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  1. For panel lines, I used Vallejo Acrylic medium grey paint mixed with its proper thinner diluent. So easy to remove the excess paint on the toy with the diluent. It does not damage the plastic nor the tampo markings or paint of the toy.
  2. Strike VF-1S DX Hikaru and Max.
  3. The vinyl wrap film is very very thin and flexible. For the heatshield, which is curved, you can apply heat with a hairdryer and and it will mold to the surface without leaving any bubbles. I got the vinyl at a local graphic shop. Some auto boutiques may sell it.
  4. It is a reflective glass pebble 🙂
  5. Since I got the Hikaru ME DX, I no longer needed the first edition. Well, instead of waiting for Bandai to release a VF-1S Max, which I think it won’t happen, why not making one with adhesive vinyl. So, I made one using blue and black vinyl to wrap the heatshield, a couple of skull stickers emblems and put panel lines on the valk. Then I added the mechanical strike parts with some more touches to it. This is the result.
  6. The thing is…Is it an official Takatoku product? Are there more Takatoku toys besides Macross that have the Takatoku logo and were made in Taiwan? We all know there are lots of taiwanese toys made from the Takatoku molds, but those have the logo removed and do not have japanese writing. That Takatoku made in Taiwan box is the missing link.
  7. Yes, I was very patient to find good condition boxes. Took me a year to complete the set. The hardest to find was the second version.
  8. I replaced the plastic window on two and put some paint on corners and edges. That helps the good condition appearance. Next on my list, trying to get the Takatoku Max and Miria, but still too expensive.
  9. I did not notice that until now! 😦
  10. Finally I was able to complete the four box variations of the Takatoku VF-1J. Twenty five years ago, this set could’ve cost a fortune, nowadays prices have gone down considerably. Only super mint in box boxes are going for big money.
  11. Looks great! Sadly, those 1/55 reissues tend to yellow so quick. I heard that it is the because of a flame retardant additive they put on plastic nowadays😕.
  12. Thanks! Panel lining these makes them look more attractive.
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