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  1. If it means we get the various Macross series released on blu with a dub, I'm happy. If it means HG is able to reboot or continue Robotech, possibly with their own designs and what not, I'm also happy.
  2. Looks like Harmony Gold and Big West have reached an agreement allowing for full international distribution of Macross and some possibility of Robotech's future Maccross.jp link with English in 2nd part Funimation Post
  3. I am curious but admit I am not a fan of the semi 3D w/out the glasses / blurring dual color layer look it has going. Will prob wait till it is an HDR home release.
  4. I really wish they had continued the 2011 series. It aired at the same time as Legend of Korra and Young Justice and it was a very enjoyable time. I do think the Tcats was in 3rd place among those 3 but was far superior to a lot of western animation in a long time. I think the villain of the week formula and episodes such as the berbears one killed the pacing....but as usual it came down to toys not selling. No we have this Steven universe look so it will be a hard pass for me but then again I am probably not the target audience and the animation will be cheap so they can do multiple seasons will low viewiership and still call it a success even when it probably won't be.
  5. When searching I couldn't make out if it was for this or the yamato movie so I guess i'll ask. Was there an english dub of thi series? I noticed the website had Starblazers 2199 and an English dub as coming soon but it seems the site emails and what not are dead/out dated. From what I have seen online it seems there was a dub presented back in 2013 by production I.G. but I can't seem to find a North American release anywhere.
  6. Back in April I tweeted back and forth with Shawne Kleckner (President of Right Stuf) and he mentioned he hopes to do a Unicorn Bluray box set at some point and that they are re-releasing the older already dubbed series eventually. I am just hoping we get some of the bluray releases that Japan saw. I'd love to have all the prior series on bluray myself.
  7. TNG airs here Stateside on BBC America during the daytime. Usually there will be a good 4-5 episodes a day. Depending on the day you're either getting Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares or ST:TNG for the majority of the daytime hours.
  8. I wish Gundam was still a thing here stateside. Hopefully with Right Stuf releasing Unicorn maybe someday we can get some re-releases of the series that were released by Bandai here. I doubt it will happen anytime soon let alone at al but a guy can wish.
  9. I don't think there has been but has there been a Guncannon (RX-77-2 version) from the original series (any version such as Ver.Ka) released for this line?
  10. As a long time SonicSatAM and Archie Sonic fan (saw SatAM before ever playing a Sonic game), Penders is just...IDK. I get where he is coming from with wanting the rights to his characters BUT what he is doing with those characters looks so bad.
  11. I saw that they have a few blu rays released here stateside under the star blazers 2199 name but does anyone know if they use the star blazer names or did they keep the Japanese series names?
  12. Sold my 370z and purchased a mini cooper s. Have to say it is the most fun I have had in a car in a long time.
  13. The way Nick is handling it while frustrating, is KIND OF understandable. based on their lineup, LoK doesn't really fit anything. In fact I believe on FB the creators mentioned that viewership was mostly online so in order to increase ad revenue they switched it to online only. Looks like they also have plans for season 4 so the series gets to be seen thru to the end. Here is the link to the article where the creators talk about the move. http://io9.com/creators-of-the-legend-of-korra-explain-the-shows-not-c-1611119124
  14. Great show. This last episode.....intense. can't wait till season 3 comes out on blu ray to sit next to my copies of s1 and s2.
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