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  1. Didn’t see the amazon Japan listing until it was already scalpers reselling at mark up. Would’ve been nice to get one from there for the retail price.
  2. @Skull005 You’re welcome man! I also recommend this dude for his easy-going attitude, prompt payment and great convos.
  3. Is the preorder in just under an hour?
  4. The minimal engineering changes hopefully mean Bandai can crank these out a little faster. Still salty about them not giving us anything for Chuck’s valk. They better have those new packs ready to go!
  5. I have only transformed each once into robot mode and back again. No problems and kept in an air-conditioned room. Not sure what price to put but I’ll start with $400 each, or you can PM with your best offer. SOLD
  6. Exciting! Finally something new to get hyped about! Hope the Mass Production comes soon!
  7. Oh is that so? I don’t collect the Bandai VF-1s so I didn’t know, but yeah I would obviously like one set so I don’t have to wait another year or so just for parts that just need to be coloured different from Arad! Let’s hope they do the Kairos justice after the fiasco with the original release. We’re all just trying to engjoy this hobby together
  8. I hope so but currently with the world economy as it is I don’t think they would want a bundle quite that expensive. Hell, I mean even before the virus they wouldn’t bundle something that pricey together. But it would be nice and easy for collectors so *shrug*
  9. Who are we kidding? We are gonna buy all of these when they get released. For the Kairos Plus Mass Production Type I’m guessing separate releases for valk and armour…wonder if there will be minor changes to the design to accommodate the slightly altered parts, like on Arad’s valk?
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