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  1. I don’t know why they insist that Bumblebee needs to have a respirator face. I get that he is the face of the live action franchise but since the first Bay movie numerous other Transformers shows have launched and toys have been released were Bee‘s face was more in line with the rest of the Transformers. I feel that at this point it is hurting the live action movies because you can’t have a main character that has more emotion than a lap dog.
  2. Yeah, the last time they did such a large add-on set (the Red Powered 150 Gerbera Straight) it wasn’t a big hit and readily available afterwards if I remember correctly. I bought mine "cheap" from Mandarake. Regarding the stands: I like the regular Metal Build stands. I hope they don’t change much because I’m all for consistency in my display. I usually can get the poses I want out of them. The only issue I have is that the main arms are different (the Gundam 00 vs Seed arms) and that the 00 stands only connect at the underside of the waist piece. That way the 00 suits are always high in the air which takes up a lot of space. With the Seed stand arm you can get a lot of cool poses close to the ground, like a duel pose where one Gundam is below the other one, which you can’t really do with the 00 stands. I also wished that they all came with the same a-stance support arm.
  3. That is a neat set. Love the gatling gun. Need more Strike Gundams to display them all. I really wished Bandai would add a more dynamic arm for the display stand to put the flyers into more dynamic looking positions. Just checked anime-export and the GN Arms Type-E is already sold out. I didn’t expect that.
  4. Based on my own Lego collection I assume most adults that buy a Lego set will build it once (or even outsource the build) and display it). For those individuals it would not matter if bricks come from a different producer since the bricks stay separated no matter what.
  5. That is certainly a possibility. If I remember correctly you can get the instructions as PDF from their website. However, the sets use some pieces that aren’t available as Lego pieces so you might need to get creative and redesign pats of the set. Also the sets come with lots of pad printed details (some that goes across multiple pieces), so you will miss out on those. The Defiant also has the dry transfer decals for the U.S.S. Defiant name on the top of the hull because it goes over a lot of bricks.
  6. I assume the comic accurate one; they showed a prototype earlier this year I believe:
  7. Some brick related news: the German company Blue Brixx got the license for Star Trek based brick sets (no minifigs though): https://www.bluebrixx.com/en/items?q=Star+Trek From what I can tell the designs are more in the MoC territory (not streamlined to use as little bricks as possible) but the brick, print and instruction quality seems to be good or excellent. Currently they are using Xingbao bricks. From what I gathered they would also ship to the US, but that will result in additional costs. They have a wide variety of sets available from the original series all the way to Enterprise I believe. And they have not only ships but also accessories like blasters. Here are some of my favorites: Not an advertisement by any means; I just thought might be interesting for some members of the board that aren’t aware what is happening in Europe
  8. The METEOR is twice as long as the Type E if the wiki I looked it up in is to believed. But you can probably need a lot less parts since it doesn’t do as much.
  9. I wonder if we will be getting the METEOR units from Gundam Seed if the Type-E is successfully. I think the Red Powered and 150 Gerbera Straight was not super successful from Bandai's standpoint since we never got the diving helmet and other add-on sets for the Red Frame. I'm also super disappointed that we still don't have a Skygrasper as a Metal Build set while Bandai is pumping out obscure flyers I've never heard about for the Strike Gundam. I guess with the Metal Structure Sazabi release and Nu Gundam reissue we won't see a Metal Build version any time soon.
  10. Given how the design work is nowadays handed out to subcontractors like T-Rex it could very well be that all the VF-19 toys, be it Yamato or Bandai, were designed by the same people and thus are very similar.
  11. @kajnrig my biggest issue with the Deathscythe is that the color is too warm. It should be more muted, especially the purple. Maybe it is the lighting and the camera settings (I reckon there was the same issue with the Type-X Finsternis). I think with a more muted color scheme it would tone down some of the stylized bit that are now front and center. I think I have to pass on the Type E for now. Some unexpected expenses have come up this month.
  12. Am I the only one that thinks that the shield in fighter-mode looks weird? [edit:] it also looks weird not plastered with tampo-printing markings all over the Valkyrie
  13. It is nice to see that this mold is not abandoned. I would prefer the pope (Ba) version though.
  14. Dengeki Hoppy coverage of the Tamashii Nations 2022 event: https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/1740962/ Not really anything that excites me a lot. The Deathscythe but it is too warm in color to what it looks in my mind. The rest of the Metal Build we had already seen before. I’m excited for the Providence Gundam. Glad this is not dead, but uff, it is massive: More flyers to equip Strike Gundam reissues with:
  15. Funny that you mention LEGO since I also have the feeling they are way past their prime in the 2010s . With their excessive focus on collector sets neglecting the growth of their core audience (i.e. kids). Their sets are tailored to a single build (the one on the box) preventing kids from building their own toys due to the excessive use of small, specialized pieces (i.e. the reverse problem the sets in the 2000s had but with the same result). If you are a "Master Builder" you can come up with impressive builds; but kids don’t have this level of experience yet. If I would have to introduce LEGO to a kid nowadays the only line I could recommend wholeheartedly would be the Minecraft sets because they allow you to build your own worlds in an easy way… …but that might be a discussion for a different thread.
  16. I was having the same thought regarding Hasbro’s upper management. What we are seeing now is the second to last wave of products that were developed under the old leadership (if we assume toys have a 2 year development cycle). I don’t know how big of an impact Brian Goldner had on the direct development of the Transformers brand personally, but a CEO can create an environment were creatives can strive and not everything is focused on maximizing the profit to the detriment of the product. Anyhow, @mikeszekely I got an email from Zavvi today that the release date for HasLab Victory Saber is 11/25/22 so I assume he will be out before the beginning of December. I’m excited.
  17. Is the parts count higher or lower compared to the original toy? I've never owned the original toy but it looks like a replica of it to me.
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