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  1. I’m honored to be in this thread, I am flattered 🙇🏻
  2. The rear landing gear? This mod helps to open the doors just enough, so they won’t catch when closing.
  3. Video of my Hachette, bring on the strike parts!
  4. I officially finished assembling the Hachette Valkyrie. Fun project, had some trouble with some of the gimmicks, but everything works as it should. Took some test pictures outside and looks good. I will try to find a better background when I make the video.
  5. I just finished printing my translated art for the remote and it came out great! I printed on a laser printer using adhesive paper. Used the original board, you got to be very precise to stick the sheet to fit perfectly. You can cut the holes with the x-acto knife. If you want to try, I left my art in pdf to download. Hachette remote.pdf
  6. I will go to a near by graphics shop and print it in adhesive paper and in a regular better quality paper. The second one will requiere spray glue. I then will choose the best looking. I don't want to ruin the original, so I will also order a new board cut in laser. Even though my template is very precise, those buttons are very tight fitting, I may have to do a couple of boards to match the exact dimension of the holes.
  7. Making a new remote board translated in english. Google Translator seems to be accurate.
  8. I finished the stand giving it a more atractive look.
  9. That acrylic case is huge no doubt. Pretty sure that it can easily get cracked if not packed it with extra protection. With that amount of shipping cost, better make your own. If by sea is an option, which is a lot cheaper, then go for it. It would take about two and a half months to arrive though.
  10. The mistake was not in the wiring or motor. It was the wrong command written from the program of the main board. I just tricked the program by inverting the wires. I’m more glad to not burning anything in the process 😄.
  11. Really simple, invert the wires of the original motor. I picked the motor of the right nozzle. The plug has tabs that hold the wires pins in place. Lift those gently one at a time with an x-acto knife to pull each wire out of its socket. With the four wire ends out, you can rearrange them accordingly. Black Red Orange Yellow is the new configuration.
  12. I got the guts to invert the wires of one motor and voila!! So happy to see the gimmick work as it should. As supposed, when using the remote control, when you press the button of that nozzle up it moves down, but I’m fine with that. The so problematic landing gear works flawlessly too. IMG_2885.MOV
  13. That video proves that Hachette made an error programming the nozzles movement. The first video from them showing the prototype, did the gimmick correctly. One nozzle should move down and the other up, just like the PS2 game intro. I hope that inverting the wires of one motor will it start in reverse, still need to get the last volumes to finish my model and test it.
  14. So far Hachette has fixed all of the mistakes with this model sending new replacement parts on further volumes. For this fix, Hachette had to send a new main board. I don’t think they would, but who knows.
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