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  1. No kidding, 2 years ago I was valk less, except for a few chunky monkeys I picked up 20 years ago, now I think I'm just short a few DX releases.
  2. I wonder if they will release this item in the US as they display Macross items at the Tamashi store in NYC?
  3. Ohhhh, that's just wrong. I don't think I've ever gotten anything from them at retail, most times their mark up isn't as bad as others.
  4. Dude was helping a brother out, was just a little shocked when he sent me the receipt.
  5. What's wrong with mykombini? I got a VF-1J Armored combo set with them for $384 shipped via DHL. They only charged a little over 5k Yen for shipping. The most affordable shipping outside of AJ for the combo set.
  6. That seems a bit high, I paid 9400 Yen to ship the armored parts and a DX VF-1D to Texas USA via EMS.
  7. My friend in Japan just shipped me a DX VF-1D and DX Armored Parts set via EMS for 9400 Yen. I think might have been cheaper to order via a proxy. Didn't know EMS would charge an arm a leg to ship something to Texas. Their webpage quoted less than half what they actually charged.
  8. The GFFMC Unicorns aren't that bad. I have all but the Final Battle and Banshee Norn versions. There are just too many versions of them. Like the RX-78, how many does one really need? (Says the person who keeps buying new releases.)
  9. METAL BUILD LOHENGRIN LAUNCHER available on yoakunow for $102 USD, dunno how much shipping will be. https://www.yoyakunow.com/en/gundam/6593-metal-build-lohengrin-launcher.html
  10. I hope Bandai starts selling them in the US by the time they come out. I missed out on Hayate's 31AX, got cart jacked.
  11. METAL BUILD LOHENGRIN LAUNCHER sold out on pbandai, I totally forgot . If anyone ordered extras they are willing to part with, please let me know.
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