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  1. Usually sipping is around 4000 yen, don't know why it came up as 4800 yen. I'll probably add something to the order if the price of shipping has not decreased when the item is released.
  2. You wanna sell one of your MSIB VF-31As?
  3. They bubble wrapped (single layer) my item and put it in a DHL plastic shipping bag. It got here, but only one box corner was intact. Also, they sat on it until I pinged them at which time they asked for extra shipping,
  4. I paid a huge markup for Roy only to find that Roys were available the day of release. I also have had shipping issues with Luna Park in the past so I stay away from them if I can.
  5. From what site? I checked mykombini over weekend and it didn't come up, I checked yesterday and it was already sold out.
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