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  1. I can't help but think of the line in Age of Ultron when Black Widow explains to Bruce Banner why she can't have children. That at the graduation ceremony in the Red Room, she's sterilized so that it's "one less thing to worry about - the one thing that might matter more than a mission." I find it pretty difficult to believe that with all of the advanced science which the UNSC appears to have in this series, that they wouldn't have done the same for all Spartans. I mean, it's not like a new concept in human history that sex has made people do crazy things... I have no idea if there's any mention of sterilization in any of the previously-written Halo materials, but I feel like this plot point in this episode is truly the ultimate in shark jumping for story writing. For whom did the writers create this? The Halo fanbase has already revolted against this series (at least from what I've seen online), so to whom are they trying to appeal now?
  2. Agreed 100%. I still absolutely adore that Scourge. Its alt mode is just so elegant.
  3. I just slightly cackled upon seeing the mockup of the Spartan Laser. I would be tickled if that actually got used at some point.
  4. Axelay

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Outstanding. I continue to be more and more excited about finally getting this Valkyrie.
  5. Axelay

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Check out these frames from Dynamite 7. I get that the in-action art doesn't always match the lineart, but we can clearly see here that the head laser doesn't extend into the booster. (But, uh... y'know what? I don't even care. In this case, I'm still just so utterly thrilled that a Star Mirage is on the way that I'm willing to let it ride. Who knows? Maybe Arcadia will see this and fix it before release?)
  6. That is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to have an AH-1Z like that.
  7. Axelay

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Still wildly excited about this. Up until now, I never noticed before that the head laser tucks up into the booster while in fighter mode. Such a curious design choice by Kawamori.
  8. I got the first release, but this new one... very tempting. I wish it was XL scale, though.
  9. Having not read anything in the comics since I was about, oh, I dunno, 8 or so, I was curious to learn more about Krrsantan since someone told me that he's a significant character there. I'm really hoping that there was some reasonable explanation as to why he didn't just kill a completely defenseless bacta tank-napping Boba. I don't mean incompetence is a reasonable explanation, nor would I consider Wookiee "honor" anything other than a cop-out explanation. (He's a Wookiee, not a Klingon.) I mean, if the Hutts really hired Krrsantan to kill Boba... well, what were the conditions/terms (e.g. proof of the kill)? And why didn't he just shoot Boba right in the tank? Or did the Hutts maybe want him alive for some unknown reason? I feel like I'm missing something here. I did only get to watch the episode once and my kids were doing their best to divert my attention...
  10. Could someone please clear something up for me? I haven't read the book in about 4 years, but I'm struggling to remember if something on-screen happened in the book or if it was just a scene invented for screen. Did the Reverend Mother Helen Gaius Mohaim actually meet face-to-face with Baron Harkonnen and instruct him to not kill Paul and Jessica...? I could swear that this never happened, what with their... peculiar... relationship with each other. Maybe my addled brain has just forgotten.
  11. Huh. What's your asking price for a recast of this? Because of the stiffness with how it broke, I have very little confidence that a super glue job would suit this if I ever attempt to open/close the gear doors again. Let me know.
  12. You betcha. Snapped clean off. I have felt like this particular Valkyrie has required a bit more force to transform than I usually apply. Some of the joints were VERY tight - especially the chestplate separation into battroid mode. It's pretty unlikely I can repair this landing gear door since it's supposed to be a moving part. There's a big part of me which just feels like I have learned a lesson and will wait to see if Bandai will do a proper DX VF-1J Max.
  13. I gave in and bought a KO Max super VF-1J. Although I have never had any of my official Valkyries do this, one of the landing gear doors broke on my KO... Not sure it can be easily fixed.
  14. I continue to pray (and even plead) for news on EZY... I needs mah Patlabor fix.
  15. Pardon me for not being aware if the answer has already been stated, but is there any word on whether a Super VF-1J in Max colors will be forthcoming this year?
  16. Still need this... Perfectly willing to do $100 shipped for a perfect leg.
  17. Huh. Do you have any photographs of this? I wonder if it'd be possible to transplant parts into an existing bad leg in order to make one good leg?
  18. Still needing a leg... I'd gladly negotiate a price or a trade for it. Someone please help me fix my Valkyrie?
  19. So... any word on a premiere date for EZY?
  20. Would really appreciate any help or leads with this. I've struck out everywhere I've turned thus far.
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