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  1. Hi all, I usually get a lot of email notifications in my mailbox on threads/topics that I've been following or PMs but lately I noticed its radio silence from MacrossWorld. Did something change or a setting that I didn't know about? I checked my email server to make sure it wasn't going into SPAM/Junk mail, but I didn't see anything. I've checked here to make sure I am still following the threads and its still checked off. Has anyone else encountered this? What could be my problem? Thanks.
  2. EMS is now more expensive than FedEx/DHL but the difference is still less than FedEx/DHL brokerage/customs/duty fees (which are $25-30 minimum and the duties/taxes on top of that in Canada) where as EMS is often delivered to the door without customs catching on (at least in my experience in Canada). I paid Nin-Nin 3,900Y for EMS and they just asked for 1,300Y more so I guess I'll end up paying 5,200Y EMS which is totally excessive, but seems in line with most stores in Japan.
  3. That's nice, its the turned up nose of the F-35 (and even F-22) that's ugly - I wonder why that's a characteristic?
  4. Hey @pengbuzz I hear your frustration, I'm really sorry about that. You amaze me with your perseverance, you've always tackled crazy hard projects and saw them through. I always look for the easy way to do things (expensive nice kits or lots of aftermarket upgrades) and take shortcuts when I can, so you are kind of an inspiration to the hard work one can achieve with just determination and guts. You are always building and showing us your work and its great! I might only get to one model a year if I'm lucky or work is slow and I only got to two or three because of the time off during the pandemic. Don't sell yourself short, being someone who is constantly building (regardless of the outcome) is always better than someone who just "armchair" builds and comments on others. Remember you build stuff from scratch too - just masking tape and you're brain, not a lot of people can see something in 3D and make it physically. Feel free to take a break, a breather when you get frustrated to re-group - sometimes the break for me allows me to come up with a new solution to a problem I've been having with a model. I took a 20yr break between high school and when I picked up modeling again (part of the reason I'm pretty stuck in my old ways and techniques when there's so much new products and techniques I should try and learn) Every failure you've built adds to your body of experience that you know what to avoid in your next build. Do take care of your health and get medical attention if you are losing your dexterity - that's one of the fears of mine that I've accumulated such a pile of kits that I say it will be my retirement projects but if I don't have the use of my fingers in my old age, I'd be devastated! All the best.
  5. NICE PHOTOS!!! @electric indigo I think I've just been spoiled with nice Japanese kits for too long.
  6. Yes, that's what I was talking about - but as you shave here and there, you discover more that needs to be shaved, not just the enormous gap at the neck, but it angles upwards because the lower section of the back protrudes too far forward of the top so the head gets angled upwards as well as the head top and bottom are too thick / far from each other. Huge gaps in the bay where the landing bay retracts into and its impossible to fill and sand if you assemble it according to instruction order. Just a horrible piece of crap with sink marks, flash and chipped pieces everywhere... So unfriendly to light too in the build order which I guess I'm just being a sadist... The guns are just blobs, luckily I have the resin upgrades.
  7. Nice little fleet!!! @derex3592 I might have to go into my Star Trek stash (I have the 1/1000 Enterprise & Reliant) after I finish up with the Galactica). I want the new Strange New Worlds Enterprise, but with the prices Polar Lights are charging for the 1/1000 kit, then add on aztec decals, then add on LED lighting kit its crazy for that kind of plastic especially when its based on the Discovery Enterprise and doesn't have the windows and bridge of the Strange New Worlds Enterprise. I haven't heard of any news of them re-tooling. Please Bandai, come save us from these US model companies - the Moebius NuGalactica I'm working on is a POS, I have to modify and shave so much plastic to get it to fit, its like they own shares in putty!
  8. Nice recovery @Urashiman!!! I love seeing that model done up again - I still have mine when I built it in high school 35yrs ago 😛 That NX-01 looks amazing @derex3592 - how big is it at 1/1000 scale? LOVE magnets @MechTech - so ingenious. Nice rescue @pengbuzz - man this is down memory lane, I had that raised lines D back in high school too (the latest Picard has me re-looking at all my Star Trek kits again)
  9. I love them!!! But $55 for 1/144 scale planes (before shipping and customs?!?!) Are they on crack?!?!?!
  10. Nice! You're missing an F-4 Corsair, F-8 Crusader and F-18 Super Hornet that are all part of the Jolly Rogers squad 😛
  11. Nice work @Bolt - do I see magnets on that gunpod? Did you put magnets on all your Lightning hardpoints? What size are they and where did you get them? Was it hard to do?
  12. Haha @electric indigo - know exactly what you mean, double layered HUD in 1/72 is so fiddly!!! Looking great!
  13. I haven't found any dub of 2005 yet, in fact I only found 8 episodes - how many episodes is it supposed to be? There's no info on the Funimation site, I believe they were responsible for the 2199 & 2202 dubs. Me too, the dub is really growing on me as well as I love watching the beautiful artwork on screen and I find reading the subtitles really knocks me out of the immersion of the art.
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