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  1. For the next project ... did anyone ever propose to make Jim's jeep in scale for the sentinel figures? or would the cost for the size be too large?
  2. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b569027314 😃
  3. "Preparation in Progress" in Nin-Nin too. I bought a second copy with them a while ago, it only remains to wait
  4. Does anyone know what is happening with Nin Nin? I ordered both legioss of sentinel with them almost a month ago and they do not ship. Has anyone recently received a shipment from them? Nippon Yasan 2?
  5. I take the vf-1a if you can ship to argentina by usps. Regards...
  6. Yes, but my product is in stock right now, and it was when I bought. The SSPs I don't think were sent to anyone, they don't have the product, I think it's different. I still don't get excited until I have the product in hand.
  7. Well, beyond all logic, this morning I received the "preparation underway" email for my DX Chogokin VF-1J purchased on 12/15/2020. If the package is really sent and I receive it, I will notify you here instantly. I really don't know what happens with this store, what I do know is whether or not I receive my product, it will be difficult to buy something from them again, the risk is very high.
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