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Found 2 results

  1. Since Chogokin has it's own dedicated thread, I thought I'd start one for Robot Spirits figures so we don't have dozens of related threads scattered all over the forums. Here, we can discuss our Robot Spirits collections, upcoming releases, and anything else pertaining to this awesome line of mecha figures. I started my RT (Robot Tamashii, not to be confused with Robotech) love affair with the Full Metal Panic figures, and have been extremely impressed with each and every one of them. I have all of the FMP mecha, including two next-to-impossible-to-find Savages. I just received the web-exclusive MITHRIL Emergency Booster set in the mail today and was surprised at how much it's launch catapult resembles some of the MSG Mechanical Chain Base sets. The booster itself is a nice one-size-fits-all design for all versions of the M9 and the ARX-7. In launch mode, the catapult footpads raise up between 45 and 50 degrees, resembling "starting blocks" that track runners use. Overall, it's an awesome accessory for the Side AS figures...which makes me even more excited for the Gray/White Arbalest and Weapon Set in November. I know some people hate the way Bandai releases add-ons like this as aftermarket sets, but I like being able to expand on the figures I already have in my collection. (Photos coming soon) I haven't ventured beyond the FMP series with these figures, but as time goes on, and Bandai adds new series to its lineup, I'm sure I'll branch out...
  2. After picking up a Robot Spirits Billbine I looked for a Dunbine thread to post some pics and could not find one. So here can be all things Aura Battler Dunbine if anyone has anything to add (after all these years). I've watched episodes 1-9 and am really enjoying it. I LOVE the horses and medieval world mixed with the Battler Machines, its a great contrast. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aura_Battler_Dunbine For those not familiar with the series --- an earthling (from the future?) is pulled into Byston Well to make sophisticated machines for warring kingdoms. The new Aura Battlers are run best by those from 'upper earth' because they have strong aura energy to make them go. They are partly made from creatures of this world, using living muscle and other pieces. The main character is pulled into this alternate dimension and into the adventure. ANYHOW - Here is a quick take on Bandai's Robot Spirits Billbine. • Its GREAT • Although its my first Billbine toy, I believe I can say its likely the best to date • Having a few L-Gaim RSs - this is better. Joints are tighter, quality better and they even panel lined some parts to bring it alive • The sword SWOOSH effect is fantastic! Really like the trend of including thruster and weapons effects with these collectables • Recommended...
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