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  1. Holy crap! What is that? ( I mean other than frikin' amazing , of course!)
  2. Finished the preliminary build of the Academy, Gatchaman God Phoenix. Just need to putty a few small gaps, paint and decal. Close-up of the little guys Had to use clear orange for Jinpei's tank 'cus I didn't have any other orange.
  3. Yep. That's it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again I'm done. I quit. This is an absolutely, jaw droppingly stunning display of ingenuity, craftsmanship and creativity. Unf#@king believable!
  4. Wow! That's really nice Thom! What medium is that, digital or traditional? If it's traditional What size? Really nice work on those mountains! I really like the treatment you chose.
  5. OK, that's it. I quit. I give up. With builds as stunning as these how can I get excited about my crappy little excursions into kit assembly. Absolutely stunning work. 😍
  6. Absolutely Fabulous! The colours are jus spot-on and the technique . . . remarkable. The finish is nothing short of stunning 😍
  7. So that's like what 1:300 scale? I wonder what the little Nichimo Valks would look like with that???
  8. First of all, I know some folks thin it before application but I shoot it straight from the bottle. When you apply Future, you're better off applying a number of light coats than trying to do one heavy coat. When spraying straight try lowering the pressure below 15psi,( 15 is the max that I use with it ) and spray closer to the work.
  9. For a Yamato of that size that thing is severely lacking in detail. Not worth it in my eyes, not when I've seen models less than half that size with way more detail.
  10. Mikimoto only did the character design for Eve Tokimatsuri. (For all 3 parts) Toshihiro Hirano handled the other characters in pt1. Yasuomi Umetsu handled them for pt2. and Hiroyuki Kitazume for pt.3.
  11. That's a good deal- nice find! Now you need to get the paints and find the time to build it!
  12. Very nice weathering overall! well done build for sure.
  13. Working on a 1:100 Wave VF-1J fighter. I figured seeing as we all get worried about paint chipping and scratching with transformative models, then the 'real' thing would necessarily have a fair bit from all the moving parts, so that's what's informed the weathering so far. Had an accident with the 'UN SPACY' decal on the left leg. As you can see it shifted, twisted a bit and I completely lost the 'Y'. Don't know how I'm gonna recover from that. I'll just have to figure something out. Still a ways to go.
  14. LOL . Thanks Again Gabe! Hey, maybe we should start a group build! (JK) But seriously, thanks for the scan!
  15. That would be great! Thank you so much. I just need the sheet from the Armo Fightet set.
  16. Yep that's them all right.
  17. Yeah they are the same, save for the numbers. I have a copy of the blue that I scanned, so I could just try to create the correct numbers in illustrator, but I thought I'd take a shot and ask here. I suppose if someone had a scan of the decals John provided for his 1:48 Legioss I could resize those and make a go of it. Thanks to you and Conectuoso for checking though.
  18. Any got printable scans of the 1:72 Imai legioss Iota (green) decals?
  19. So I just got delivery from Mandarake of this kit: Cus I needed a 3rd 72nd scale legioss to build up as the Iota for my display. I was quite pleasantly surprised to find an included booklet of Mospeada settei.
  20. Couldn't say as I don't have any edition of the kit. However Scalemates lists the '84 boxing as having "Updated/new parts" and it is the "Iron Type" so that terminology may be referring to the coating as "Updated/new"?
  21. The Imai 1:5000 SDF-1 Cruiser Fortress from 1982. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/imai-b-1225-macross-sdf-1-cruiser-fortress--1048425
  22. Not a model on the bench, but if anyone is interested in building you own airbrush this might be for you. Yes I said building your own airbrush. You will need a compressor though. Or, if you want to build your own he's got you covered there too.
  23. Latest additions from a fellow MW member.
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