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  1. Sorry for the positioning; it isn’t letting me tilt it upright. Anyways, anyone else have the Master Made stuff? Got the Crossbone Full Cloth a few days back and the Amatsu today. Both are pretty sweet so far!
  2. Managed to get a preorder after an endless amount of Add To Carts. Hopefully HLJ will come through for you all. And I hope I can get the confirmation email.
  3. Hahaha. But no hero can save you from amiami preorder window madness! This is the bit where you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain once people can’t check out their carts!
  4. @Saburo Your pictures always make me drool even though I have the same toys haha
  5. For everyone who wanted to know how I got the link, I gave up searching after a minute. Then I just loaded up the front page and it was there, along with the other preorders. That was it. No skill, no anything. Edit: Confirmation emailed received.
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