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  1. No joke, when I saw him I was thinking "who the heck is this clown that thinks he can just walk in here and play all these Chris Latta parts?" And I was iffy on his Wheeljack, though I could tell he was trying. But he won me over with his Starscream. Arif Kinchen also did Scatman Crothers proud as Jazz. The highlight for me was Frank Welker, though. Actors voices change as they age, and we're talking about these guys reprising roles from 40 years ago. I've often thought when listening to Peter Cullen do Optimus Prime in the Bayverse films and Transformers Prime that he sounds a bit older, and bit more... I dunno, tired (though I thought he sounded just like he did 40 years ago at the table read). I'm thinking, especially with the sheer range of characters he does, that there's no way Welker would be up for all those voices. But, oh man, did he nail it. Now, the table read was fun, and I was super glad to be a part of the 40th anniversary celebration. I can't overstate the impact Transformers has had on me; Transformers, TMNT, and NES pretty much sums up the bulk of my childhood that I can recall. That said... I don't think I enjoyed it as much as the screening of the '86 movie on its anniversary. And what it really boils down to is that the '86 movie is a tightly-paced story that still holds up today, but (while some episodes are better than others) the original cartoon kind of hasn't. Don't get me wrong, the cartoon introduced this colorful cast of characters that sparked my young imagination and are still near and dear to me me, but there's too much that's just hokey watching as an adult. Like when Sparkplug and Bumblebee volunteer to plant the bomb in the mine, Bumblebee transforms and Sparkplug gets in and they drive all of five feet to the mine entrance before switching back to walking. Or how Megatron comes up with this convoluted plan to lure the Autobots into a cave, then traps himself and the Decepticons inside with him, only to easily blast his way back out when he needs to get back to the space bridge. He then re-collapses the entrance, and he's so sure that there's no way the Autobots can get out, even though he literally just blast his own way out. And what happens? The Autobots immediately blaster their way out. My friend that went with me suggested that maybe they should have only done the first three episodes, instead of the first four, since they were a three-parter while "Transport to Oblivion just seemed kind of tacked on." I think he was right. It was a bit much for one sitting. I'm thinking I might continue re-watching G1 Transformers with my DVDs at home, but probably one episode at a time, definitely not four.
  2. I'm going today, too, but I've got the same "Rolling Out for 40 Years" shirt Evan was wearing in the last Pulse stream. EDIT: my local theater didn't get the cup & bucket.😕 I found I could order them online, though.
  3. It's one of those details that I never paid much attention to, because the control art happens to have the main rotor directly over the horizontal stabs. Then I was like, "yeah, but that's a detail that even most of the 3Ps get wrong." But I'm curious, because I have a few 3P Springers. So I grab Open & Play's Big Spring, put him in chopper mode, and no, he's got little ones. MMC Saltus? Small and a bit triangular, but present. Toyworld Spanner? He's got the biggest of the three (similar proportionally to the G1 toy). I started googling the ones I don't have. Unique Toys Allen? Big ones, and green like the animation. Fans Toys Apache? Smaller than Allen's, but bigger than Saltus or Big Spring. XTB Virtus? Gray, but the most cartoon-accurate size and shape. So now I'm wondering how Hasbro not only got away with the missing stabs, but how they gaslighted me into thinking that nobody else else gave their Springer stabs when they everyone but Hasbro included them. Side note, somehow, while researching this topic, I wound up ordering copies of Apache and Virtus, despite owning Saltus, Big Spring, and Spanner already. Think I might hunt for Allen, too, and then do a "which Springer is the definitive one" sort of review in the 3P thread.
  4. Actually, in the cartoon (much like the G1 toy) there's some molded detail (suggestive of the tail rotor?) but only the very bottom of the tire is actually visible. In other words, I agree that I'd have liked his legs remolded a bit to hide them, but they wouldn't even have to rotate to do so. Probably would have been better use of the plastic than the missile or the hammer. (Note the green hubcaps on the front wheels and green rotor blades... cartoon accurate on SS86 Springer). Agree, but at least on SS86 you can swivel the shoulder pads to cover them and look more cartoon accurate in the process.
  5. Yeah, ditto for Cliffjumper. And I do like the brighter yellow on 86 Bee vs. the borderline orange on Netflix Bee. And I think it's worth remembering that Netflix Bee was a store exclusive, and there was a Bumblebee in the Target multipack, but this is technically the first mainline G1-esque Bumblebee since Titans Return. I just have three nitpicks with Bee- 1. The front end is too angular, kind of reminds me of Bumper as much as it does Bumblebee. 2. I wish the tires folded under his feet the way Netflix Bee does. 3. The dark windows. I just have this funny feeling that another version will come in a year or two, maybe as another store-exclusive, with blue windows. Guess you don't want to wait until I have one in-hand and do a review, since I don't have those Vietnamese factory connections. But I'll still hook ya up.
  6. Missing Link Bumblebee and Cliffjumper are available on Hasbro Pulse if you didn't already order them from your importer of choice. $40 each... which is lower than the price for the original G1 toys on the secondary market, so...
  7. Here's an Amazon link for Springer, who's also sold out on Pulse now. And here's one for Steeljaw. Sorry, I got nothing for Skywarp or Generic Decepticon Dude, but I get the feeling you guys can probably do without those.
  8. I get the sentiment, especially with the price increase from Voyager to Leader. But I'm the guy that bought SS86 Blaster and Buzzworthy Cliffjumper that were literally the same figures with slightly more cartoon-accurate decos. And not only does 86 Springer have a more cartoon-accurate deco, they ditched the rotor that was two swords plugged into a useless middle part for one that transforms, and they articulated the shoulder pads so you can have them wrapped around the shoulders like the animation model instead of stuck on top. Mostly minor things, I guess, but that's literally my two biggest gripes with the Siege toy. Toss in a toy-accurate rifle, a handful of other accessories, and more accurate thrusters on his back/roof and I'm honestly pretty content with how it came out, even if it is still 90% Siege again. My only real complaints are that I wish they'd covered the wheels in helicopter mode better and that they did something with his arms to make the helicopter "wings" more accurate.
  9. Dunno what's the thinking behind not putting SS86 Bee on Pulse, but here's the Amazon link. The rest of the reveals are on Pulse, but Steeljaw already sold out. I managed to preorder everything except for the generic Decepticon Soldier.
  10. So how'd you guys like the stream today? I haven't been super interested in the comic book line so far, because I'm not a fan of the weird cel-shaded look, but I did grow up on the comics and I'm actually pretty stoked for Straxus. I had hoped for a bit more from Springer, but I think they changed just enough that I'm in for him, as well as Steeljaw and Bumblebee. I hated Gamer Edition Barricade, though, so a generic Decepticon based on that figure is a huge pass. I'll get BB Skywarp just to complete the BB Seekers. Which kind of segues into the pipeline reveals. Of course, I told you that most of that stuff was coming already so it's not that surprising, but I can't help thinking about how Legacy just keeps going downhill. I bought every mainline release during WFC. I think I even did through Legacy and Evolution, but I just can do it anymore. I've already skipped Legacy Chromia, and I'm telling you now that even with the G1-ifying that goes on in Legacy the Animated aesthetic has never worked for me. Bad enough I bought Prime, Motormaster's a no-go for me. I was disappointed with Core Megatron and lukewarm on Bouldercrash, so I'll be skipping both wave 4 Cores. Soundwave's cool for those that missed the Netflix one, but I didn't so I'm good there (unless he comes with Buzzsaw, then he's a $50 core-class purchase). A new deco isn't going to sell me on another Metalhawk. I'm ambivalent on Armada Galvatron, but I do think I'll end up with him. I wish Slipstream would have been a bit more heavily retooled, but I'm in for her. Am I supposed to be excited for Quake just because he's G1? I think I'm reaching a point where I want the "main" casts completed from other shows before I want late G1 figures that weren't in the cartoon, like say Red Alert, Demolisher, or Cyclonus to round out the initial Armada cast, or X-Brawn or Prowl to go with Sideburn. I'm surprisingly curious about this new Deluxe-class Optimus. Since I first heard about it I was wondering why I'd want a Deluxe-class G1 Optimus when I know SS86 is coming, but the fact that it's based on the G1 toy instead of Sunbow is an interesting spin.
  11. Springer? Although I'm hearing it's a heavy retool of the Siege toy.
  12. You're right, in the sense that there'd have been a lot less controversy, outrage, review bombing, etc. But let's look at it another way- Sony would rather not sell games in those countries than give up on forcing people to use a PSN account on PCs. Why? Because the data they can collect through PSN is worth more to them than those lost game sales? It's still not a good look.
  13. Still planning on getting them if they have them at my theater. That cup especially.
  14. I wound up getting three months of Apple TV+. As a Godzilla fan I had to binge watch Monarch: Legacy of Monsters first, but after that I started watching For All Mankind. I'm only a handful of episodes into it, but so far I think it's quite good.
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