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  2. Great to see other Thunderbolt fans. It has to be VF-1S Roy Focker followed by VF-11 with Atmospheric packs from Operation Stargazer
  3. Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when chibi Sheryl meets Alto? its a variation of Prologue F....
  4. I was at e3 and got a chance to play the F-22 and Apache Demo. The controls are the same for the most part like your typical Ace Combat game. Graphics are pretty good overall, the plane damage, more detailed cockpit, and environment. When you are close to the enemy you have the option to press the triangle to go into that close range mode. Its very fun and intensifies the battle even more. The Apache demo was good also. Not difficult to get used to the controls during the tutorial. I cant express how much attention to detail on cockpit that has been placed. For us PS3 owners the wait has been justified. On a side note the planes do yaw a little like in HAWX 2 so you will find yourself using the rudder frequently.
  5. Sorry guys, it turned out to be a screen facing the concert stadium that played some Ranka and Sheryl songs with some minor special effects in the stands. On the bulletin board near the stairs I just saw the dates 4/1-4/6. I went back today and just saw on the screen commercials for Macross Frontier False Songstress Hybrid pack, Nyan Nyan commercial, Ranka interlude, Macross Ace Frontier, and Macross Frontier ad by Bandai visual.
  6. Hey guys, I am on the Japanese Playstation Home Macross Frontier concert. It just begun. Is anyone else logged on??
  7. Promote Roy to a full bird Colonel. He has been a Major since Macros Zero!! There is no way a Major/Lt. Commander can be a CAG a nd not be a Colonel/Captain. I wish Mr Kawamori made a series based on the colony conflicts during 2040s so I can see some VF-11 action!! I know, Macross Plus OVA1 was just not enough! and god Macross 7 doesnt count
  8. I am dissapointed Ranshe's version of AIMO was not included. Also the song in Episode 14 when Alto saves Lucas and Sheryl from the vajra is not included . 13 - Ai Oboete Imasuka ~ bless the little queen is awsome!!!
  9. Episode 25 Battle Frontier and Macross Quarter both lost their main guns to Battle Galaxy main gun attack. At the end of the show, Battle Frontier and Macross Quarter have their main guns again
  10. Guld's death in Macross Plus Movie Edition is the craziest death I have ever seen. *salute* Guld Goa Bowman
  11. Yeah that looks like a VF-171 but man if they have that, then they should of had the VF-11 Thunderbolt since it saw more wars and conflicts than any other main streem fighter. And I guess also VF-4 since it replaced the VF-1
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