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  1. Got mine in this morning from Amazon JP. One side was a bit bashed The valk seems to have a better fit in terms of the tab from wing to leg. I think there’s sanding to be done, but it’s better than before. Otherwise, at a glance, seems the same.
  2. Got my shipping from amazon jp this morning
  3. I wonder why they are doing it this way? As far as I know, the new metal build figures all seem to have enough stock that prices have fallen across the board and has done so for the past year or two.
  4. Got one of my Metal Build Justice Gundam units in. Beautiful but the knee parts are loose. Friend has been telling me some ppl are complaining of QC problems, but he hasn’t specified what he’s read yet. I will need to check my second copy coming in later this week.
  5. I’d say it is similar but yeah probably a bit more. To be honest there was a lot on the 31, and it does feel Bandai is paying attention, except for the QC…
  6. Thanks man. Guess the best thing to hope for are the armoured parts for the Kairos plus a Kairos rerun.
  7. Just got one of my 31AXs in. Had to sand down the edges like everyone has mentioned. Otherwise, I think it’s a decent design. Is there a Mass Production version of the AX? Haven’t seen the movie
  8. Def looking forward the that Metal Build Eva. The added turquoise looks amazing. I suppose they will eventually do a blue version too? Also, where do I go for metal build preorder info come preorder night?
  9. They can just tell you when you don’t get that super rare figure that there was someone higher up the list who spent more than you! I kid 😛
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