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  1. I hope Okiniland is good, never order it from them and this is my first Tamashi Exclusive and paying upfront, let´s see how it goes.
  2. when just a small sentence can generate so much joy Macross for the whole world!!!! Bandai / Arcadia SUIT UP and POWER UP your Manufacturing toy plants like ASAP!! , new comers(toy makers) are welcome too
  3. Not sure dont know japanese but I think with this images we can have a good idea for the standalone armor Tamashi Exclusive is 4/23 Japan Time usually 4 pm For the complete set it looks like 4/28 Japan time 4 pm usually so for us will be in 4/27 at night with different time zones
  4. instead of just the armor I'm more excited for this one cause is a general sale!
  5. Hmm didn't expect any Masterpiece lately, these ones look pretty cool, resembles alot G1 toys, I think I might get both
  6. I hope Bandai, Arcadia give us some news soon regarding Macross brand going world wide now.
  7. Im not sure what's going on but I think this is great price sale(9900Y) of this GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE MS-05S Zaku I , already order mine , I hope it doesn't have a defect or something . If someone is interested here is the link: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-118109
  8. Got the two figures I wanted on this PO craziness from HLJ, got the Acknowledgment email , lets hope we get the Confirmation Email now.. update: Hell yeah just got the confirmation ! , I hope everyone else too got their confirmation
  9. finally have it, waiting since september of last year This figure is heavy!!
  10. Can't order one from AmiAmi, it keeps showing high traffic message , it seems AmiAmi changed some layouts. Edit: Finally I got my PO. ,have several already, Bandai , Yamato and the Arcadia(bought it from one fellow member from this forums) too but always wanted to have a brand new YF 19, but can't deny it would it be better if it was a YF 21.
  11. damn! the Threezero Eva looks fantastic beautiful box art as well!, I have so much stuff in Preorder from different places not sure to add this one too , today in AmiAmi appear again the PO for CCSTOYS Shin Mazinger and preorder right away seen some preview videos of it and it looks awesome, this year for me is already packed with awesome figures in PO. my wallet this year already looks like like this poor mascot.
  12. Damn I was looking forward for the Kaneda Bike but no way will buy it at that price point!
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