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  1. For Canadians - my Hobby-Genki order where I specified EMS got "upgraded" to DHL (I think at pre-order the EMS was actually a little more expensive 5,200Y) and its taking at least 8 days delivery (scheduled for Jul 30th). As expected from DHL, I was dinged with customs, tax, duty and brokerage fee - but it was less at $34cdn than I expected, so my total shipping costs came out to $94cdn just in shipping alone! Argh.
  2. Huh, I checked in with Hobby-Genki's website and it says my order shipped - but I didn't get any emails notifying me of anything. I too paid (5,200Y) for EMS back at pre-order hoping that would be available now - mainly to avoid the DHL guaranteed customs, duty & brokerage fees which would probably be another $60cdn on top. I hope they don't "upgrade" me to DHL either. The website status does say 07/23/2021 Japan Post EMS (but shipping cost to be paid later?) - there's even a tracking number, but its not a valid EMS tracking number. Very strange. I must say I'm pretty excited for this release - more so than the last few, I love orange Valks and I missed out on that Yamato Fan Racer and now I'm glad I did!
  3. So would there be a "CX" version of this (Mirage Farina Jenius)? I'm just missing the magenta valk... 🙄
  4. I think DHL & EMS options were the same price (or at least really close) back then, but I hope they don't "upgrade" me to DHL as it would guarantee a Customs & Duty of $40 (HST taxes) and DHL's $20 brokerage and handling fee. 😭
  5. Nothing from Hobby-Genki either, but I paid 5,200Y for EMS (back in Dec, I hope its available again to Canada as their website still has a Apr 16 notice that says EMS is not available - thought it was available again in another thread, but things looks headed for another lockdown in Japan)
  6. Unfortunately I'm in Canada, so shipping, customs & duties and the crappy exchange rates puts it over $100cdn and Amazon.ca is $110.66 - argh! Are God Hands that much better (x3) than DSPIAE Nippers? Are the Micromark Micro Sprue cutting pliers that much smaller that I would need both DSPIAE and Micromark? Are the Meng just like the DSPIAE?
  7. Yes, every few years when I get back into this hobby there seems to be all these new paints and companies to learn all over again! Just when I thought no one builds physical models anymore (there's a few brick and mortar shops that have closed around me). I can't see myself paying over a $100 for God Hands, but $35 for these Chinese clippers might be a gamble I'm willing to take - especially like that circle cutter from the same company! My new hobby (other than collecting kits for my retirement) is collecting tools for my retirement 😛
  8. Anyone ordered from Hobby-Genki? Any good experiences with them? It's my first order with them, but it still says July 31st on their website and they still have a Apr 16th warning that there's not EMS to Canada on their front page - both not instilling much confidence in me 😬
  9. Wow, thanks for all this info on sprue cutters - I never knew. I've been using my x-acto blade all this time (sometimes I might even break out my Canadian Tire hardware $1.99 wire clippers!)... now I really feel like a dinosaur! I'd love to find out more about this glass file as well. I've always hated sanding, its the worst part of model making - I'd love to learn anything new that will make this chore less like a chore.
  10. My wallet is safe - never been a fan of any of the prequels but how could that beat out the medical frigate or tie bomber?!?! Its not a very good rendition of this mech either, given its size I would have expected better accuracy. That Knight Rider is pretty good, it would be amazing to get a little flashy red back and forth light for the front of it!
  11. Wow @arbit I love the hair peeking below the helmet. This is amazing quality, love to see it primed to see if there are any print lines - I might have to look into one of these machines someday (is this a resin printer?). Great work!
  12. Oh MAN!!! @David Hingtgen I didn't even noticed that till you pointed it out! Now I can't unsee it - argh. I wished they moved the whole cargo bay forward a few studs, and made the OMS pods longer and moved the forward landing gear forward. (other than that, its a pretty perfect Lego kit)
  13. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    If they had that for the VF-31C I'd get it (only one missing now that I wasn't going to get them all - now its the only one I'm missing and I'm not going to pay these prices they have now for it). Does everyone get these sound pods in the movie?
  14. Yep in the exact same situation - its so big when its done! No idea where I would put it.
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