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  1. Mine is on its way by DHL is slow (been 7 days transit already - now no updates) and their customs & brokerage the worst of the 3 couriers - but this isn't LP's fault. Luna Park was always the last resort (like NY was) its only when I can't secure a pre-order anywhere else, they always seem to still have something at a slight markup. I haven't had much luck securing one on release date that wasn't marked up more than LP. Is this AX still available anywhere now? I hear your frustration @borgified especially a fellow Canadian.
  2. YES PLEASE!!! I have the old Galaxy Explorer from my childhood, built it again with my daughter a few years ago, what a great set - all I'm missing over all these years is that darn antenna. I'd love to have a new revised version next to my old one to see what 40yrs of my life has gone through 😛
  3. Amazing @Chronocidal! Really captures the shape so much better.
  4. Your angle is a little low for perspective. If you were looking at someone eye level, you want their eyes to line up with the people's eyes in the distant background. The imaginary horizon should cross the subject's eye level too, so the 5'-10" line on the doors (3/4 way up) in the background should be at eye level to your figures (showing more ground) if your point of view is at eye level around 5'-10". Right now your eye level is about ankle high like a mouse. Hope that helps.
  5. @Lolicon yep Mandrake is definitely legit and have gotten a few good things from them in the past. They are also very picky at their condition descriptors, often I can't find the "slightly package damage". Yep Canadians are dinged every time on FedEx, Purolator or DHL badly. EMS is the best option as I get a 75% success rate of no customs but that has ended temporarily and is not an option in the near future for Canadians. It has added about $100cdn to the cost of all our Pandemic Valks recently I found.
  6. Wow, got a pretty quick email response saying that the parcel is ready and I should receive it by next week (hope its pack ok).
  7. Haven't heard a word from Luna Park (ordered it the day of the pre-order when I missed out on all the usual online stores). I emailed them today with a very polite ask - we'll see if anything comes of that.
  8. YES I 1000% agree @Thom - had many arguments about it, but always lost out to the practicalities of accommodating the shooting crew. You never want a grumpy crew on your hands as Art Dept would be the first to be blamed as we usually aren't on set late into the night of a 18hr shoot. Small sets means its difficult to light and you have to wild out walls to allow for shooting which slows down the crew and restricts the director's choices in long tracking shots - believe me I've heard all the excuses. It's hard to argue when time is against you especially on a TV series and not a feature. But yes, everything is huge - at least we don't have that cavernous interior or nothing for the turbo lifts to roller coaster through on Discovery!!!🤣 On K-19 (old Russian Sub) the sets had to be designed to break apart (wild) 1/3rd - 2/3rds on train tracks because they were so heavy to allow the camera into those tight quarters, shots had to be planned months in advance to have a schedule that allowed wilding of such major pieces (but that was a Harrison Ford feature!)
  9. Not a bad price @borgified especially if its $14.99 flat shipping and no customs or brokerage fees - but I'm not a real fan of the YF-29 so I think I'm going to pass on it. But I'm definitely looking forward to this if we get more Macross Stuff available in Canada!!! Thanks for letting me know about a Canadian Store/site - this would be a huge bonus if it can pan out for other releases that I want in the future.
  10. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Gorgeous work @arbit. Does the Blast shield come up too? You need a few on-deck hands and shooter. I wished there was another Valkyrie in the back waiting in the wings. Looks amazing, you should be proud.
  11. Are you saying there is a Shapeways figures of these? I'd love some.
  12. Meh... when are they ever going to do a gold chrome C-3PO (gold paint doesn't cut it anymore)? Is that windshield a new specific part?
  13. Hey @Dangard Ace - I designed the Imperial FTL ship, look for it on surface details and engine details as well as the interior set with the beds. I also did the hovercar on Trantor (they flew me out to London to supervise some of the construction and I saw the Dune Ornithopters there as well as some landspeeders for Star Wars - very cool!). I also designed the Raven interiors only (probably my best work to date - other than Pacific Rim conn pods) which comes up in later episodes (but only 2 I believe :(). I did Beggar's Lament exteriors and there's always the Macross vernier thrusters everywhere (hard to sneak it into Star Trek 😛) as well as the exterior of the Invictus. I designed the interiors and bridge too, but they ran out of money and severely cut it back to the point where I don't really consider it close to the original design anymore.
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