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  1. Do we know more about the Wing Gundam EW release. Since there is a Tamashii Web Shop logo I assume it is an exclusive. Will they release more information during the Tamashii Nations event in November?
  2. Available at HLJ: https://www.hlj.com/dx-chogokin-movie-version-vf-31j-siegfried-hayate-immelman-machine-fold-projection-unit-equipment-bans61090
  3. So they will announce more details about when the preorder will start on the 25th? [edit:] Found the answer in the thread. Apparently we will get more info on the preorder on Monday.
  4. I wonder if MMC is brave enough to use that design to give us a Masterpiece scale G1 Bulkhead in their IF line.
  5. Kotobukiya is doing a MLP Hatsune Miku crossover: https://www.hlj.com/1-7-scale-hatsune-miku-feat-my-little-pony-bishoujo-statue-kbysv-321
  6. A member of the TFW2005 board called the Takara customer service hotline and they apparently confirmed that Raidens height will be around 29cm (11.42“) which is about the size of a regular CW combiner. This seems to be in line with the extrapolations of the size given the measurements of Shouki in train mode. This has me intrigued because I don’t like big toys (i.e. bigger than 30cm/12“) but the price of the individual bots this seems rather steep. Especially since Raiden doesn’t seem to be an all-in-one combiner like MMCs Assaultus. I preordered Shouki because I want to know what an official MP combiner is like and I dig the Shinkansen and his off-white and dark blue color scheme. https://news.tfw2005.com/2021/10/13/rumor-possible-size-of-masterpiece-raiden-confirmed-442797
  7. Maybe a bit unrelated but I’m playing the original Metroid on the Virtual Console as a prelude to Dread (and I think I can understand why you can’t get into it). Anyhow on my research on why Metroid is so beloved when the first entry in the series is so rough from a 2021 perspective I came across this video examining the differences between Metroid 2, AM2R and the 3DS remake. Maybe this interest you:
  8. I took the survey and answered that I want a DX Chogokin VF-2SS.
  9. I started to watch Jobless Reincarnation season 2 and it is still excellent. However I don’t know if I like how the story is progressing. At the beginning of season 1 we see how Rudeus is getting powerful by training hard and the story progresses through that and his wits and intelligence. Now it is more like the solution to the problems comes through a bunch of Deus ex Machina moments and I don’t know how to feel about that. Rudeus and the party are losing a lot of agency through that. I’ve only watched one episode so let’s see how it continues.
  10. Seems like Haslab Star Saber made all his stretch goals. Yay Go Shield! Now the backers have to wait till the end of next year to get the toy.
  11. Let’s see. I don’t collect the Mazinger and FMP Metal Build toys and I’m missing: The original 00 Seven Sword and 0 Raiser Trans-Am 00 Raiser Trans-Am Exia Freedom Prisma Coating Avalanche Exia Weapons Plus Pack Destiny Gundam Full Package Destiny Gundam Soul Red Soul Blue Wings of Light Set Oh boy, I have a bunch of stuff to buy…
  12. I assume both will be tiny. If that is a 5mm port on the train tracks the toy in train mode is maybe 40mm wide. For the price he could be MP Lambor size.
  13. Now that I backed the Haslab Star Saber I feel the urge to buy other toys of him, especially the PlanetX and IronTrans ones.
  14. I love the Metal Build stands they give the toys some more personality but are not that different to hamper a uniform display. I especially love the early Metal Build 00 Gundam stands where they put icons for the weapon loadout on them. Sadly they didn’t do that for all of them. They also have the correct size. Not too big so that they take up a lot of shelf real estate bit big enough to support a lot of poses.
  15. Apparently the Haslab Star Saber is fully funded. 11 days to go to reach the stretch goals: https://uk.hasbropulse.com/products/transformers-victory-saber
  16. Just backed the Haslab Star Saber. Now that smaller figures are a possibility I hope we will get an Overlord and God Ginrai. Maybe a Buster & Hydra two pack?
  17. FansToys showed a prototype for their FT-40A Hannibal (Cerebros, Fort Max Head): Also available for preorder at Bombusbee: https://www.bombusbee.net/fanstoys-ft-40a-p3291.html
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