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  1. Urmagurd! I'd never heard of this before! It's a real life galldang Logan!
  2. Not sure if it should go here, or in a modeling thread; but is it just me, or wouldn't the F4-U Corsair have made an absolutely kick a$$ pusher-prop design? I always envisioned a bubble canopy, like on the Super Corsair; and a vert stabilizer on the top of the engine cowling, with a smaller one on the bottom. But hey, it seems some kit-basher had similar ideas. The twin stabs on either wing makes more sense for a Naval aircraft though, allowing for a landing hook. Still, can't help but wonder how fast that thing might have been, flying "backwards."
  3. You know, I can deal with the concept of [some] feathery dinos--at least the smaller ones like raptors et al. I can get that they basically looked like murder-Turkeys. But the big guys like Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and good ol' T-Rex? well, I'm much more inclined to go with traditional thoughts/depictions of leathery/scaly skin. To me, they'll remain non-feathered until more definitive evidence proves otherwise. Although I will say that that sketch seems much more feasible to me as to their most-likely normal posture. The more outstretched depictions--like that of those toys--seems too unbalanced to me. The tail would need to be longer/thicker/heavier to counterbalance all of the weight of the skull, teeth, muscle and other murder hardware it has for it to remain stretched so straight and far ahead of the hips (CoG?). Makes 'em look like they've tripped and are about to faceplant or something. I remember reading somewhere that one prevailing theory is that the T-Rex is (probably) more closely related to chickens than they are to lizards. Which leads to all sorts of terrible thoughts, like: so what did they (probably) sound like? What if they clucked? Dear God in Heaven above! WHAT IF THEY CLUCKED?!?!
  4. Time to clear up some wall space for posters of an icon for a new generation, kiddies. It's the new Lamborghini Aventa---er, Countach! The Aventatach! 🀨 Apparently, only 112 will be built, and it seems that this "new" model has already sold-out. Some are accusing Lamborghini of a cynical cash-grab, as this is not a new car, but rather just a re-skin of an existing model now considered long-in-the-tooth [they didn't even change the window glass].
  5. Cool nerf gun. I suppose if you really wanted to go gonzo with your memorabilia, you could do like this guy... https://www.tk560.com/m41a.html
  6. RIP, Milton. You were a true hero.... Anybody wanna lay odds on how long it'll take for fans to start campaigning for Milton merchandise? Like maybe Milton action figures, showing up in obscure places like some posh little specialty gift shop in Dupont Circle. Hehe, there needs to be a Milton S.S. t-shirt.
  7. By far, the most disturbing, revolting thing about this whole damned movie had to be: The Weasel. Crikey, but every moment that f'er was on the screen was just cringe inducing. To quote Westley-The-Dread-Pirate-Roberts, "Dear God! What is that thing."
  8. I didn't pay it any mind before, but couldn't help but think it funny--more like ironic funny and not ha ha funny--that: for all that gratuitous violence, for all this movie's over-the-top gore and viscera, Gunn opted to not show the burning of the birds at Presidente General Luna's palace. Guess for all their bravado and edginess, there are some organizations that Hollywood still won't cross, eh? 'Ay, you better not do that, man. You better not fu*k wit' the SPCA, man. ed: come to think of it, nobody stood a chance o' fighting off or killing any of those rats, either...
  9. Just checked it out with my son, we got lots o' chuckles outta this one. Gets my vote as best of the DC movies. Bit of a shame though. This is one I'm sure I'd have rather been able to see in a theater; strikes me as a movie that's meant to be enjoyed an an experience together with an audience. It'll be good for re-watches, just to go hunting for Gunn's trademark easter eggs. I kept thinking: oh yeah; Gunn just Venture Brother'd the sh*t outta this one. 😜 I love how he didn't miss any opportunities to revel in the absolute absurdity of superhero-ing. I'm sure everyone couldn't wait for King Shark's trailer moment, when he scoops up that poor bugger and gulps him down. But it was the bit leading up to it that had us lol'ing and hitting the rewind button. Was like: dafuk, is this big ol' shark, on land, in the middle of the fuggin jungle, supposed to be sneaking up on somebody?!? I need that in a .gif. πŸ˜†
  10. Hmm. Think I see where this is going...
  11. Old skool on 'roids… Me likey. But I wanna see people start putting some G-Tech meters on-the-dash of some of these restomods though--see how much of a quantitative difference the modern addons make.
  12. Thank you, good sir, for keeping us so entertained.... All hail Ming!
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