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  1. Hi! I’ve done this set a while ago and made a few more to see if it sells again. I have 9 sets ready and could make more in a week or so. If you want one, let me know. I will accept only one per customer this time. I will ship locally to the States only. You can paypal me US$12 to: takatoys@speedy.com.pe These are stickers printed on thin translucent vinyl just like the originals. The second picture shows the complete set sticked on a box background so you can see the white marks. They need to be cut, but are easy to trim.
  2. Insane finished auction price for volume 35! Better not miss the important parts of this model.
  3. All I want is only the cockpit for my Hikaru. Hope Max Factory releases it soon.
  4. VF-1D DX at Tamashii Nations in Akihabara.
  5. Ok, it is well proven that the treatment with peroxide works. But, will it become yellow again and worse? Even if you leave it in the dark?
  6. Hard to create the tinted visor effect. I’m almost done with the cockpit. Will try to remove the seam line on the canopy glass and will make a stand. Instead of keeping it in a drawer waiting for the rest, I will display it properly.
  7. Got the pilot and looked good, but can be improved. Now Roy Focker has a face!
  8. Got the pilots and the other gifts from Hachette. Glad they made this available without subscribing to the store.
  9. You can still get the pilots for the model even if you are not subscribed to Hachette. All you need to do is cut the number labels from volumes 1 to 30, stick them in the self-made envelope of volume 30 and send it to Hachette’s headquarters. Valid only in Japan though.
  10. I finished rebuilding the cockpit. The seat was also diecast, took me a while to modify it.
  11. I think the stand is part of the valkyrie, so it will be available as another volume. The stand is essential coz the valkyrie won’t be able to be displayed with the landing gears, it is too heavy. The acrylic case with wood base is through subscription and you will get it with the last volume.
  12. Well, Kawamori’s supervision for this model sucks . Hachette made the joystick control inverted!. If you glue it the other way around, the pilot won’t reach the joystick. I will have to modify that part.
  13. Thanks! Will try to improve it more but need the pilot for reference. I’m not subscribed to Hachette, but girlfriend says I can still get the pilot by sending the issues label I bought until volume 30.
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