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  1. Watched DOTA: Dragon's Blood on Netflix......it needed a LOT more exposition to explain stuff in my opinion. Way too many clues about the lore were opaque as hell. The arms/armor of a lot the characters were stupid/goofy and totally wrong for something that purports to be a Pseudo-Medieval setting. While that doesn't bother some people, it has always grated on my nerves. Bad enough everyone is wearing something that looks like late 14th Century plate armor but is easily cut by blades and arrows (which is basically BS of the highest order).
  2. :shrug: It all comes out in the wash anyway. I just want the "Creative Team" (and I use that term loosely) at HG to start acting like Robotech ends at episode #85 and not #36. I shouldn't have to 3D Print my own crap when I (and many, many others) would beat a path to their door to get stuff.
  3. I'm not so sure their license is going to go belly up, considering the fact it was disclosed Tatsunoko owes them about $1.4mil. That's a lot of clams to shell out for 3 series, the youngest of which is approaching 35 years. Speaking of which, if MAAS can get this toy to market this year, HG (assuming its Billy West and NOT Tommy Yune) may decide its a great way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of SDC: Southern Cross. SolarFlare Games will hopefully get Crisis Point to market (relatively) soon and Udon Studios may (or may not) complete their artbook for The Masters War.
  4. From everything I've heard, Toynami will make Masters War merchandise sometime after the Sun goes supernova. They had their chance to make super-poseables years ago and did nothing. Screw them.
  5. Well folks, Hell has officially frozen over. MAAS Toys announced a few hours ago they're making both the Veritech Hovertank (apparently all 3 modes: Transport, Gladiator/Tank and Battloid) as well as the Red Bioroid Commander w/Biover. Thank God I started with the gig economy so I can afford to splurge on these when they come out. This will be an awesome way to celebrate the coming 35th Anniversary of SDC: Southern Cross. No word yet on if they're doing all the variants of the Spartas and/or add-ons (Space Jump Pack/Space Maneuver Thruster Set). Presumably they will do all 5 versions of the Bioroid eventually. There is a great clamor for the Ajax so far as well and hopefully they will do that. I'd love to get all the Army of the Southern Cross Battloids and the Kraken Dive Power Amplified Body Armor as well. MAAS Toys Facebook Page
  6. Except that is not Marie Angel, but Marie Crystal. It was part of the 3-part Liberte, Fidelite and Fraternite recruiting campaign to rebuild The Army of the Southern Cross after the 2nd Robotech War....
  7. Its not technically an Alpha, but the precursor design: AFV-01 Thunderbolt. The idea is that the AF-6DF Vulture design from Eulogy might have also had a transformable version.
  8. BTW, there are already Ajax minis being done by fans online. I've asked and they seem to state the files can be sized up from the 1/285th scale to whatever is appropriate. Maybe start with those? PM me if you need an invite to the Facebook group (sorry, even as an Admin I need to get permission from the rest to let people in).
  9. Its cancellation had a lot to do with its toy sponsor Popy going bankrupt. Besides, you hate the show so why the hell are you responding in a thread about it? Grow up. Hilarious since I see a number of Japanese fans on Twitter who seem to remember the opening song quite fondly. Its not quite as forgotten as you claim....
  10. Okay, for those that didn't know, on April 15th last year it was officially announced that Palladium's Rifts RPG would be converted to Pinnacle Entertainment Group's (Deadlands: The Weird West) Savage Worlds game system. For those that still have some OTHER games from Palladium (Robotech, Macross II), this will be a chance to convert their game to something that isn't a kludged together nightmare system that makes no sense half the time. No official word has been given on when it will be published, but the likelihood is that Pinnacle will run a Kickstarter beforehand to ensure it gets a high quality release (possibly full color interior with art that doesn't look 20+ years out of date). So far, everyone who has had a chance to playtest it at conventions says its a blast... https://www.peginc.com/rifts-is-coming-for-savage-worlds/
  11. Saw it opening night in IMAX 3D (well, what passed for IMAX 3D since the only true IMAX is a The Museum of Science & Industry). Saw it again a few days later. Probably see it a few more times. I loved it. It hit all the right spots to make it a Star Wars flick (even if the destruction of Hosni Prime could not be seen across the galaxy). Disney certainly hit a home run with it.
  12. More specifically, Arya has been inducted as an acolyte of the guild of The Faceless Men. She has carried out at least one assassination for the guild so far. Apparently there is already a POV chapter for her in The Winds of Winter that has been released.... As far as Dany is concerned, she is likely about to use Drogon to good effect to rebuild her khalasar, probably over Khal Jhago's eviscerated corpse....
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