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  1. To start this off, I wanted to display my VF-19a (game edition). I love that blue color. And it is a major improvement over the previous versions of the Yamato 19. Such as, no more metal on metal hinges (chipped paint), stronger hips (which plaged the first and second edition), stronger and better joints in the arms, and knees. Just look at it. Damn. Why hasn't yamato come out with a FP version? I bet they will. This is going to be a HUGE year for Yamato. Probably the biggest release year of Macross they ever had. Almost every variation of the 1/48 is or will be reissued, the 0 release, and the LV2 and Stealth valks...and that's just what we know about!!! Anyway, I'd love to see what you guys have to display.
  2. I own three of these. The first one did this to me, too. I didn't take a chance with the other 2! I took them apart, added the missiles, and put it back together. Superglue didn't hold with mine. I had to use a Compound Proxy. Worked like a charm. I think its stronger now than when I first got it. SometimeS, Yamato, don't be afraid to use something called METAL. Although this didn't happen to me (thank God), my buddy's back pack broke when applying the Strike parts. If you look at that tiny plastic piece that attaches the back to the valk, it's an accident begging to happen. Another instance when metal should have been used. Ah, well. I love my 1/48's. In all honesty, if you are careful, they should be okay. They are one million times better than the floppy legged, poorly painted, crappy detail, poorly articulated, cheap part, no QC, Piece of Crap Toynami Masterpiece. My god, those are the one of the poorest toys ever made. The Alpha fighters were a better, but a far cry from a Masterpiece. And I have turned into a negative ball of energy. I am leaving now.
  3. Now THAT is what I am talking about. Although, transforming a small child could be fun. An updated SDF-1 would be a very popular toy. I have one of the US released MATCHBOX large scale ones...and although, you cannot deny it is an amazing toy, it lacks the detail of Yamato Macross. Not only that, but how amazing would a DYRL version be? (Although, I am a bit partial to the TV version. But, the DYRL is sweet, and it's never been done). Not that we can afford any new Yamato releases. Sheesh!
  4. And thanks to you I will now have my Max! Thanks FM! 386586[/snapback] Fortress is the shiznet.
  5. Back when this toy was 1/100 scale with removeable parts to "transform", I had serious doubts. But FORTRESS_MAXIMUS is dead on. Each pic of this new release keeps getting better and better. This is going to be one serious toy. I cannot wait for the D version to be released. I'm gonna need some new Macross toys to pick on the MPC Starscream.
  6. Me too! Still a great topic. EXO has a great idea for customizing the cockpit figures. But, it shouldn't be too much longer before we see a series 4. I just want a Gloval. And Klog. Actually, I know I will dig them all. I have all 3 sets, including the chase figures, and they are sweet! I do agree, however, that it is a bit annoying that the figures that rock the most are the chase. Guess there is a marketing purpose to that.
  7. It looked familiar to me too. Sure is a cool video. Too bad you can't download it. Be right back. Let me get some tissues to dry my tears.
  8. Its a generic way to unite fans. I think its a fantastic idea. This website is the single greatest thing to happen to US macross fans. Seriously, growing up in Chicago, I thought I was all alone in the world. Here, I am at home. Seeing maps like the one set up here is fun, and is a reminder that there are other fans out there. Just my opinion. -Bryan Davis
  9. I am not trying to cause a commotion here, because I loved Macross II. However, I have been told this series is not considered part of the continuity of the Macross Universe. One of the guys I use to buy from told me MACROSS II IS A MOVIE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THE REAL MACROSS UNIVERSE WOULD GO TO SEE. THis always confused me. Can anyone clairify this? Again, I am a HUGE fan of the series, regardless. I especially love the VF-2ss. It is one mean looking Valkyrie. Just wanted to know if this fit into the timeline, and if so, does it contridict the Macross 7 story line? Thanks for the thoughts.
  10. Zero is great fun. I really loved the blend of CGI with 2D animation. In my opinion, it has the best opening sequence I'd ever seen. It just sucks you right in. And that dog fight was unlike anything I have ever seen before. Just amazing. It was also a blast to see Roy again. A younger one at that. It really added to his character. The anti-UN valks were amazing too. But the Zero itself, stole the show. Man, I don't know how Macross constantly comes up with solid designs, but they do... And the score was one of the best I've heard-almost as good as Plus. Yeah, Zero is alot of fun. Some of my peeps who don't "understand" my obsession with Macross got sucked into Zero. I am hoping they will be more receptive to the rest of Macross. Still looking for FLASHBACK. Anyone have any leads? Thanks in advance!
  11. *cough* Mospaeda. And South Cross, if that walking tank mode can be considered "gerwalk". Coincidentally, all three parts of Robotech. *runs* 383448[/snapback] But Macross did it first. Everything else is just imitation. 383507[/snapback] True. Macross will be a saga our kids kids will be watching. Best series I've seen to date.
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