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  1. That's great! I wished they EMS to Canada.
  2. Argh... word of warning for those of us unfortunate enough to live in Canada. I got seduced by all the great photos (especially with the Super Packs) and decided to get one after the pre-order but before all the QC issues cropped up from eBay. I got a decent price (not MSRP, but not eye-watering gouge), paid $22 for DHL delivery, and got dinged with a $73.68 brokerage, customs & duties bill on top, so I'm paying about $100 in shipping and handling that's taking now over 7-9 days delivery. The delivery costs are just souring the experience so much that I think its no longer worth it, plus the middle of the night POs - buying toys sure ain't the fun they used to be! (ah, it's my 50yrs+ bones talking now)
  3. Is there anyplace I can still order the super packs that is a fair price? What is that fair price nowadays BTW? (I was away on holidays :()
  4. Same here, I ended up trying a few more times and I noticed I got 6 emails about receiving my order. I hope I didn't buy 6 copies! I haven't received any further emails from AE yet.
  5. OK, saw there was a VF-31AX available on AnimeExport that's linked here available for 29,800Y and decided to bit the bullet, but when I hit the ADD TO CART > CHECK OUT it emptys my cart and I can't go any further. Is it that they are closed till Jan 4th and not accepting orders? Is it that they don't actually have any in stock to order and haven't changed their site/page accordingly? or is it something wrong on my end? I wasn't originally going for this bird as I thought it was too similar, but now seeing the pretty pictures with the Super Packs has change my mind and there is enough difference to justify the purchase in my mind even with the slight markup. Is there an alternate site to purchase the VF-31AX for late comers like me that ships to Canada (no Amazon.jp seems to do it / I am looking into evilbay).
  6. Damn, I didn't want this until I saw the packs...
  7. Will they finish up issuing the super packs for the older VF-31 (I want Chuck's) or have they moved on and only doing the movie stuff now?
  8. The Ducati is 646pcs vs. BMW is 1920pcs - hence the price difference...
  9. That's it?!?! The Original VF-1J and Roy's VF-1S included this (in black) and it didn't make the box any bigger?
  10. I was hoping for a little more detail, like smaller panel lines and rivets more like their 1/72 VF-1 instead of just the lineart lines. I wonder how tall it would be built?
  11. Oh, I live close to Danforth and Coxwell - I would love to know of a store closer to me than Anime Extreme! Any other info about it? Is it this place? https://www.navitoworld.com/
  12. Beautiful work @Thom!!! The belts are PE? What did you use to fill in the gap at the wing roots? So perfect that its only in the gap and no where else outside?!?! I hate filling and sanding and often sand off a lot of fine details that I have to go back and put back in afterwards
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