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  1. Huh. What's your asking price for a recast of this? Because of the stiffness with how it broke, I have very little confidence that a super glue job would suit this if I ever attempt to open/close the gear doors again. Let me know.
  2. You betcha. Snapped clean off. I have felt like this particular Valkyrie has required a bit more force to transform than I usually apply. Some of the joints were VERY tight - especially the chestplate separation into battroid mode. It's pretty unlikely I can repair this landing gear door since it's supposed to be a moving part. There's a big part of me which just feels like I have learned a lesson and will wait to see if Bandai will do a proper DX VF-1J Max.
  3. I gave in and bought a KO Max super VF-1J. Although I have never had any of my official Valkyries do this, one of the landing gear doors broke on my KO... Not sure it can be easily fixed.
  4. I continue to pray (and even plead) for news on EZY... I needs mah Patlabor fix.
  5. Pardon me for not being aware if the answer has already been stated, but is there any word on whether a Super VF-1J in Max colors will be forthcoming this year?
  6. Still need this... Perfectly willing to do $100 shipped for a perfect leg.
  7. Huh. Do you have any photographs of this? I wonder if it'd be possible to transplant parts into an existing bad leg in order to make one good leg?
  8. Still needing a leg... I'd gladly negotiate a price or a trade for it. Someone please help me fix my Valkyrie?
  9. So... any word on a premiere date for EZY?
  10. Would really appreciate any help or leads with this. I've struck out everywhere I've turned thus far.
  11. Oh? And what could I offer you for a replacement leg? Please let me know?
  12. Yeah, but I actually really want to keep this one since I previously only had the Yamato Nora version. And the deal I got on this was pretty unbelievable, so it's kind of special to me now.
  13. Thus far, I don't think that they are willing to help.
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