Archer.
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