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  1. I wonder when Amazon.com will deliver their orders - on June 29th or a few months afterwards?
  2. Wow!!! @nightmareB4macross those are some tiny hinges - amazing work! Can't wait to see it all painted up.
  3. Yay! I finally got my 80's Anime red bikes collection together as I had wanted!!! Special thanks to @MKT for helping me track down the Metallic Motoslave, it's fantastically beautiful in the painted metallic scheme. When I first saw the toy back in 2008 in bare red plastic, I wasn't interested at all, then missed the Metallic re-paint, but this version makes all the difference. I just did a quick black wash to pick out the details and it just really pops. It's so much fun to play around with, its incredibly fiddly like a swiss watch, but you can get it into all the great poses. Does anyone have the instructions manual scanned that I could have, mine is still sealed in its bag and the CollectionDX transformation video was incredibly helpful, but I'd like a PDF of the instructions to keep on the computer.
  4. Oh, the cockpit bubble and windows are not clear so you can see inside? They're painted silver?
  5. Uh, I wonder how they compare to the Bandai DX. They are a lot better looking than that NECA crap. Crimson looks pretty nice indeed, Gypsy paneling is a bit overdone for the scale, but the metallic paints are nice. I wonder if they'd be available once it release as they all say its sold out.
  6. WOW!!! Love the metallic paint scheme (which was what I would have done) but really love the custom Milia sculpt - so dynamic, I wish I could buy that!
  7. @electric indigo Love all that intricate masking, so much patience is clearly evident, and my personal favourite grey and orange paint scheme!
  8. Has anyone ever made a proper cockpit replacement for that all-resin-one-piece cockpit that we can't ever paint?
  9. Anime was hard to come by in the late 80's, I was at the mercy of bootleg VHS tapes and got what I was given. Wow! I never seen any of these fan made transformations. Thanks!
  10. WOW great pic!!! Strangely I never got into Mospeada in my high-school days so I can kindly ignore that existed LOL.
  11. Oh man that's beautiful, I wish that was a moving toy!!! I wish Arcadia would reissue those older Yamato toys or better yet Bandai redo them. Now that I just got my Garland and Akira bike, I just need Priss to complete my 3 red 80's bike collection!
  12. Yes, I have been playing with the headlight. I did have to gel the turn signals orange as it looks quite bright white out of the box, the orange lens just didn't color the turn signals enough, I ended up applying a double layer of orange gels (filters cut from my samples book) to make the light look orange instead of white. It's kind of crazy they sell it with and without the Kenada figure. I feel it really needs the figure to give it scale and presence, without it looks kind of generic. The Ali-Express listings of this toy shows that you can just get the figure by itself, or bike by itself or together - so be care if you are ordering.
  13. Finally got it in hand and its great! Very accurate for a non-licensed and better figure sculpt. (too bad it wasn't in scale with the Garland) but the size is small which I like but with the lighting gimmick. I just did a very quick little black wash to pick out the few recessed details. Thanks for your comments and the link!
  14. LOL you said my thoughts exactly!!! I got the 2000 blue and black tie as a b-day present from my office at work back in the day.
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