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  1. OMG. I've been living this nightmare for 30 years now. I'm not sure I can believe HG are finally going to get the boot. I do have a tangential question about Macross/HG/Battletech. Why have the rights holders for Fang of the Sun Dougram never sued Battletech/FASA for using a bunch of their designs in Battletech? There were about as many FSD designs as Macross mecha (and one from Crusher Joe) in the first iteration of the game ("BattleDroids") and they never became "unseen" IIRC.
  2. The Yamato Garland was cool until the shoulders disintegrated. I was planning on designing and printing 3d replacements but never got around to it. Has anyone been able to source replacement shoulders for the original Yamato edition?
  3. Hi MW gang. The news of Macross Δ has me interested again in our favorite anime franchise. I'll be watching for fansubs in the new year.
  4. Go. Tell the Spartans.... L to R. Matchbox, Takatoku? Dark Horse Miniatures (80s), New Robotech RRT, Battletech.
  5. Hey MechTech. I guess I can leave the 1/200 on the shelf and paint up these new ones. I could never source enough 1/200 Regults. Do you have a full load of Destroids for the Daedalus?
  6. In cased you missed the posts over the gaming forum, Robotech RPG Tactics has finally shipped (DEC 2014). It's called Robotech but it's only based on the good part - the 'Macross Saga'! The models have many pieces for such a small scale but build up quite nicely. Google "RRT" or Robotech RPG Tactics for pics. The first series of kits includes, the VF-1 fighter, gerwalk & battloid, Spartan, Phalanx, Tomahawk, Defender, Glaug, Regult, Missle Regult, Scout Regult, and Quel-Gulnau Recovery Pod (first time as a production model I believe).
  7. There are some very nice models stating to show up over on the Facebook group:
  8. I've started building with a Phalanx. Mostly so I can line it up with my 1/00 Matchbox "Spartan", 1/44 Takatoku Phalanx, 1/200 Dark Horse RT:RPG "Spartan", 1/285 Battletech WTF ever they called it and have five versions in a row. Pics when it happens. Palladium will sell a few of these 1/285 "kits" to Battletech players. I think it was a poor business decision to invest in the tooling for these 1/285 "kits". Plastic kit building hasn't been a popular hobby since I dunno, the 80s? They would have been better emulating a modern success like the pre-painted X-WIng. I would have dropped 10x the $$ if they had sourced the 1/200 gashapon instead of doing all the tooling
  9. I received my Robotech RPG Tactics shipment today. I now have a surfeit of mecha in 1/285 scale. https://www.google.ca/search?q=Robotech+RPG+Tactics&rlz=1C1LENP_enCA507CA507&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=595&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=JbN2VM6AKsn1iQKhh4GoBg&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ
  10. It's 2013. Everybody know Supermans origin story. Why not do something like All-Star Superman that tells a new story while paying tribute to the 80 years of super history?
  11. I've tried to e-mail Yamato USA several times about this and gotten no reply. I don't think there is any hope of replacement parts. Here is the site of failure on my Garland: Even with if it was made with better plastic it's a poorly engineered joint.
  12. I'm merely saying Enterprise is the only TV series that takes place before the "Kelvin" incident that launches the alternate timeline. But you are correct, ST 2009 negates the most interesting part of Enterprise that ties it to TOS. I agree that, for the future, the only way to enjoy Star Trek is the Captain Harlock Method .
  13. On the other hand though, a lot of fans hated Enterprise and probably never watched it long enough to see his episode. That's Ironic because Enterprise is the only Trek TV that's still in continuity in the J.J-verse
  14. A bit of thread necromancy - I opened my display case, picked up by garland and both arms fell off. It was not the swing arms that failed - it was the blocks in the wheel hubs where the arms attach. I'll post a picture when I can. I was wondering if anyone has done a 3d printed replacement for those. Clarification: Mine is the first version made by Yamato - the red one from the original MZ23 OVA. I thinks it's the same one as in VF5SS's pictures above. I'm not sure if later ones suffered from the same problems. The plastic in the should joints literally turned to powder when i picked it up. I don't know if the later versions had the same problem.
  15. I stuck with Battle Cry but I'm going to add on when the pledge manager comes out. I'm adding Armored Valks, Zentran Infantry and VF-4s for sure. And more Defenders! People who want these for Battletech are going to be surprised if they expect them to match BT scale. The BT (Battledroids at that early stage!) models based on VFs were only 20 tons while the ones based on Destroids were 3 times the mass at 60+ tons - but we know the Valks will be taller than the Destroids! I think the designers were using Macross models in different scales....
  16. I'm sure the VF-1s will be available separately. It looks like there will be a pack with B G and F models and A, J, S, and "R" type heads. The R is from the video game IIRC.
  17. Looks like it's headed for over $1 000 000. There will be close to 100 models in the "BattleCry" pledge too. Very cool. I've never been able to source more than nine 1/200 Bandai Regults - now I'll have plenty of the 1/285 Regults to wargame with! OK. It's "Robotech". And yes, Palladium and HG get a cut. At least Palladium is waving the flag and trying to raise Macross' profile. And I want those models, Dammit! I've wanted to wargame Macross for nigh on 25 years!
  18. I'm just joking Jason. The DYRL Macross is pure because it is unsullied by Robotech - have I got it right? I'm just more of a fan the TV series.
  19. Star Trek 2009 was... ridulous is the most polite term I can use. If you want to talk about it's place in canon then the Kelvin incident fits in before TOS and after Capt. Archer leaving (GASP) Enterprise and the only TV series that is part of the move timeline. I might go see Into Darkness out of curiousity but my expectations are low to say the least. I'm looking forward to Jar Jar Abrhams moving on to Star Wars so he can work his magic on somebody else's favorite SF franchise.
  20. Can we have an argument about whether the DYRL Macross is "100% Pure"? Serious though, I'd love to be there this year but it's way too early to know where I'll be in October.
  21. I decided to make the leap and subscribe at the Battle-Cry Level. As off right now that means 75 Macross models for less than $2 each. I can't say if the rules will be any good but I'm in it for the models. Heck, half a dozen 1/200 Gnerls and NosJGs off Shapeways were going to cost over $100 with shipping. I call this a good deal.
  22. You know, I've spent the last 25 year collecting Macross models in 1/200 scale for wargaming. Am I going to switch to 1/285 and use Palladium's rules? I'm really ambivalent about this. I think I'll just wait for the retail version.
  23. The original run of 50 was expensive and difficult to import. I'll pass on this series. If I feel the urge I can pull out an issue of the first run, flip thru it and find something I never noticed before. But if you didn't get them the first time around - go for it.
  24. What Mechtech said. The only 1/200 Phalanx was the metal Dark Horse one associated with the 80's Robotech RPG. I've been watching 1/200 for years. The last gashapons filled in most of the SDFM mecha Still missing are the NosJaedel Gur male Armor and Gnerl Fighter Pod as far as I know. That being said I really need a cheap source of Regults in volume to do porper wargaming!
  25. Maybe the second chapter will tell the story of her childhood living in a box in a back alley of Galaxy Mainland City....
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