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  1. Pardon me for not being aware if the answer has already been stated, but is there any word on whether a Super VF-1J in Max colors will be forthcoming this year?
  2. Still need this... Perfectly willing to do $100 shipped for a perfect leg.
  3. Huh. Do you have any photographs of this? I wonder if it'd be possible to transplant parts into an existing bad leg in order to make one good leg?
  4. Still needing a leg... I'd gladly negotiate a price or a trade for it. Someone please help me fix my Valkyrie?
  5. So... any word on a premiere date for EZY?
  6. Would really appreciate any help or leads with this. I've struck out everywhere I've turned thus far.
  7. Oh? And what could I offer you for a replacement leg? Please let me know?
  8. Yeah, but I actually really want to keep this one since I previously only had the Yamato Nora version. And the deal I got on this was pretty unbelievable, so it's kind of special to me now.
  9. Thus far, I don't think that they are willing to help.
  10. Still need replacement parts. Anyone...?
  11. Still in need of a replacement leg... I reached out to the original owner and he indicated that he bought it from HLJ, but he's not able to provide a receipt. (Makes sense, as you wouldn't just give some stranger your payment info. I don't begrudge him that.) When I contacted HLJ previously, they were unwilling to help unless I had purchased the unit from them. Anybody know if HLJ records serials of units sold so that it could be verified in that manner? I'm really grasping at straws here.
  12. OK, here are more clearer photos.
  13. Here's a photo of my SV-51. Using the numbering system, my leg #4 (which is attached to the Valkyrie) is bad. I believe that I need a leg #3 to replace it. Insofar as I am aware, I don't think that I can replace leg #3 with leg #1. Maybe I'm not entirely clear on how the manufacturing defect occurred or what's involved to swap the parts, but I don't see how I can swap a right leg with a left leg.
  14. I'm not sure that I understand what you mean...? The one which I need appears to be the third (from the left) green check. The one which I currently have is the same one circled in the photo above. Are you saying that you have the first green check and the blue X? If so, I may not be clear on how it's possible to swap out a right leg with a left leg?
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