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  1. That's it?!?! The Original VF-1J and Roy's VF-1S included this (in black) and it didn't make the box any bigger?
  2. I was hoping for a little more detail, like smaller panel lines and rivets more like their 1/72 VF-1 instead of just the lineart lines. I wonder how tall it would be built?
  3. Oh, I live close to Danforth and Coxwell - I would love to know of a store closer to me than Anime Extreme! Any other info about it? Is it this place? https://www.navitoworld.com/
  4. Thanks @Thom I'll have to try that out.
  5. Beautiful work @Thom!!! The belts are PE? What did you use to fill in the gap at the wing roots? So perfect that its only in the gap and no where else outside?!?! I hate filling and sanding and often sand off a lot of fine details that I have to go back and put back in afterwards
  6. Absolutely gorgeous @joscasle!!! Love the burnt metal on the engines. Did you freehand the camo pattern? The soft edges are perfect!
  7. Beautifully done @joscasle - are the aircrafts 1/48? Is the Tomcat the Tamiya kit?
  8. @Thom what F-4 is that? Is that the new F-4 1/72 from FineMolds? I just got my kit (next one maybe next year) and waiting on aftermarket to get their acts together to get some detail sets for it. It helps if you primer the entire plane. I use Alclad grey primer, but I only spray the areas where I glued or filled or sanded to see any mistakes or need for further sanding - I usually don't primer the entire plane because I'm afraid that sometimes the finer engraved detail might get lost. It seemed to only lift in areas where the AK was on top of bare plastic. However I did primer the canopy and it lifted both the AK paints and primer from the canopy frames - don't know what happened there.
  9. Woohoo!!! Calling this puppy done. After so much went wrong on it, I'm just happy I actually finished it. Sorry about all the dust on the canopy, at 1/72 scale, it looked clean to my old eyes until the photos magnified the dust. Love the Photo-etched canopy details, but can't recommend the AK paints, they don't seem to adhere very well (lifts with Tamiya masking tape) and a tad on the dark side compared to the FS color fandeck. Highly recommend the Eduard Photo-etched set and KA 3d Printed exhaust nozzles though.
  10. No it came with the booklet, but I always scan all the instructions into my computer and access it on the screen, because I usually keep the instructions sealed in their baggies inside their boxes stacked away. This one was only two sides, so I scanned it anyways.
  11. Does Bandai have a PDF of the Armored Parts Set instructions out for download anywhere? I thought I should ask first since the last time I scanned the instruction booklets in, I found out the next day there were all already done from Bandai's site already (that URL no longer works now).
  12. I'd actually prefer EMS shipping (for us in Canada) it usually comes directly to my door from our Postal Service and I rarely get customs & duty and there isn't the Carrier Brokerage Fees. I don't see it spelled out anywhere on LunaPark - it just says shipping. I just hope its properly packed in a box and not in a DHL bag.
  13. Try over 50+ - argh I'm old!!! 🤣 (but thought I was young enough to try it this morning). I got charged 5,000Y from LunaPark - it doesn't say exactly what the method is, I'm assuming its DHL? (that's another additional $20-$25cdn for brokerage & customs)
  14. Did everyone receive what they pre-ordered from LunaPark (I'm trying them for the first time on this) - it was just a bit of an initial growing pains with poor packaging on the first round of shipping? I'm getting your frustration @Mommar - totally understand. Had to get up at 3am here, took forever to get back to sleep on a work day - argh. I'm too old for this crap too! I wonder how long will it take them to get their legal gears together for international distribution of these toys - its gotta be at least a year away. The worst part is that they might not make any more of these toys initially to gauge demand, it will just be more people fighting over the same number of toys initially maybe?
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