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  1. Been lurking around this thread, i really hope arcadia decides to reissue the patlabor 1/24 again been wanting to buy another one since my alphonse neck piston broke.
  2. Pls delete this post I got scammed by a seller in Indonesia. Im really sorry for misleading anyone here in the forum.....
  3. I got the message we need 3 more people coz the seller told me he would sell this at that price if 4 people buys it right away.
  4. Yeah I did edit it after to avoid confusion but anyway, I'm going to purchase one for myself, I just cant let this one go right now Can anyone tell me here on how to upload photos? Haven't been in the forum for a while. I just used my blog to upload some photos for the sv-51r. But anyway let me know soon if anyone is interested. http://tank-portfolio.blogspot.com/2011/06/pictures-for-sv-51-ivanov.html
  5. Hi all it is new and complete and sorry for the confusion its $195 each valk plus shipping and paypal fee. let me know
  6. Hi all I found this guy who is selling 4 macross zero 1/60 ivanov sv-51 new and selling for $195 each plus shipping and paypal fee let me know soon if anyone is interested, Just wanted to help out felow members here, this is all legit and you can check out that I am in the straight shooters list. let me know soon! pm me if interested. Agent-GHQ 1x 1/60 ivanov three more people needed in order to purchase the ivanov at that price
  7. Yeah dude still hoping yamato gets their hands on the 1/48's since its a bigger toy imagine a re-design and loads of gimmicks yamato can still add to the 1/48's, like what they did to the patlabor line was very cool.
  8. Hi all I haven't been posting for a while but anyway been lurking for a while I was wondering, will yamato be doing a 1/48 version 2 with better accuracy like the 1/60 but a lot more details involve, since its a 1/48 I'm sure yamato can add a lot of details more in it. like inside the cockpit or maybe a rotating pilot seat like the vf-0's. I hope yamato can do atleast one run or something coz I still love the 1/48's and I would love to see an updated version of it.
  9. I told myself to not buy any Macross Dx line valks until it gets re-tooled by bandai or yamato gets this license and I'm still hoping Yamato would go back to the Macross zero line.
  10. Hi all I would like to add Anavel to the straight shooters list for having a smooth transaction with me
  11. I exactly feel the same way, why don't yamato revive Macross Zero the designs are fresh Please yamato bring back macross zero there are still alot that I would love to own from the series
  12. Hi all I was wondering if anyone can help me find the gundam Astraea made by robot damashii bandai this is one if my most favorite gundam design ever made its really different from any of the other gundams and sadly its japan mail order exclusive, I'm wondering if anyone in japan can help me on this thanks! http://d.hatena.ne.jp/type97/20101112#p1 http://ngeekhiong.blogspot.com/2010/06/limited-robot-damashii-gundam-astraea.html
  13. Hi all anyone interested in buying a whole Medicom Lupin collection, I didn't get to complete them all but I guess I have to let all these go, to make room. When I bought them they are originally opened and inspected from a previous seller but was never taken out of their boxes, everything is new, my asking price is $320 or best offer shipped pm me and let me know thanks! I am in the straight shooter list, just haven't been in macrossworld for a while. One more thing its all 7 figures don't mind the posting I posted below I made a mistake thanks! Cheers! TANK
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