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  1. I have NO faith in this show whatsoever. Couldn’t even get past episode 3 of the first season. Sir Patrick’s soapboxing and HORRIBLE writing ruined a character for me. Lower Decks is the only new Trek I actually like. Such a shame. Chris
  2. I agree with @Roy Focker this episode would’ve made a better first episode. MY edit/view order would be this: Episode 4 first. Then add the Sarlaac escape to the beginning of episode 2 and let episode 2 play out more or less as it did with some minors changes….like cutting the twins and Black Krasanntin segment (his sequence in episode 4 is a far better intro to the character) and add in a new intro to him getting a Rancor…maybe just have him purchase one on his own, but let the rest of the Rancor stuff stay the same. Next Eliminate Episode 3 and continue on with whatever is coming next. Chris
  3. Yup, ordered direct from Eaglemoss. It already takes long enough for them to get things in stock without having to wait even longer for BBTS to get things. I’m still waiting on the Armored Galactica and the XL Sulaco. Dates for them have been pushed back a little already. It’s pretty common with Eaglemoss unfortunately. Chris
  4. That one is going to be quite big, 12.8 inches. Pulled the trigger on it as I passed on the standard one. Hoping for a Donnager too. Chris
  5. The Chinese “borrowing” a design….perish the thought. LOL I feel the same as you do about well-done transforming aircraft…there are so few. I hope they are still doing the J-11 Flanker too. If only they would also do American aircraft…realistically speaking…the F-15, F-22, F-35, and F/A-18 seem like they have suitably beefy airframes to allow for a transformation. Chris
  6. Thanks so much for taking the time for the review! I’m looking forward to receiving my copy soon. Scifigure Industry really needs to work on shortening their product names too! Personally, the Chinese Z-10 always reminds me more of the Old Italian Agusta A129 Mangusta.
  7. HaHa the Vespa gang stole his Stapler! I finally watched the episode and while not as bad as I feared it would be, it was still not good. Boba’s power base is just….ridiculous. He seems to do nothing but is always SAYING he’s in charge. The Vespa gang is SOOO out of place too. They have no money but they dress better than anyone seen on Tatooine ever, have super shiny “Scooters” and also cybernetics. The show just feels….off, like it is something else with Star Wars characters or species in it. Hoping it gets better. So far only ep 2 has been good for me. Chris
  8. @Bolt dang man, I Love that Regult! Great work. Chris
  9. And there really is a slight difference in the voices of Bob and Archer. HJB is great and actually gives a slight difference. I would love a Archer nod on Bob’s Burgers….the reverse of what they did on Archer. 😎 Chris
  10. My daughter and I are big Bob’s Burgers fans, looking forward to this. Chris
  11. Nice Derex. I’ve been working on this one myself.
  12. RIP Mr Sagat. I’ll never forgot the first time I saw one of his Stand up routines……TOTALLY took me by surprise! His comedy is NOTHING like the family friendly Danny Tanner AFV personality we were accustomed to seeing. It was very raunchy. Lol
  13. You’ll definitely get yours before I get mine as mine is still showing as in China at the airport. Never really paid attention as to were my Asian orders go through, I want to say it varies. Some times I thought I would even go through the North West too. Not sure. Chris
  14. Ahh the Boob ship. I mean come on how much more obvious can they be that the design is clearly using the torso of a woman. Lol. Chris
  15. You’re welcome So I just checked and I still had the payment request Email and it said this: “Please Note: Your order status is in Pre-Order Waiting for Rest of the Payment right now which means we will get this item VERY SOON(Normally in 7 -21 days) *In some cases the factor may delay the release to 1 or 2 months, you can contact us to get the funds back if you don't want to wait.” e-mail was sent on the 17th so still could be a little bit longer. Also ShowZ has post lots of new pictures of it. Man it looks good! https://showzstore.com/tfc-toys-cs-02-zhi-10_p2780.html Chris
  16. Been working on these for quite some time now. Babylon 5 Earth Alliance ships. For those that don’t know the Warlock Class are the newest most advanced ships that Earth has while the Hyperion class are the old work-horse’s that are well past their prime. The Warlock Class Thunderer is done and the Hyperion class is almost finished. Was able to get a few decent pictures tonight then the lighting changed and the pictures hues changed. I’ll try to get better ones tomorrow. The Thunderer is a little over 19 inches and the Hyperion is about 9 3/4. I also have a custom display case made for them….NO DUST!!! 😜 Chris
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