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  1. https://www.nin-nin-game.com/es/macross/47602-dx-chogokin-macross-vf-1j-armored-valkyrie-hikaru-ichijyo-bandai-.html Nin Nin up now
  2. Does anyone know what is happening with Nin Nin? I ordered both legioss of sentinel with them almost a month ago and they do not ship. Has anyone recently received a shipment from them? Nippon Yasan 2?
  3. I take the vf-1a if you can ship to argentina by usps. Regards...
  4. Yes, but my product is in stock right now, and it was when I bought. The SSPs I don't think were sent to anyone, they don't have the product, I think it's different. I still don't get excited until I have the product in hand.
  5. Well, beyond all logic, this morning I received the "preparation underway" email for my DX Chogokin VF-1J purchased on 12/15/2020. If the package is really sent and I receive it, I will notify you here instantly. I really don't know what happens with this store, what I do know is whether or not I receive my product, it will be difficult to buy something from them again, the risk is very high.
  6. What I really don't understand is how the credit card and PayPal companies haven't closed their accounts yet
  7. I have chosen to create a ticket for them every day, consulting my order, I also communicate daily by chat, and depending on my mood, I treat them really bad. The other thing I plan to do is open a claim in PayPal for an order that I paid in November, a product that was sent to me, but with the mess they must have, it is possible that they will not even answer the claim and I can recover some money from the order they never sent me. Anyway, I will never buy again in this store, for me they are dead.
  8. On December 15th I bought a unit of the DX VF-1J (it is still in stock these days), I spent like 600 Dollars, they never sent it, I opened like 10 tickets about it, without answers. They only answered me the last one I opened and they gave me only excuses. I have already contacted VISA and apparently they will refund my money. I will never buy from Nippon Yasan again, no matter what happens to the company from now on. A shame
  9. I paid 50k yen for my dx vf-1j a month ago, product in stock, I'm still waiting for it to be shipped, pay UPS as courier.
  10. I am looking for a DX Chogokin VF-1A 1/48 of max Tv version, new and sealed if possible. Cheers!
  11. VF-1D Available in Nin-Nin-Game, go go go! https://www.nin-nin-game.com/es/japanese-import-hobbies-toys-bandai-premium/43408-dx-chogokin-vf-1d-valkyrie-fan-racer-macross-limited-edition-bandai-.html
  12. Stay tuned, they will increase the price little by little and release new "stock"
  13. i get one in nin-nin- game https://www.nin-nin-game.com/es/japanese-import-hobbies-toys-bandai-premium/43408-dx-chogokin-vf-1d-valkyrie-fan-racer-macross-limited-edition-bandai-.html
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