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  1. Also, IIRC, the command gold color is actually a greenish color. It just looked more yellow on screen. I thought I read somewhere that the alternate green top Kirk wore was the same color as the standard gold/yellow uniform top just a different fabric that showed the true color better. Chris edit: yup. https://screenrant.com/star-trek-kirk-uniform-tos-original-series-green-yellow/ apparently DS9’s trial and tribblations officially retconned the green away.
  2. Wow, I’m rather surprised at how much better that made it! I already liked the fight but that just added that missing “weight” to it. Chris
  3. Yeah I remember “Yesterday’s Enterprise” being the turning point for me when I started to take notice of the show more. Chris
  4. Hey @Shawn I’ve noticed lately that my posts are taking a long time to process. Meaning it takes nearly a minute after hitting the “submit reply” button for the post to go through and the page to display. Has anyone else been having the same issue? Chris
  5. That looks so cool. Where do you get these kits?
  6. Ooooh, please post progress pics! Chris
  7. Agreed. I didn’t hate this final episode and the overall series was just meh. Too many head scratching stupid ideas or breaks in continuity/logic. Mainly Obi-wan and Leia. I absolutely hated the soundtrack and the horrible shaky-cam cinematography. Final battle was pretty cool to me personally. Chris
  8. Agreed. Though for TNG, one may be better off just starting in Season 3. 1 and 2 are pretty rough and hard to get through, especially season 1. There are a few things of importance that happen in them but nothing insurmountable to understand later. Just a thought. Chris
  9. Have there been any more reports/reviews on the Blitzway Voltron? I still have one on preorder with BBTS and am not sure if I should cancel. Or is Blitzway trying to fix the QC “issues” if there really are some. Chris
  10. I agree I also agree with this but through the lens of Mog’s quote. They have some decent ideas but they are either usually surrounded by or padded with bad ones. Or the execution of the good idea is just bad ie crappy effects, music, cinematography etc. Chris
  11. Legacy was pretty good but be prepared for the finale! Thankfully it has been renewed. Chris
  12. Not much of a twist since AvP already did that too.
  13. I don’t mind him not knowing about Vader….Obi-wan was essentially in isolation on a backwater planet. I do, however, find it odd that he never used the force, even when alone in his cave to keep some of his skills alive. Like @Big s said he wants to train Luke but he allowed his abilities to become so atrofied that he could barely save Leia. I just personally don’t like that he essentially cut himself off from the Force, even in private. Not saying he needed to go around using mind tricks and make stuff float etc when in public….but alone in his cave is another thing. How did he plan on training or helping Luke when the time or trouble came? Chris
  14. Rewatched episode 5. Really loving this show. #1 and La’an (the 2 buzz kills) playing good cop bad cop (both wanting to be bad cop) and then Enterprise BINGO was really fun. Chris
  15. Yup really like this episode too. Minor gripes with the show but over all I’m really liking this show. Finally another Star Trek show I love. This and Lower Decks. Chris
  16. I really liked Mav’s mission demo flight…..gave me “Goose”bumps. Pun intended. Probably my favorite line was…. ”you told me not to think!” And then the gesture after lol Chris
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